Vrtual Events FAQs: Virtual Events Explained #GoVirtual

Virtual Events FAQs: Virtual Events Explained #GoVirtual

What is a Virtual Event? All You Need To Know To Go Virtual

Virtual events are on the rise as the event industry adjusts to life under the threat of coronavirus. Despite experiencing a very unique and unprecedented situation, the events industry is adapting really quickly to the current circumstances and many alternatives to cancelling or postponing events are now being discussed. 

Many of you have recently approached us with questions about virtual events. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions we’ve received so you can make an informed choice about virtual events and whether this is the best option for your case in particular. Spoiler alert: we think it is!

Most Frequently Asked Questions About Virtual Events 

What is a virtual event?

A virtual event is an online space in which people can gather and interact virtually from the comforts of their homes or their office, which would avoid losing a full day of productivity. By using AV technology, virtual events can be as immersive and engaging as live events, and they allow companies to creatively deliver content and share information without the need of people coming together physically. 

What’s the difference between a virtual and a hybrid event?

The difference is a virtual event is 100% online whereas a hybrid event brings a virtual component to a live in-person event. In other words, a hybrid event is a live event in which an online audience also participates. Scarlett Entertainment offers you both options. 


Could any event be virtual?

We don’t see why not as long as users have access to a laptop, tablet or a smartphone and also have access to the Internet. 

How can sponsors be included in a virtual event? 

Virtual environments can be fully customised with your or your sponsors’ branding. From personalising banners, screens or virtual stands to changing the background of a room to a custom background provided by your sponsor, the possibilities are endless. 

Our team can also design 3D logos, products and presentations for your virtual showroom, as you can see in the image below. 


Virtual Events FAQs: Virtual Events Explained #GoVirtual

Virtual events are fully customisable. Our team can incorporate your or your sponsors’ logo or branding into our virtual scenarios. They can even create 3D logos or elements! 


What’s the minimum and maximum capacity of a virtual event?

This entirely depends on the complexity of the virtual event. You can invite up to 200,000 people, although our recommendation is to go virtual with events of up to 1,000 users to ensure everything runs smoothly and any technical issues can be addressed quickly and efficiently. 


How can guests access/attend a virtual event? 

Guests attending a virtual event would be invited to a platform and given login details to access it online.

Can my event have different spaces/rooms? 

Absolutely. In fact, this is totally recommended as, ideally, 300 users would be the maximum capacity of each space/room. 


For example, if you’re hosting a conference with different keynote speakers giving talks, you can set up various rooms and allocate a room to each speaker. In that case, users would be able to choose which talk they’d like to attend. If the room is at maximum capacity, users will be notified so they can choose any other talk available. 

What are the main benefits of hosting a virtual event? 

There are many, but clearly the fact that is a cost-effective option and that is safer are two of the main reasons why we recommend virtual events. Not only you can save money and invest more in creating engaging content for your virtual event, but you can also make sure everyone is safe in circumstances such as the coronavirus outbreak. 


By hosting a virtual event, you could also reach a wider audience as many people who in principle wouldn’t have the budget to attend the event could now be attending it. This means you could dramatically increase participation in your events. 


On top of that, the return on investment (ROI) and other KPIs can be measured easily and more effectively, not to mention the whole event can be recorded and viewed ‘on-demand’ within minutes of being broadcasted, allowing everyone to watch some of the content, keynotes or seminars later in the day.

How can elements such as fun, entertainment or education take place?

Virtual events can make use of live streaming and pre-recorded material to add elements such as fun, entertainment and education to the whole online experience. Virtual environments are equipped with screens and other display platforms in which either live streaming or pre-recorded videos can be shared. This means our acts can either perform live for your virtual audience from their own house or pre-record their performance for your online guests to watch on-demand. 


Virtual Events FAQs: Virtual Events Explained #GoVirtual

Elements such as fun, entertainment and interaction can be shared through the different display platforms available in your virtual event 

How can networking take place?


When it comes to networking, our virtual platforms allow users to interact with each other by different means. First of all, every guest will be asked to create an avatar (a character that represents an online user) so they can talk to each other and interact with the different elements present in the virtual world. 


Networking can be done by message or voice. Avatars can communicate by voice (make sure your computer or device’s microphone is working!) as long as they’re close to each other. Alternatively, you can message other guests/users by using the tools our platform offers. You can type whatever you want to say, press send and wait for your recipient to answer back. As simple as any other messaging platform! 


Virtual Events FAQs: Virtual Events Explained #GoVirtual

Users’ avatars can communicate by messaging or by voice as long as they’re close to each other. Our virtual events offer all the tools to make networking easy!


Where can my host presenters be while live-streaming a live keynote?

They can be anywhere as long as they have Internet access!

How much lead-up time do you need in order to create a virtual event? 

It depends on the complexity of the event. We currently have over 22 virtual venues in stock. They can be personalised within a couple of days, meaning your virtual event could be taking place within a few days if necessary. 


If you would like our team to create a virtual event from scratch, depending on its size and specifications it can take up to 10 weeks to create something fully bespoke. 

Planning to Go Live? Get in Touch!

If you have any questions regarding virtual events or would like to request more information, we’re here to help. 


Get in touch with us today and let us help you go virtual and also find the right entertainment option for your virtual event!

__By Juliana Rodriguez

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