Unique Event Catering: 9 Edible Treats You Need At Your Event

Unique Event Catering: 9 Edible Treats You Need At Your Event

Real life Willy Wonkas, these guys are the kings of invention and have come up with an array of amazing contraptions designed to delight the taste buds whilst also look good at your event. Inspired by past and future industrial style, their fantastic machines, (let alone their amazing edibles), will definitely intrigue guests at your event.

If you’ve ever wondered how to incorporate Edible Mist Orbs, palatable perfume fragrances or drinkable chocolate at your event, (without the standard chocolate fountain), you’re not alone. Unique catering ideas to treat guests are all the rage, and for those of you with a sweet tooth you’ll be in food heaven!

What’s on offer?

Their full list of machines presently include: Caramel Popcorn Exploder, Vaporising Edible Mist Orbs, Chocolate Tap, Nitrogen Ice Cream Buggy / Parlour / Pods, Logo Lollipop Machine, Candy Floss Machine and the Edible Fragrance Factory! Phew!

Unique Event Catering: 9 Edible Treats You Need At Your Event

With such a wealth of exciting event catering options available to book for events we asked our food scientists which are their most popular:


We're most famous for all our Nitro Ice Cream machinery, but to be honest everything is pretty popular. People love our Edible Mist Orbs, 60mph Floss Whizzers, Edible Fragrances and we're always launching new machines (keep your eyes peeled for our everlasting Tipsy Fountain hint hint).


With a name like the ‘Tipsy Fountain’ we can only begin to imagine what wonders it will bring to events.


Unique Event Catering: 9 Edible Treats You Need At Your Event

Which events can I hire them for?

Outlandish, yes. Unique, most definitely. Available for all events, of course! There is no event that these culinary geniuses can’t cater to with several different versions of the same product available for different sized events; their “Nitro Pods are designed for smaller private parties”, whilst their Nitro Buggy comes with wheels enabling it to reach all corners of festivals and exhibitions, and their Nitro Ice Cream Parlour is the perfect station for corporate events and private parties. Of course it doesn’t end there; “our Logopop Machine works brilliantly for clients who want product or store launches… we tend to cover a pretty big breadth [of events] from bah mitzvahs to Christmas parties, awards do’s and top end VIP parties.


Unique Event Catering: 9 Edible Treats You Need At Your Event

What customisable options are available?

Whether you’d like a custom flavoured ice cream, mist orb or popcorn; a choice selection of toppings for your melted chocolate; or for your branding or a specific design to be incorporated into tempered chocolate lollipops, our flavour experts can deliver!


As they’ve said themselves their products are so well received at events: “because they’re freaking awesome! We design and build all our machines ourselves, so they’re completely unique concepts, which people really buy into. We also try to combine amazing flavours with a big dollop of theatrics so you’re getting an experience as well as something delicious to eat.

The proof is in the pudding!

Unique Event Catering: 9 Edible Treats You Need At Your Event

Get inspired with your event catering! Not only do our amazing food connoisseurs offer a whole range of deliciously mouth-watering sweet treats, they deliver their wares with flair, and are incredibly likeable, fun-loving, and professional.


A huge hit with our clients’ and their guests they consistently receive fantastic feedback in all forms:


We had a client once who just wouldn’t let us leave, she wanted us to stay making chocolate and ice cream in her house forever! Oh and last year someone got our logo tattooed on their arm.


Now if that isn’t a testament to their immense flavours and unique style we don’t know what is!

Book Now!

To find out more about all of their machines and to book their event catering for your event, get in contact with our experienced entertainment coordinators who will be more than happy to help!

__By Alanna Bestwick

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