Unique Event Entrances That Will Make Your Guests Jump For Joy

Unique Event Entrances That Will Make Your Guests Jump For Joy

When planning an event it’s all too easy to focus solely on entertainment in the main event space and neglect that all-important first impression.  

Ensuring that you have your guests’ attention from the first look is hugely important. We know that first impressions count when it comes to meeting new people. You’ll often hear that it takes 7 seconds to make an impression and a lot longer to undo one, so why wouldn’t the same apply for events?

Not only will the impact made on guests at their point of arrival affect their mood for the rest of the evening, it’s also the first photo opportunity. In other words the first selfie opportunity of the night, which starts the social media buzz before the real fun has even begun.

We’ve got a whole host of exciting and more importantly eye-catching ideas for event entranceways, from incredible audio-visual productions to larger-than-life props and interactive performers.

Any combination of the concepts we mention below could be used at your event; all you need it a little vision and imagination.

Light it Up

One of the easiest ways to create an impactful entranceway is with some clever lighting. You could opt for a simple but effective colour wash, trendy up / down lighting, or something altogether more elaborate.

Unique Event Entrances That Will Make Your Guests Jump For Joy

Best of all lighting is extremely versatile. If you have a venue with particularly intriguing architecture use lighting to accentuate intricate details for dramatic effect. Coloured lights could be used to reflect your branding or event theme.


As well as using lighting on the outside of your venue’s façade you could also use it on nearby structures such as trees or archways.


If your venue is decidedly plain from the outside there’s no reason why you couldn’t use it as a giant screen and project a rolling animation on to its façade. This could either be a graphic animation custom-made for your specific event – especially effective if you’re showcasing a new product – or display your showreel / campaign video / vlog, delete as applicable.


You could even take inspiration from Samsung’s launch of the Galaxy SIII, where the entrance to the event was a tunnel filled with projected images and voice recordings. The same effect could be achieved at your event with an inflatable or canvas structure, and several projectors and speakers.


Tying in with our next section – giant props – why not create a light installation like the one at the GS Caltex Pavilion in 2012, the one with the giant illuminated blades of grass. You could recreate something similar just on a smaller scale at the entrance to your event, making the illuminated objects touch sensitive will add a new sensory dimension that will also be more memorable.

Giant Props

Giant props pose a great photo opportunity. If you’re doing it right there will be something a bit weird and a touch wonderful about your giant prop(s) of choice, and it’s universally known that everyone loves the novelty of something that’s larger-than-life.  This category has almost endless potential as it covers a whole breadth of options – giant characters, animals, shapes and structures.


A giant structure through which guests have to walk to get to your main venue space is a fantastic option that will add a sense of grandeur and scale to your event. A giant inflatable archway with an aerialist performing at its apex would look absolutely stunning, both day and night. The archway itself can be internally illuminated in any colour, images or branding can be projected onto its surface or have the branding printed straight onto the Stormex fabric.


Unique Event Entrances That Will Make Your Guests Jump For Joy

If the size of your venue and grounds don’t allow a giant inflatable archway, this giant LED star provides a stunning spectacle on a smaller scale – frame the doorway with this and use it inside later as a free-standing rig for an aerial champagne pourer, or as a photo backdrop.


Unique Event Entrances That Will Make Your Guests Jump For Joy

Of course giant letters are another great option, especially if there is a theme or message that you’d like to not so subtly announce at your event entrance! You could even have something that spells out your event or company name. 


Unique Event Entrances That Will Make Your Guests Jump For Joy

Flower archways and walls also make for an incredibly effective entranceway, remember that time the Costume Institute had a giant pair of red rose lips surrounded by white roses at the entrance for their gala dinner in the NY Metropolitan Museum? Stunning. You might not have the budget to ship 40,000 roses from South America, but you could recreate the same effect with seasonal or locally grown flowers, colour coordinated to your theme and design!

Live Performers

Live performers, who will add a sense of dynamism to any event entrance, could accompany any of the ideas we’ve discussed above or be used stand alone.


For fashion events, or events that desire a sophisticated or arty ambience, air sculptures are a great choice. In this visually allusive performance, jets of air blow coloured silks into a swirling vortex of organic shapes whilst a dancer performs amidst the swirling sheaths of silk. Place this at a strategic point near your event entrance and guests will be suitably impressed!


If you were enchanted by the stunning entranceway to last year’s (2016) Knot Gala at the New York Public Library – they had a violinist dressed in an exquisite cascading gown perform on the library steps – you can achieve the same look at your event. Guaranteed to give you a truly glamorous event entrance, this performer is a vision of floral elegance with a 20ft gown that can be illuminated with strategically placed spotlights for when the sun sets. Violinist, soprano, or flute player, the choice is yours.


Unique Event Entrances That Will Make Your Guests Jump For Joy

Another musical alternative are musicians performing inside giant transparent globes – have one or a series of artists – perform on the walkway up to your event venue or just beside the door.


A whole parade of performers is another option if you’d like something that is more energetic – they can meet and greet guests and pose for photos, and get them revved up ready for the rest of the evening. Able to wear any kind of costume you desire to fit in with your event and theme, they can appear as a roaming carnival, flashmob or mix and mingle performers.
Design Your Event Entrance

We hope we’ve inspired you to create an impactful entrance for your next event with some of the ideas we’ve discussed above.


Of course these are by no means all of your options, if you already have a vision of how your could turn your event entrance into something exceptional get in touch with our entertainment coordinators and they’ll hope you to make it a reality! Call us on 01626 572072.


If you’ve seen a particularly spectacular event entrance recently, share it with us on Twitter tagging @scarlettent – we’d love to see them!

__By Alanna Bestwick

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