Unique Custom Wedding Gifts – 6 Ideas to Stand Out From The Wedding List Crowd

Unique Custom Wedding Gifts – 6 Ideas to Stand Out From The Wedding List Crowd

You’ve been invited to the wedding of one of your nearest and dearest – fantastic! You can’t set up the countdown on your phone quick enough.  However, after the euphoria of being invited has worn off you’re left with the age-old dilemma of choosing a wedding gift that is different from the rest. An exciting prospect for those with creative nuance, it can be a toughie even still so we’ve come up with six inspirational ideas that will stand out from the wedding list crowd. These custom wedding gift options are not only personal to the couple, their thoughtfulness will also demonstrate just how much they mean to you.

So without further ado:

1) Sand Story


Though favoured by brands and corporate clients as a way to present company histories, brand identities, and products, it’s a little known fact that sand stories also work incredibly well as personal gifts.


Sand stories are beautiful, emotive, and have the ability to tell a story. Working closely with our artists you can bring the story of the happy couple’s journey towards each other – towards the moment of their marriage – to life in a stunning sand animation. The fluid movements of the artist’s hands as they expertly shift thousands of grains of sand over coloured lights, in perfect harmony with your chosen soundtrack, creates an immersive effect.


This truly special, personal gift is the perfect way to show the happy couple just how much they mean to you. It’s a gift that they will be able to benefit from again and again, and cherish forever. The sand story can be recorded and presented in a format of your choosing.


You can view our full roster of sand artists here.


2)   Painting

Unique Custom Wedding Gifts – 6 Ideas to Stand Out From The Wedding List Crowd

Artwork is always a fantastic personal gift, especially when it has been custom created with the recipients in mind!


You can commission our incredibly talented and versatile artist to create something special for the wedding couple, be it a portrait created from a photograph, a landscape of one of their favourite locations, or mural incorporating all the things and people that are most special to them.  

Able to adapt to any style or medium, and work to specific creative briefs, our experienced artist will create something that will take pride of place on the happy couple’s wall space.


You can see our full roster of professional artists here.


3)   Calligraphy

If your couple have a special song, poem, or quote, or if you happen to be privy to any readings they’ll have during the wedding ceremony, (or even their vows), why not have them immortalised in beautiful calligraphy.


An especially touching gift, words are powerful and often stir inspiration and motivation in the reader, and have a fortifying effect every time they are read. The gift of a few well-chosen words is one that will be cherished forever.


Our calligraphers can hand write in a range of styles from elegantly elaborate to beautifully simple, to fit the recipients’ personal style. They can also use a variety of papers, colours, and inks to create a desired look.


4)   Silhouettes

This is a simplistic, but no less thoughtful, alternative to having a custom painting created as a wedding gift.


If your couple are fans of simplicity and minimalism, having one of our silhouette artists cut silhouettes of the couple from a photo is a fantastic and unique gift idea. After all, the art of silhouette cutting is extremely rare.


There is a whole host of creative opportunity here, for example you could place the silhouettes on a plain white background, but you could equally choose a block colour, pattern, or add in a special printed quote or message. The silhouettes can be presented in an attractive frame that can be placed on a wall or surface.


5)    Personal Song

Unique Custom Wedding Gifts – 6 Ideas to Stand Out From The Wedding List Crowd

This is a touching and unique, hand crafted gift idea with lasting value.


You can commission our critically acclaimed singer songwriter to create a personal song for the couple, which will then be performed and recorded by session musicians who have played with international super stars such as Lana Del Rey and Paul McCartney. All you have to do it supply our musician with critical details.


The finished song is then professionally mastered and pressed to vinyl or a vinyl look CD and presented in a beautiful package, complete with the lyrics.


This is a truly once in a lifetime keepsake.


6)   Scent

Unique Custom Wedding Gifts – 6 Ideas to Stand Out From The Wedding List Crowd

An alternative to a physical gift, why not treat your couple to a fun experience for when the post wedding and honeymoon blues set in!


This perfume making workshop is the perfect way for the newlyweds to celebrate their marriage. After all, as our perfumer explains, the scents they choose will be influenced by memory and emotion, so what better time to create their signature scent than after their wedding!


 As well as creating their own perfume, they’ll also learn about the magic of perfume creation and how to choose the perfect mix of complimentary aromas.


A favourite experience with celebrity clients, this gift of a unique experience will only serve to create more happy memories.


How to book?

All of these unique wedding gift ideas can be adapted and tailored to meet your vision and specific requirements.


To find out more about any of the unique gift ideas mentioned above fill out our enquiry form. One of our entertainment coordinators will be in touch to discuss all of your ideas and start the process of creating a stunning custom wedding gift. Don’t worry, if any of the specific suppliers mentioned above aren’t based in your geographical location, let our entertainment coordinator know and they’ll be able to find something similar closer to home.



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