Top Event Entertainment Themes in Dubai

Top Event Entertainment Themes in Dubai

Dubai is a country that has it all, from lavish excursions to world class shopping and attractions, fine dining, glorious beaches and expansive desserts. It is a  must see destination not only for holiday makers but for the corporate industry. This bustling city has an eclectic mix of activities and places to suit all tastes and events.

The fourth most visited city in the world after London, Paris and Bangkok, it is estimated that by 2020, 20 million people will have visited Dubai making it a hot spot not only for tourists but for the corporate sector.

Our Creative Manager for the Middle East, Kimberly Venable, notes that:

“The UAE is a fast growing region, it is always wanting the newest and most technologically advanced acts the world has to offer and our entertainment options reflect that. With over 13,000 acts worldwide and our In House Production Team, we are able to create the unheard of.

We pride ourselves in bringing the newest, best and most exclusive entertainment options to the region. If it doesn’t exist yet, we want to create it. From concept to final execution, we work with a team of international specialists under one roof to make the unthinkable come to life.”

With this ever evolving need to wow and amaze with new and innovative entertainment, there have been a few themed entertainment event trends to emerge from the UAE. A city that offers numerous wow factor venues such as the Dubai World Trade Centre, Jumeirah Beach Conference and Exhibition Centre and the Festival Arena by InterContinental - Dubai has the perfect settings to host extravagant entertainment that is guaranteed to impress. Here are the top event entertainment themes in Dubai, to get your inspiration flowing for your next big occasion.

Year of Zayed

The Year of Zayed 2018, marks exactly 100 years since the birth of the late Skeikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the Founding Father of the UAE, who passed away in 2004. As a way of commemorating this historic national occasion, the President of the United Arab Emirates declared that the year of 2018 will be known as the Year of Zayed. 

The momentous occasion featured a series of events and initiatives in the UAE and promoted the values that the founding father displayed throughout his life in creative and interactive ways. 

Shadow Show - Tell A Moving Story

Top Event Entertainment Themes in Dubai

A shadow show that is fully customisable, our performers and creatives can design a performance that tells the story of the late Skeikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan and his life. An incredibly emotive performance option, our shadow show is the perfect event entertainment option of the Year of Zayed and helps audiences young and old learn more about the founding father in a creative and interactive manner.

Interactive Wall Mapping - Involve Your Guests

Top Event Entertainment Themes in Dubai

Using state of the art event technology, multiple sensors and a built-in computer, the interactive wall is compact but an extremely powerful attention grabbing tool. Once touched, the interactive story wall can display all types mapped animations and content that makes the space come to life - perfect for telling the story of  Skeikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan and the Year of Zayed.


Speed Painter Dubai - Create Art Differently

Top Event Entertainment Themes in Dubai

A Dubai Speed Painter who creates stunning portraits of Skeikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan for Year of Zayed celebrations. Using both paint and glitter, our painter wowed on Arab’s Got Talent and can adapt each painting to suit each individual event. 


Futuristic and LED Dubai Event Themes - Wow guests with the Latest Tech


It comes as no surprise that a city as forward thinking and innovative as Dubai is big on Futuristic and LED entertainment. With our LED Water Jetpack performers making a splash on the Dubai National Day and high fashion catwalk down the Burj Khalifa. Dubai is serious about creating unforgettable moments using the latest in technology and entertainment. 


LED Tron Dancers - Step into the Future

Top Event Entertainment Themes in Dubai

This Tron dance troupe deliver a visually impressive stage show with professional dancers, poi performers and LED suit technology. Expertly programmed with precise choreography and stage movements which are synchronised with LED light sequences to create an impressive high-tech performance. These LED Tron Dancers are perfect for creating wow factor entertainment.


Titan the Robot - Roaming Futuristic Tech

Top Event Entertainment Themes in Dubai

A robot that towers over guests, Titan is a must have at every event. He has wowed guests all over the world with his unique blend of comedy, street theatre and music. Bringing the future to every event, Titan is a must have at any corporate event, exhibition or brand launch and would make for the ultimate walkabout act at venues such as the Festival Arena by InterContinental.


Immersive Table Mapping - Ramp up your Gala Dinner

Top Event Entertainment Themes in Dubai

A new and innovative way to host a gala dinner or corporate meeting, this Immersive Table Mapping service uses state of the art 3D surface mapping that brings a table to life with custom animations. The Immersive Table Mapping service is an extremely versatile concept that can be adapted to suit a range of event themes. Featuring intricate surface mapping that can be uniquely designed to completely transform the appearance of the table, plates and centrepieces, making it a must have for any event looking to provide their dinner guests with something they have never seen before.

Arabic Themed Entertainment

When talking about top event entertainment themes in Dubai, one that will never go out of style is authentic Arabic entertainment. The perfect way to welcome foreign guests to Dubai, Arabic themed entertainment is rich in culture and showcases what Dubai has to offer.


Oriental Dancer - Add a Touch of Arabian Nights Entertainment

Top Event Entertainment Themes in Dubai

Our Oriental Dancer performs stunning belly dancing routines that captivate audiences and provide authentic Arabian nights themed entertainment. With a range of vibrant costumes available our Dubai belly dancer can tailor her performance to suit multiple event themes and has performed for corporate clients all over the globe.


Oud Player - An Authentic Musical Experience

Top Event Entertainment Themes in Dubai

A traditional musician who performs on both the Oud and the Saz as well as singing in Arabic, this performer is a must have at any Dubai event as he brings authentic and traditional Arabic music to every occasion. 


Light Calligraphy - See the World Differently

Top Event Entertainment Themes in Dubai

An act that fuses futuristic technology with tradition, our light calligrapher creates stunning shapes and Arabic writing in the sky, around famous landscapes and around your guests. Exciting audiences of all ages our light calligrapher is guaranteed to impress and provides themed entertainment that is new, innovative and suitable for a range of Dubai event themes.

Gold and Opulence Event Trends

A Dubai event theme that oozes luxury and wealth, gold and opulence themed entertainment is a must have for any event looking to add an extra helping of sophistication and glamour to their celebration. A theme we have noted to be increasingly popular throughout the UAE, gold and opulence entertainment can come in many forms from decor to roaming stilt walkers to dancers, living statues and more.


Golden Living Statues - Create an Interactive Experience

Top Event Entertainment Themes in Dubai

Still as a statue, these golden characters come to life and wow audiences with their stunning golden appearance. Interacting with passers-by with falling coins, golden cards and humour, our human statues deliver an exceptionally high-quality interactive entertainment option that is desired by many.


Golden Dancers - Stun with Glamorous Entertainers

Top Event Entertainment Themes in Dubai

A gloriously golden performance option that is overflowing with opulence, our Gold Dancers astound guests with contemporary routines that can be fully customised to suit all occasions. With the option to wear LED encrusted costumes, our golden girls brighten all events and provide a lavish entertainment option that is guaranteed to impress. 


Gold Tree Stilt Walkers - Add an Extra Dynamic to your Decor

Top Event Entertainment Themes in Dubai

A stilt walking act that amazes from above our luxurious Golden Tree Stilt Walkers not only interact with guests but add to the overall impact of your decor. Providing an instant focal point when you walk in a room, these tree stilt walkers are a must have for all gold and opulence themed events.


Experiential Event Trends in Dubai

With a noticeable shift towards creating moments rather than material objects, the entertainment industry has become an exciting playing field for creativity and innovation. The United Arab Emirates in particular is constantly looking for the next big thing in entertainment and with our talented team of Entertainment Specialists, we know exactly how to leave a lasting impression. 


Epic Fairtytale Parade - Captivate Audiences of all Ages

Top Event Entertainment Themes in Dubai

A parade that is bursting with energy and colour, our Fairytale characters immerse guests of all ages and create a vibrant experience that is a delight for the whole family. Perfect for shopping malls, family events and national days, this parade is suitable for a wide range of Dubai event themes.


Sand Bottle Artist - Give Guests Something to Remember

Top Event Entertainment Themes in Dubai

An event trend that is recirculating, sand bottle artists are in high demand amongst our UAE clients, with their stunning colours and intricate designs, these sand bottles make for the ultimate personalised keepsake. Working to client specifics, this sand artist layers different coloured sands and uses his craft skills to create images as well as being able to write text on the inside of the bottle. 


Event Robot - Step into the Future

Top Event Entertainment Themes in Dubai

An entertainment option that is perfect for futuristic Dubai event themes, our event robot interacts with guests as well as recording video messages and taking photos that your guests can print off through the robot. With many branding options available it’s no surprise that robots are used for top event entertainment themes in Dubai.


The Greatest Showman Themed Event at the Burj Al Arab

Top Event Entertainment Themes in Dubai

Recently our team of Entertainment Specialists provided a Greatest Showman inspired production that dazzled audiences at the Burj Al Arab with jugglers, acrobats, dancers, aerialists and ringmaster.  The circus performers put on the works to transform the Dubai event into a memorable Greatest Showman extravaganza. An event theme that has taken off all over the globe with it’s catchy soundtrack, powerful message and stunning cirque performers, we can provide custom performances inspired by the blockbuster movie to suit your event. 


Check out our article on our Top 10 Movie and TV Themed Party Requests for further inspiration.

Top Event Entertainment Themes in Dubai Round-Up


A city that is forward thinking, innovative and always looking for the next biggest thing in entertainment, Dubai is a must see city and is guaranteed to impress with its state of the art event venues and immersive entertainment and event themes. 


Our Entertainment Specialists have years of experience working with clients from the UAE and all across the world and can provide completely bespoke entertainment options that your guests will have never seen before. 


With Dubai event trends that span across hundreds of years, traditional themed entertainment is still very much in demand and is highly sought after when fused with the latest technology and event trends.



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