Unique Corporate Gifts That You Can Offer to Your Guests

Unique Corporate Gifts That You Can Offer to Your Guests

Key rings, USB sticks, hampers, gift cards – it’s all been done before. Why not surprise your guests with unique corporate gifts that will make your exhibition and corporate event stand out from the rest. By choosing to opt for personalised corporate giveaways and unique promotional items your company instantly becomes recognisable and memorable to guests. When you book an interactive service or provide a gift that is personal to each and every guest, the message that gift provides is far greater than simply handing out flyers and generic gifts that every other trade stand will be hauling out by the dozens. 

Promotional giveaways and gifts can be distributed for a multitude of different purposes, whether it’s to give guests a token that will make sure that they remember your brand, used as a way to gather attendee details, reward loyal customers and staff or to enhance your brand/company image, choosing the right gift can be a challenging prospect. 

Whether you want a unique gift to draw attention to your brand or company at a trade show/exhibition or you want to reward your employees at your next corporate event we have some of the most unique and luxurious gifts on the market that are guaranteed to make your company unforgettable whilst reinforcing your core values and brand identity. 

Personalised Corporate Giveaways For Trade Shows

Trade shows can be somewhat of a manic occasion with hundreds of people visiting different stands and exhibitions, countless flyers and gifts being handed out left right and centre, this can be a challenging occasion to make your company stand out. However, with the right gift to lure people in anything is possible.

Live Chocolate 3D Carver

This delicious live chocolate carver creates edible chocolate lollipops with your guests’ faces on! An interactive experience that is guaranteed to appeal to all chocolate lovers and make your exhibition stand out from the crowd, your guests will have a quick 3D scan of their head taken before the image is turned into a cuttable file and carved into a chocolate lollipop right on the spot! Not only that but you can also have pre-made chocolate lollipops of your logo created before the event to hand out to guests as they visit your stand.  With an option to scan now and order later your guests can even have their personalised chocolate heads sent to their homes with an option to reorder their chocolate lollipops as many times as they want. 


This live chocolate carver is exceptional for all corporate events, trade shows and exhibitions due to its uniqueness and adaptability – the ultimate gift to present to your guests. It also serves as a fantastic way to gather attendee data at the same time.


Mini-Perfume Workshop

Unique Corporate Gifts That You Can Offer to Your Guests

A unique and memorable experience that provides your guests with their very own perfume is guaranteed to draw attendees to your trade show stand as they are given the luxury of designing their very own fragrance. Like all of the other four senses, smell is extremely personal and with a selection of 21 scents to choose from this mini-perfume workshop allows your guests to design their own fragrance with the help of our master perfumer to create their perfect perfume. After selecting their perfect combination of scents your guests can take their new fragrance home with them on the day and reorder their own personalised fragrance again and again. Guaranteed to make any guest feel like a VIP, this perfume workshop will be the talk of the event as floods of guests swarm your stand to create their very own perfume.


This interactive and personal perfume workshop is a unique gift that is guaranteed to stick with your guests and make your company one to watch. With the option to place your branding on the bottles, your guests will most certainly remember your brand for years to come. Projecting core values of customer service, luxury, high end, personable treatment and many more, this is a fantastic addition to any trade stand and exhibition and can also be booked on a larger scale as a reward incentive or team building day for your hard working employees.


Print Yourself in 3D

Unique Corporate Gifts That You Can Offer to Your Guests

Ever wondered what you would look like as a figurine? Why not provide your guests and delegates with this unique gift of transforming themselves into small 3D characters at your next corporate event or trade show! Using state of the art technology this 3D selfie boasts a once in a lifetime experience that sees your guests stand inside a booth whilst 64 DSLR cameras capture every angle in a quick flash. Then using a custom built piece of software, the images are turned into 3D data and your figurines are ready within two weeks! It’s the perfect gift for any selfie lover that will have your guests thinking about your event every time they gaze at their mini me.


To ensure that you spread the word about your brand each figurine can be made to feature your logo or branding, creating for the ultimate promotional giveaway that will entice everyone to ask about your company.


Make Me a Bobble Head

In the spirit of transforming oneself into figurines and chocolate lollipops, you can even transform your guests into bobble heads! A fun gift that would look great on the office desk as well as a keepsake, this interactive bobble head 3D kiosk is guaranteed to spark interest at every tradeshow and exhibition. Taking only three seconds to scan your guest’s face, the 3D bobble head kiosk can then customise the figurine to fit various themes and designs with over 300 options to choose from. The scans are then sent back to HQ and posted out to your guests as soon as they are created and can even be customised to feature your brand, event or logo on the base to provide a momento of your company.


A fun corporate gift that is guaranteed to make every guest smile, this is perfect for themed occasions, exhibitions, weddings, trade shows, corporate events and any occasion that wants their company or brand to be remembered.


Insta-Selfie Printer

Turn your event goers into event photographers with this unique photo experience. Using the latest technology this Insta-Selfie Printer allows your guests to print out photos taken on their mobile phones instantly on your own branded magnetic paper. As your guests upload their selfies to Instagram using a customised hashtag they can then use our sleek printers to print out their photos straight away. A trendy way to reach out to younger generations and appeal to guests of all ages this Insta-Selfie Printer will capture perfect moments of your event that not only engage with guests at your trade stand but also spread the word online!


Great for exhibitions, as your guests roam about the event with their printed magnetic selfies they are guaranteed to spark the interest of new customers and attendees – driving more guests to your company and trade stand and therefore expanding your brand. The perfect corporate gift that not only provides your guests with branded keepsakes to put up on their fridge and display at home but a momento that will help grow your audience and target markets.


Of course this idea of giving corporate gifts is not just for exhibitions and trade shows, it can also be applied in the work place and to your employees!


How To Reward Staff With a Corporate Gift


Rewarding staff has great importance in the workplace, if your delegates put their all into their work then treating them to a luxury day out or presenting them with a personalised gift will go a long way.


Whether it’s bringing the 3D chocolate printer into the office or hosting the perfume workshop at your next staff event, all of our unique gifts that have been mentioned above can offer luxury rewards for your delegates. Offering work incentives is a great way to encourage high levels of motivation and performance as well as allowing your delegates time to relax and enjoy VIP treatments and activities. In addition to providing unique corporate gifts these packages can also act as a fabulous reward incentive for your employees.


To really go the extra mile and offer a corporate gift that makes your staff feel like true VIPs check out our article on Unique Team Building Ideas For Corporate Incentives and couple these packages with our unique corporate gifts for the ultimate reward scheme for your employees.


To Conclude

Thinking of corporate gifts for your trade stand and staff incentives can be a challenging task at the best of times, however it really does pay to spend more time thinking about what you can do to go above and beyond for your guests and delegates. By using the unique corporate gifts and incentives mentioned in this article you can guarantee that your company will be remembered at your next exhibition and your staff moral levels boosted to an all time high.


In addition to providing memorable experiences and gifts these tokens of your appreciation also convey the message that you as a company, brand or organisation are personable, thoughtful and appreciative of your loyal customers and hardworking staff, which will help to distinguish your brand amongst all of your competitors. 


With a multitude of different types of employee rewards to choose from these excursions and activities are the perfect match when combined with some of our unique corporate gifts providing the ultimate package for your guests and employees.


To enquire about our unique corporate gift ideas or if you require further information about booking one of our corporate incentive packages then please contact our Entertainment Specialists on +44 1626 572072.

__By Charlotte Russell

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