Team Treasure Hunts

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Team Treasure Hunts
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Fun interactive team building activities perfect for up to 500 participants

  • Offer a range of treasure hunts designed for specific themes, venues & locations

  • Enhances team moral & promotes team bonding & communication

  • Can be tailored for both indoor & outdoor events lasting up to 6 hours

  • Book our team treasure hunts for events in Hampshire, the UK & Europe

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Book our team treasures hunts for your next corporate day!

One of our most popular team building activities, our team treasure hunts are fun, interactive and energetic and are designed with the aim of boosting team moral, promoting bonding between team members and communication. A great way to get colleagues to think analytically, creatively and get them out and about in a new environment, our team building treasure hunts are challenging, exciting and highly rewarding for all taking part.

How Does It Work?

Each team will be provided with a dossier detailing the locations that they will have to arrive at in order to complete a physical or mental challenge. They must navigate as quickly as they can to each location and depending on which venue you choose this may be harder than you would think! At each rendezvous point there will be a variety of tasks for the team to complete, these could include mental challenges such as brainteaser questions, taking a photo at a specific monument and breaking a code, all of which will be verified at the end. Physical challenges include:

Team Ski - Wearing two sets of giant skis, the team must tackle a tricky course and try and beat the leader board in order to get high-score points!
Pipe Dreams - Ball-bearings must be transported along a number of lengths of tube to a collection point at the end. Sounds easy enough, right? There’s only one problem - the tubes are full of holes!
Serendipity - Several items must be retrieved from a specific zone, but the team only have a few resources that they can use to retrieve them.
Pressure - Three pressure pads are loaded with a series of blocks that must be transferred to another pad without the others ‘exploding’.
Wired - Can the teams figure out our circuit board to ensure each diode has the correct number of connections? The time is limited, and the pressure is on!

These are just a few examples of a wide range of physical team building challenges that can be part of your corporate team building day.

Your corporate treasure hunt can be completely customised to suit your needs, taking on a certain theme or incorporating company specific questions and challenges that will test your delegate’s knowledge and skills. Treasure hunts can also take place in any venue or city of your choice, just let us know in advance so that we can prepare the map!

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