Top Vegas Magicians You Need to Know About

Top Vegas Magicians You Need to Know About

Las Vegas, or otherwise known as Sin City, a destination that symbolises the ultimate party that never sleeps with casinos, flashing lights, night clubs and unbelievable entertainment. It is undeniable that Las Vegas represents fun and excitement no matter what your age! With magicians such as Criss Angel taking magic and illusion to new heights with unimaginable stunts and magic acts that just keep getting bigger and bigger – the demand for event magicians has never been greater.

Event magicians not only astound audiences with their tricks, illusions and mentalism performances but they instantly create a buzz around your occasion as audience members continue to talk about the event even months after it has happened. With the common phrase ‘how did you do that?’ constantly being used after a magician has performed, the mystery involved in the magic act is what makes magicians so fascinating and enticing for all kinds of events whether it be a corporate event, private party, wedding or huge showcase. 

As we take a look at our top Vegas magicians we will also look at why these top magicians are so in demand right now!

1. Shimshi


In at number one is our close up magician, illusionist and mentalist Shimshi. The resident magician at the Wynn Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, this outstanding magician has performed for some of the biggest celebrities including Beyonce, Michael Jackson, Muhammed Ali, Ryan Seacrest, Steven Spielberg and many more! Having performed illusion for over 21 years, Shimshi has performed his corporate magic show for many of the top Fortune 500 companies and is a three time consecutive winner of the Magic Olympics Award. What makes Shimshi so desirable for all events is his captivating audience participation and magic show that can be tailored to suit every occasion whether it be a corporate event, wedding or private party.


2. Las Vegas Illusionist


A Las Vegas magician and illusionist who combines charisma, comedy and unbelievable magic to astound audiences of all ages, this guy has appeared on many TV shows such as The Tonight Show, Wizard Wars, Fool Us and Don’t Blink. Having stunned celebrities and judges, Kyle has conceived and designed some of the most memorable illusions in Las Vegas. Whether it’s close up or grand illusion, this multi talented magician will blow your audiences away as he performs tricks that have never been seen before! With a lovable nerd like persona that he has made into an identity for himself and his shows, Kyle was voted one of the Most Interesting People in Las Vegas by Seven Magazine and continues to impress industry experts and audiences from all over the world. 


3. Illusionist Duo


This husband and wife duo have stunned audiences in over 70 countries around the world with their unique brand of magic. Their performances incorporate the separate talents of both award winning magicians, and also happens to be an extremely dynamic multimedia show. Having headlined ‘World Stars of Magic’ in Las Vegas as well as at the ‘Magic Castle’ in Hollywood and ‘The House of Magic’ at Studio City Resort and Casino in Macau China – this duo of illusionists certainly know how to entertain the masses.  Performing sleight of hand, escapology, grand illusions and quick changes, this fast paced and thrilling performance will leave every audience member on the edge of their seat and wanting more. With huge projection screens to display their act on, there is no room for error as every audience member has the best seat in the house to get in on the action and watch the magic unfold. 


4. Illusionist Michael Grandinetti


An illusionist who has performed on national and international television, in stadiums, casinos and huge stages around the US, Michael Grandinetti makes the unimaginable come to life right before your very eyes. Having been the first illusionist to ever perform in America’s Independence Day Parade in Washington DC Michael levitated a girl over one of the floats whilst an audience of 250,000 watched! The perfect magic act for any PR stunt or campaign this illusionist is guaranteed to spark the interest of every audience member and passer by every time he performs as he makes the impossible become a reality. Having performed on NBC’s The World’s Most Dangerous Magic II, Masters of Illusion, Entertainment Tonight, The Bold and the Beautiful and many more, this illusionist produces high end magic shows that are packed with drama, suspense and out of this world magic.


5. Comic Illusionist Las Vegas


One of the best comedic illusionists in the industry this hilarious magician leaves audiences in fits of giggles as well as astounding them with his slick tricks, sleight of hand and unbelievable magic acts. With sell out tours at iconic venues including the Sydney Opera House this Vegas magician entertains audiences with his incredible wit and comedic timing. He leaves guests with memories that they will remember for years to come. An Aussie magician who made it to the finals of Australia’s Got Talent he now resides in Las Vegas and continues to challenge the public’s perception of what is real as he performs eccentric and unique illusions that will have everyone laughing.

6. Las Vegas Grand Illusionist


This Las Vegas Grand illusionist and glamorous assistant Janine amaze audiences with their dynamic grand illusion show. Combining comedy with unbelievable stunts and magic tricks our illusionist has performed over 8000 shows all over the world. Our diverse Illusionist has performed in some of the most famous venues and hotels in Las Vegas such as the new MGM Grand Casino and Worlds Largest Hotel. 




The Vegas Magician’s you NOW Know About

So there you have a round up of some of the best magic acts in Vegas and why they continue to astound audiences from all over the globe with their unique and inventive magic acts. Whether you are looking for a grand illusion show to dazzle your guests at your corporate event or you are looking for a large scale show to put your brand or company on the map with a PR stunt that will spark global interest, these Vegas magicians can guarantee high end entertainment.

__By Charlotte Russell

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