Extreme Trampolinists Amaze TV Advertisers

Extreme Trampolinists Amaze TV Advertisers


Scarlett Entertainment is delighted to have organised the entertainment for a TV network’s upfront reveal of their fall line up.
The event allows marketers to buy upfront television commercial airtime and large TV series slots several months before the shows are due to begin. This guides the networks on how advertisers feel about their new tv shows and allows them to announce their primetime schedules and tentative launch dates.
Creating a high energy performance that mimicked the client’s video mapping presentation, our Extreme Trampolinists put on an incredible show that was beautifully in sync with the client’s big reveal video.
Working with a Broadway choreographer, our trampolinists created a high-paced impressive performance that amazed the audience of marketers. The choreographed piece fit together perfectly with the big reveal video for the network’s lineup.
Account Manager, Jayne Doniger, said:

“The event went extremely well and our trampolinists created the high energy show desired by the client.”


Extreme Trampolinists Amaze TV Advertisers

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Our talented trampolinists perform breathtaking stunts and aerial choreography, with eye-catching twists and flips that always amazes crowds. The impressive group of acrobats feature world-class athletes who have performed trampoline acts for the NBA, NFL, NCAA, NHL, WNBA and many more!
Offering a diverse range of performances, our Extreme Trampoline Show can perform with a number of different props including snowboards, skis and balls. Their high-level acrobatics have recently broken the Guinness World Record for the highest trampoline team bounce. Contact our team for their availability and booking information.

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