Walkabout Acts Explained, Part I: Walkabout characters for Events

Walkabout Acts Explained, Part I: Walkabout characters for Events

Walkabout entertainment comes in many different shapes and sizes - each variety tailored to suit a different kind of event and audience. We know it can be tough to decide what type of walkabout entertainment will best suit your event, especially when there is so much choice, but don't worry we're here to help! This is just the first in a series of articles that will take an in depth look at the different categories that walkabout acts fall into with the aim of making your decision that little bit easier. 

Today we're talking about one of our favourites - walkabout characters! With cartoon and costume characters being a huge part of every child's early life, they tend to form a sentimental connection that lasts well into adulthood. Loveable, huggable, and downright silly, these walkabout characters are a special form of interactive entertainment. Of course new and unusual walkabout characters are being created all the time, and although they might not be well known they're still just as engaging and likeable. So without further ado, we present walkabout characters for events.


Reasons to Hire Walkabout Characters for Events

After a in-depth revision of some of our most successful events enlivened by interactive walkabout entertainment, we have summarised in five statements the reasons why clients usually opt for walkabout characters for events.

They encourage people to participate and take part in activities
Walkabout characters wander around catching people’s attention and inviting them to participate in different activities or games. Some of them just roam around your venue adding an extra touch of authenticity to theme events, but the majority of them love to dance and play with people around them, making everybody laugh and creating a festive atmosphere everybody can enjoy and feel part of.
They offer a stunning and unique photo opportunity
Mix and mingle entertainers are one of the favourite interactive walkabout entertainment options among event organisers because of the stunning and unique photo opportunity they offer. Stilt walkers, for example, stand a couple of metres above the crowd. This automatically converts them into the centre of attention and immediately attracts views and interest. On top of their height, the majority of walkabout characters wear really extravagant costumes that people find unique and attractive and worthy of eternal life in the form of a picture.
Walkabout characters acts are loved by both children and adults alike
Walkabout characters come in all colours and sizes. Fairytale princesses and superheroes are little ones' favourites. They give kids the opportunity to meet their idols, spend some time with them and even share games and songs. Besides making children’s dreams come true, they also contribute to adult’s joy. Walkabout characters such as giant robots and iconic films characters are some of the most requested walkabout characters by grownups – and yes, they go crazy when they see them.
Walkabout performers' acts are always unique and personalised

Walkabout performers guarantee all their acts are unique and fully customised, as every event is different. They may wear the same make up, masks and costumes, but their games, activities and the way they interact with people always changes. This is one of the reasons why they are so frequently requested: because of the uniqueness of their performances. Originality is one of the key factors in the decision making process, and the variety of walkabout entertainers is becoming increasingly diversified, which in turn enhances the quality of the acts.
Mix and mingle entertainment is a great addition to your event’s theme
Besides being highly interactive and keep guests engaged and entertained, walkabout characters can also be a great addition to your event’s décor. Some of the costumes they wear are real masterpieces. It’s the case of the floral heads these Flower Head People wear. Extravagant but sophisticated at the same time, they have added an extra touch of elegance to fashion shows, red carpets and beauty pageants, for instance. Inflatable Mascots can also be a great compliment for zoos; Dancing Christmas Elves can help create an authentic holiday atmosphere and Jack Sparrow performers and other lookalikes can leave unforgettable memories as they are the perfect entertainers for themed parties.


Examples of Successful Mix and Mingle Entertainment 

The following are some examples of events Scarlett Entertainment provided walkabout characters acts for and how they contributed significantly to their success.


Mermaids find their legs in the desert with Scarlett

Walkabout Acts Explained, Part I: Walkabout characters for Events

 This duo of mermaids were an instant hit at a festival in Doha. They roam around the streets of Qatar´s capital interacting wth people around them and adding a touch of color to the desert scenery. They especially caught the attention of littles ones, who found their extravagant blue costumes and height something really extraordinary. These exotic and unusual mix and mingle entertainers posed for pictures and brought a mystical feel to the festival, leaving unforgettable memories behind. 


Human statues are a huge hit in Bahrain

Walkabout Acts Explained, Part I: Walkabout characters for Events

The Middle East is well-known for hosting dozens of festivals a year. Each time one of this celebrations take place, one of the most successful type of entertainment are walkabout characters. It was the case of these Human Statues who entertain guests at the Bahrain Shopping Festival. Dressed in elaborated carnival costumes, they didn’t need to speak a word to interact with people as they communicated through physical comedy. Fun and charming, these harlequins quickly won the crowds over and got them sharing pictures and moments with them on social media. 

Fun Christmas Programme in Alhgero

Walkabout Acts Explained, Part I: Walkabout characters for Events

Alhgero is one of the most beautiful maritime ports in Sardine, the Mediterranean island that is half Italian, half Catalonian. In that gorgeous spot in the West of Italy, a full white roaming parade livened up the streets of the town last December. Scarlett Entertainment supplied eight Moonlight Creatures who illuminated Alhgero with their white LED costumes and their cheerful mood and helped create an ‘authentic’ white Christmas. 

Scarlett’s Transformerbot was the highlight of Hallow

Walkabout Acts Explained, Part I: Walkabout characters for Events

Play's Factore annual Halloween extravaganza was an instant success when our 11 ft LED Transformerbot stepped into the city’s premiere indoor facilities. The event was attended by dozens of families who enjoyed the company of this giant character, who posed for pictures with both children and adults and attracted admiring views from all attendees. Our robot received fantastic feedback from the client who stated our transformerbot ‘was the real highlight of the evening’ and praised the interactive nature of the act. 

Walkabout Performers are a Cut Above in Paris

Walkabout Acts Explained, Part I: Walkabout characters for Events

If you thought Paris could’t get more beautiful and romantic, then you need to check the picture of our ethereal stilt walkers performing at a cocktail party in the City of Light. These magical roaming performers brought a poetic and luminous touch to the event and created a truly enchanting and dreamlike atmosphere. Sparking snow and fireworks were the climax of this captivating evening that got people talking and sharing the experience with their friends through social networks and by word of mouth.


Stilt Artists Make London Event Stand Our Above The Rest

Walkabout Acts Explained, Part I: Walkabout characters for Events

This unique hostesses were in charge of welcoming guests at a big party held in London in 2016. Stationed at the entrance of the venue, they offer guests a warm welcome and later they directed them through the party. Their colourful patterned costumes and masks were the perfect compliment to the event’s theme. In the client´s words, the artists ‘were fab’ and were the perfect fit for the occasion. 

Easter Surprise for Staff at Mediacom

Walkabout Acts Explained, Part I: Walkabout characters for Events

Easter without eggs would be like Halloween without pumpkins. This is why Mediacom decided to surprise their employees and visitors with our Dancing Easter Eggs, truly unique and fun roaming characters who put big smiles on everybody’s faces. They shared real eggs and other sweet treats among Mediacom staff. A very creative way to spread the holiday spirit among the marketing and communications company´s employees, these roaming giant eggs got people talking and sharing this huge surprise with their friends on Twitter. 

Check the Variety of Walkabout Entertainers in Our Roster

The wide variety of walkabout entertainers for events and occasions of all sorts is endless. This diversity allows brands and event organisers to choose the perfect character or characters for different types of events. From fantasy characters and giant robots to unique and mystical creatures, different and motley entertainers can transform any average party into a real celebration. Christmas, Easter, Halloween, themed parties, festivals…whatever the occasion, you can be sure to find the perfect interactive walkabout entertainment for your party, and Scarlett Entertainment is the right place to look for it. 



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If you would like to explore further interactive walkabout entertainment options, check our walkabout characters category and see for yourself the broad variety of walkabout entertainers who can help make your event one to be remembered.

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