Wellness Event Trends and How To Use Them At Your Event

Wellness Event Trends and How To Use Them At Your Event

Wellness is an active process through which people become aware of, and make choices towards, a more successful existence.” – The National Institute of Wellness (NIW).

In the past decade there has been a huge rise in the focus on personal wellbeing and health, both mental and physical. This should really come as no surprise when we consider the pressures of modern day life facilitated by huge technological advancements and 24/7 interconnectivity. Events which offer attendees the opportunity to relax and regenerate, such as Wanderlust Festival – a celebration of mindful living – and The White Tour – mass yoga devised by Lolë active wear – are more popular than ever before.

Wellness trends that work towards that overall “more successful existence” that the NIW refers to have become hugely critical to not just retailers and brands, but also employers. Many workplaces are reaping the benefits of employee wellbeing programs that incorporate regular exercise, healthy eating initiatives, and self-care.

So whether you are a company that already employs a workplace wellness program and want to reflect this in your next event, or you’re a health and wellness brand with personal wellbeing at the foundation of your brand identity, we’ve got a few ideas and considerations to take wellness at your event to the next level.

1)    Menu Design

Wellness Event Trends and How To Use Them At Your Event

Let’s start with the basics! One of the foundations of a healthy lifestyle is what you put into your body. Designing a menu for your event that banishes sugary treats, anything deep-fried, or heavy on the stomach, will hugely benefit the way your attendees feel and thus the overall success of your event.


We have a large number of caterers available to book for events offering menu design services as well as stylish event catering. We also have a range of mobile tricycles and food stands that can serve a whole range of healthy snacks and canapés. Keeping it seasonal, fresh, healthy, and light is a great way to introduce attendees to new foods and showcase their benefits – no more afternoon slumps!


2)    Fitness Activities

Wellness Event Trends and How To Use Them At Your Event

There are so many scientific studies confirming that regular physical activity not only immensely benefits our fitness levels but also our mental capacity. Just a short browse through some of the research articles on the British Journal of Sports Medicine’s website and the positive link between physical activities and wellness is apparent.


This link is something that event organisers are catching onto, and not just those like the wellness festivals we mentioned earlier, big conferences and exhibitions like IMEX Frankfurt are incorporating morning running clubs and meditation rooms. In this way events like IMEX Frankfurt are encouraging attendees to get active and energised for the day ahead, whilst also giving them space to relax and decompress when the day gets too much.


You can easily incorporate small break out sessions like this into your event to ensure attendees are kept refreshed, energised, and stress free. After all most attendees will have goals they are hoping to achieve from attending.


Yoga is widely recognised as having huge benefits when it comes to mental and physical wellbeing, so why not organise yoga sessions throughout the day for attendees. Combining elements of exertion and mindfulness, yoga helps to both energise and relax.



More strenuous fitness workouts are perfect for the early morning to get attendees ready and excited for the day ahead. Workouts can take the form of kickboxing, obstacle courses, running, or circuits to name only a few options. These types of collective boot camps not only benefit each individual but also create a sense of community as attendees workout together.


Treasure hunts conducted around the city, or vicinity of your venue, are another way to get attendees out and about, and most importantly active! Participants will feel their endorphins get to work as they race around the city, and work together as a team to complete the hunt.


3)    Speakers

Speakers talking about a range of relevant subjects including mindfulness, creativity, finding focus, and mental serenity, are a great way to educate attendees on the importance of healthy living and maintaining a balanced lifestyle.


Aiming to inspire listeners about practical ways of incorporating exercise and mindfulness into their everyday lives, as well as motivate them to take action, our speakers can address audiences about a range of topics to fit your particular focus and theme. They’ll also ensure that your company wellness ethos is expertly communicated.


4)    Massages

Wellness Event Trends and How To Use Them At Your Event

Set up break out rooms with free massages for attendees. This will give attendees the chance to release tension and regenerate in a relaxing environment that also promotes mindfulness. After a quick session, they’ll be ready to take on the world!


5) Music

Wellness Event Trends and How To Use Them At Your Event

The therapeutic properties of music are well known. Popular options for events include Tibetan singing bowl sessions, and gong baths – a form of sound therapy, that we are assured is heavenly. The undulating sounds of the didgeridoo are also considered as being particularly relaxing. Our didgeridoo player is particularly well suited to wellness events, aiming to remind listeners that we are all part of, and connected to, nature. He can also offer fun musical workshops that build a sense of community and positivity. Our full list of musical workshops is available here.


6) The Venue

Finally, you will also need to consider whether your venue of choice fits in with the health and well being theme. If attendees turn up to a venue situated within a flat expanse of concrete car park, it’s safe to say they will feel less than inspired as they walk through the entrance. Lots of greenery outside and natural light inside is a must, but also ensuring the venue has good green credentials will add kudos to your wellbeing ethos.


Concluding thoughts…

At the end of the day events that promote wellness are events that encourage personal interaction, collective nature, and reflective thought. Activities that promote mindfulness, relaxation, and letting go of everyday stresses, that help attendees along on the road to ‘a more successful existence’, are an integral part of this.


We’ve given you several ideas as to what kinds of wellness activities are on offer, how you can incorporate them into your event, and why they are beneficial. If you’ve been inspired by any of our ideas and want to talk through thoughts for your event, get in contact with our entertainment coordinators who will be more than happy to help! You can call us on 01626 572072 or send us an enquiry via our online form.



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