Where To Find The Best Water Shows For Your Summer Event

Where To Find The Best Water Shows For Your Summer Event

Summer Event Entertainment: Just Add Water!


There’s something truly magical about water shows. Perfect for summer events and waterside locations, water shows can be used in a whole host of ways to deliver exceptional water-themed entertainment to suit any kind of occasion.

From retro synchronised swimmers and futuristic LED jetpacks to sultry water bowl burlesque and otherworldly holograms projected onto water screens, we love playing with the stunning effects water adds to entertainment. Dancers, live musicians, acrobats, lights shows...adding a halo of drama to any act, sprays of water droplets catch the light and transform entertainment from simple to spectacular. 

Especially wonderful in hot locations, sunny days and balmy evenings, water-shows make a brilliant choice for cooling off outdoors at summer events. So what are you waiting for? Wherever you’re partying this season, dive into our picks of the best water shows for your summer event.

VIP Pool Party in Las Vegas


Delivering glamorous VIP vibes, our vibrant Aqua Sphere is sure to make a splash at your rooftop pool party. Performing captivating acrobatics inside her glossy bubble, our dancer delivers a mini light show with her LED sphere while floating across the water’s surface.

A fabulous option for drinks receptions, Coachella-style festivals and pool parties, VIP events, Influencer events and more, this watery act will set a fun-filled atmosphere and offer stunning photo opportunities as the light fades. 



Ignite the Skies in Florida 


Watch the water come alive with light before your very eyes! Our team of professional LED Water Jetpacks showcase the ultimate hydrosport exhibition using LED water jetpacks, impressive skills and stunning lighting effects. 

Spinning, flipping and dancing high into the air, strong jets of water propel our flyers as they create stunning shapes from bright trails of their intricate moves. A highly engaging water show that will draw in audiences from all over can be performed during the day or night.

Make the most of waterfront locations, quays, harbours and piers with this high-octane water show customised to display your theme or brand colours - fantastic for city celebrations, theme parks, large brand events and more.


Where To Find The Best Water Shows For Your Summer Event


Indoor Rain in Singapore 


OK, so not strictly real water, but this Water Curtain Act is the next best thing if you’re looking for a spectacular watery effect indoors. Sending water droplets cascading down in patterns, this digital rain curtain is custom-made for your venue. 


Able to be customised to pulsate in harmony with music or any other element on stage, this indoor water curtain is a magnificent piece of technology that allows performers to add a unique visual element to their performance. Combine with dancers, live musicians, circus, singers, cultural acts… whatever you like and take their show to another dimension. Simply stunning as a never-seen-before technique for awards ceremonies, after dinner entertainment, concerts, gala dinners and more.



Discover Quirky Water Cirque in the Netherlands


Set to a strange and sensory water soundtrack, our entrancing Aero Splash Show will impress any circus fan. Performed by a solo circus artist, this unique show combines aerial, contortion and water bowl skills to deliver one fascinating water show. 


Watch as our accomplished water acrobat begins with a thrilling aerial net display before slip, slide and splashing through dazzling contortion routines under water.


True to its reputation for the most leading-edge concepts and alternative entertainment experiences, the Netherlands’ sensory water show is perfect for brands and events looking to make a splash with out of the box entertainment.  


Where To Find The Best Water Shows For Your Summer Event


Dancing Fountains in Croatia 


Planning a WOW factor event in a large space? Consider the high-impact Digital Music Fountains that features the use of different light combinations, arrangements, holograms, and musical cues to fit within a variety of different event themes and style guidelines.


Stunning as an opening ceremony, rousing wedding entertainment or ambient experience throughout an evening, just imagine this fountain show synchronised with a live orchestra.


Customise with colour, holograms, music and more, and work with our artists to develop your perfect water show for indoors or out. 



Novelty Underwater Acts in France 


Looking for something a little more low-key but still highly effective? How about this underwater duo. Wonderful as walkabout entertainment and as an original interactive art installation, our whimsical Aquarium Car and Aqua Men in France are sure to capture the imaginations of adults and children alike. 


Roaming amongst crowds with fishbowl helmets complete with live goldfish, our bizarre Aqua Men are experts at driving footfall and engaging with passersby. Perfectly complementing our Aqua Men is our fascinating Aquarium Car. An out of the box art installation that captivates all audiences, witness how the car turns into a virtual aquarium, gradually filling up with water and fish. Perfect for themed PR stunts, family events, brand activations, street theatre and more!


Where To Find The Best Water Shows For Your Summer Event


Water-Themed Entertainment for Summer Events


Feeling inspired to showcase water-themed entertainment at your summer event? We have countless more options across the world and a team of Entertainment Experts ready to deliver custom concepts perfectly tailored to your event. 


Get in touch today and discover exceptional jetpack performers, water shows, water cirque troupes, water bowl acts, water-themed walkabouts and more on our extensive roster. 


__By Freya Britton

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