German Sausage Vendor Dubai

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German Sausage Vendor Dubai
Reasons to book this Caterer
  • Tasty German sausages for your guests at any event

  • Easily transportable sausage vendor caters for any occasion

  • Can customise menu based around German sausages

  • All of their German sausages are Halal

  • Based in Dubai and available throughout UAE

German Sausage Vendor Dubai photos

Offer your guests a taste of Germany and the traditional Bratwurst with our award nominated German sausage vendor Dubai. The mobile event catering service will come to you and offer your guests a diverse menu based around the iconic German sausage.

The German sausage vendors only serves the finest halal Bratwurst cooked using their own smart technology. The special patent grill system cooks the halal Bratwurst in a healthy, quicker and simpler way without using charcoal, hot plates or oil and they are ready in just three minutes. The device produces no smoke or smell and therefor can be used indoors as well as outdoors without any issues. 

The compact design of the German sausage vendor’s grilling system makes it possible to offer halal Bratwurst at a broad range of locations without taking up much space. Presentation of the kiosk is entirely up to the client and can be customisable upon request. This event catering is highly suited to private functions, events, festivals, exhibitions, conferences and special occasions. Great for Christmas parties or German and Oktoberfest themed events. 

Our German sausage vendor is a professional award winning event catering supplier. They provide at least 2 members of staff per event who speak English, Tagalog and Arabic. 

Booking Tips:

  • Easy set up not requiring much space
  • Can cater for many guests
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use
  • No smoke or food smells produced
  • Minimum of two multi-lingual staff provided

To book the German Sausage Vendor Dubai for your event, contact one of our team members at Scarlett Entertainment.