Top Tips To Hire Entertainment in France from our expert Julien Caccia

Top Tips To Hire Entertainment in France from our expert Julien Caccia

France’s popularity when it comes to events and conferences is the result of a happy combination of factors. The ease of access, high-level facilities and infrastructures, beautiful landscapes and unique and modern venues are some of the factors that strengthen its position as a leading event destination. Being a global entertainment agency, at Scarlett Entertainment we’re proud to count on professionals from all over the world, including local specialists in French entertainment.
From the very beginning, France became one of our agency’s key markets. The large number of events taking place in the country each year has made it one of the ten most popular destinations for hosting events and meetings. Bearing this in mind, our agency got to work to find the best French Entertainment Co-ordinators to help you organise your event. We invite you to meet them!

Top 3 Tips To Hire Entertainment in France from our expert Julien Caccia

Julien Caccia is the head of Scarlett Entertainment France. Fluent in Italian, French and English, Julien is one of our senior entertainment managers and a priceless asset to the team. If you’re looking to hire entertainment in France, he’s one of the brains behind the whole process.  

Top Tips To Hire Entertainment in France from our expert Julien Caccia

Julien Caccia is Scarlett Entertainment's Manager for France and Switzerland

Julien knows the French market like the back of his hand. When asked about some recommendations to hire entertainment in France, he came up with his top three tips:
1. Be creative and innovative. Julien confesses almost 70% of event planners contact him in search of live music for their events. ‘Think different. Live music is and will always be popular. However, from my experience I can tell the surprise factor is what gets people talking about their experience in France’.


Top Tips To Hire Entertainment in France from our expert Julien Caccia

With over 12,000 acts currently on our roster, our agency holds the leading position on the entertainment market. The diverse range of options available within French borders guarantees there’s always going to be an act perfect for your event, whatever the case. If you’re running out of inspiration, Julien and his team are the professionals to speak to.


2.    Get to know your audience. “The fact that an event takes place in France doesn’t mean its audience is French”, Julien explains. In fact, being one of the 10 most multicultural cities in the world, Paris attracts over 75,000 event and congress visitors every year, according to ICCA’s annual ranking list.


Top Tips To Hire Entertainment in France from our expert Julien Caccia

France welcomes over 176,000 event attendees every year.  “Finding an act that fits your corporate event is crucial, and that not only means finding an entertainer local people can identify or connect with” Julien continues; “some of the questions you need to ask yourself are: can the artist speak other languages? Can his/her act be understood by all my guests? Do I need the act to be representative of the French culture?”.  According to Julien, discussing all of this will help him and his team find the right act for each event.
3.     Trust an entertainment expert: According to Julien’s experience, trusting a reputable agency is always a guarantee of success. ‘Booking via Scarlett Entertainment guarantees quick communication, full terms and conditions, backup in case of emergency and, above all, professional help and advice by specialists in French Entertainment’.


Top Tips To Hire Entertainment in France from our expert Julien Caccia

‘France is a rich source of acts and entertainment. Finding the right one for your occasion can be time consuming. Our agency can save you lots of time, plus you can rest assure we’re suggesting top end entertainment that options we know. 


If you would like to find out more tips to hire entertainment in France, then watch the below video and discover what a global entertainment agency can do for you first hand. 




Are you planning an event or wedding in the French Riviera? Or are you hosting a gala or congress in Paris? Wherever your upcoming event in France take place, our global entertainment specialists can recommend the perfect act for it. Read our Best of Best Luxury Entertainment Ideas for Events in the French Riviera and our Top 10 Entertainment Ideas for Corporate Events in Paris and France


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If you’re looking to hire entertainment in France, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and ask to speak to Julien and his team. They will be happy to help you find the perfect entertainment option for your event in France. 

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