Unbelievable Food and Drink Experiences - New York Food Festival Special

Unbelievable Food and Drink Experiences - New York Food Festival Special

A food festival that boasts unbelievable food and drink experiences, New York Food Festival kicks off this October and is set to be an event to indulge senses. 

Known as the largest food and wine festival in New York City the New York Food Festival offers over 80 events across the city. It is widely recognised for its mouth watering tastings, celebrations of America’s favourite dishes, late night parties, seminars, hands on workshops, wine tastings, passionate foodies and world renowned chefs.

Supporting the fight to end hunger, New York Food Festival has raised $11.5 million to date with 100% of the net proceeds benefiting the No Kid Hungry® campaign and Food Bank For New York City.

New York Food Festival creates unbelievable food and drink experiences and boasts access to over 500 world-renowned chefs, culinary personalities, wine and spirit connoisseurs and world class Food Network and Cooking Channel celebrities.

New York Food Festival Inspiration

An event that draws food fanatics from all over the world, New York Food Festival is up there for creating unparalleled food and drink experiences that cater for a wide range of budgets, tastes and cultures. With culinary demos from celebrity chefs such as; Aaron Sanchez, Jessie James Decker, David Burtka, Robert Irvine, Anne Burrell, Giada De Laurentiis and many more. Attendees have the opportunity to watch over 20 culinary stars demonstrate their favourite recipes and cooking techniques as well as meeting the stars and getting their books and autobiographies signed.

With cake decorating master classes, pizza and cocktail making workshops also in the mix - New York Food Festival certainly has it all going on and boasts the ultimate event to take inspiration from when planning your own food festival or food centred event.

Drinks Based Entertainment and Experiences

Let’s face it, we all get a bit excited when ‘free booze’ or ‘wine tasting’ comes up in conversation or is announced at an event, but there are so many ways to be creative with your drinks entertainment for both T-total guests and alcohol connoisseurs. 

Our Brooklyn based Coffee Artist is a brilliant way to entertain guests as well as serve up exquisite coffee.He creates exceptional bespoke coffee art in the microfoam of your cappuccino and lattes, creating portraits, logos, characters and more in your coffee. This is a brilliant experience to have at every event.

Unbelievable Food and Drink Experiences - New York Food Festival Special

Comedy Drinks Experts

Unbelievable Food and Drink Experiences - New York Food Festival Special

Livening up every food festival and drinks reception our Comedy Drinks Experts offer theatrical stage shows, event hosting and private drinks tasting experiences that get everyone laughing as well as educating attendees about history, offering guidance and providing interesting facts about beverages. It’s an unforgettable interactive show that involves everyone getting to try a tipple.

Event Cocktail Pearls

Unbelievable Food and Drink Experiences - New York Food Festival Special

A new and innovative way of tasting cocktails, these Event Cocktail Pearls add a sophisticated touch to any celebration and boast a delicious way to enjoy your favourite fruity drinks! The 2.5 cm diameter cocktail flavour pearls are completely liquid on the inside and are a unique tasting experience that is a guaranteed hit with all attendees. They are also available with non alcoholic ‘mocktail’ fillings.

Discover The Latest Trends From Our Food Experts 

Serving up expert knowledge at your food festival is a great way to attract more attendees and provide memorable food and drink experiences at your event. 

Unbelievable Food and Drink Experiences - New York Food Festival Special

Our Inspirational Culinary Speaker is one of the most recognised artists in the fruit and vegetable sculpting industry and has produced pieces of food art for high end clients such as Bloomingdales, Dean and Delucas, Sutton Place Gourmet and Balduccis. He is a fantastic speaker for any attendee who is passionate about food and looking to break into the industry, as well as drawing on topics that reach out to all audiences whether they are a chef, food blogger, journalist or self confessed ‘great cook’. 

Tom Wolfe - Gastronomic Experiences Like No Other

Unbelievable Food and Drink Experiences - New York Food Festival Special

One of the world’s leading celebrity chefs and food artists, Tom Wolfe has worked for some of the biggest companies in the world by creating immersive experiences that leave a lasting impression on every attendee. Merging food with performance art and product design he is often invited to art direct, exhibit, cook and style for luxury brands and is the ultimate food festival entertainment.

Food Festival Ideas - Get Involved

Master classes, workshops, educational talks, celebrity chefs and wine/cocktail tasting are all a fantastic place to start when planning your own food festival. It’s so important to create engaging entertainment and experiences for your guests that are both educational and fun. 

Providing attendees with the opportunity to get stuck in and try out their newly learnt skills is a fantastic way to create unbelievable food and drink experiences that they will share with their friends and families. 

Unbelievable Food and Drink Experiences - New York Food Festival Special

Our Chocolate Workshop provides the perfect hands on food festival entertainment experience for your attendees to throw themselves into and gain expert knowledge about raw cocoa whilst decorating and creating delicious chocolate bars. With expert chocolatiers and a wide array of vegan ingredients to choose from, attendees can make their chocolate bar exactly how they like it and can taste their creations as they work.

Food Festival Entertainment - Our ‘Tasting Menu’ Of Options


So you have your celebrity chefs, speakers and workshops taken care of, but why stop there? Entertain your guests with fabulous food themed entertainment and create an experience for all the senses at your food festival and event. 

Cocktail Jugglers

Unbelievable Food and Drink Experiences - New York Food Festival Special

Whether it’s a mocktail or a Pina Colada these talented jugglers offer a dynamic and interactive show that involves audience participation, outstanding juggling performances and delicious drinks. Speaking English, German, Swedish, Norwegian and French our multilingual Cocktail Jugglers astound and amaze guests at any event type. They also offer workshops to teach attendees how to juggle liquor bottles and pour the perfect drink. 

Vocal Usherette Trio 

Unbelievable Food and Drink Experiences - New York Food Festival Special

Serving sweet treats and canapes to your guests these vintage style usherettes not only keep your attendees topped up with sweet treats but they also perform a roaming and stage based show that can be booked as a surprise performance or as break out ambient sets to keep your guests entertained throughout your food festival. 

Gastro Mapping

Unbelievable Food and Drink Experiences - New York Food Festival Special

A gastronomic adventure combining creative technology with original flavours and ingredients this Gastro Mapping technology transforms your dining experience into an interactive masterpiece that is incredibly engaging and cutting edge. This innovative gourmet experience makes dishes come together and sync with virtual environments, resulting in an explosion of the senses and the ultimate food themed entertainment. 

Wine Caricaturist 

Unbelievable Food and Drink Experiences - New York Food Festival Special

A live event artist that puts a spin on the traditional art of caricatures, our divine illustrator uses wine as ink and paints your attendees portrait using only spalshes of red wine. The perfect keepsake for all food festival entertainment this wine caricaturist makes for the ultimate addition to any food centred event or launch. 

Custom Ice Cream Rolls


Unbelievable Food and Drink Experiences - New York Food Festival Special

A mouth watering addition to every event these Custom Ice Cream Rolls are not only delicious to taste andbut are mesmerising to watch as they are created on the spot in front of you. Scraping, squashing and rolling ingredients together, this therapeutic food themed entertainment option captivates guests and boasts a trendy sweet treat all at the same time.

Food Festival Ideas - Gastronomic Experiences To Delight The Senses

With an array of sweet treats, workshops, knowledgeable experts and roaming food themed entertainment options this New York Food Festival inspired piece provides the perfect inspiration for any event looking to create unique food and drink experiences. that complement one another enough to rival the renowned New York Food Festival. 


Serving up food themed entertainment for a wide range of tastes, our food festival ideas can be tailored to suit a range of events whether it be a food festival, brand activation, product launch, grand opening or gala dinner. Creating food and drink experiences that go above the norm, our food festival entertainment can be fully customised and tailored to suit the size and style of your event. 

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