Top Entertainment Ideas for your Summer Opening Party #SummerOfFun

Top Entertainment Ideas for your Summer Opening Party #SummerOfFun

Summer season is around the corner and big venues and nightclubs are working on the final preparations for the moment everyone is waiting for: summer opening parties! With clubs such as Ushuaia in Ibiza and Tropicana in Mykonos setting the bar high every season, event organisers face an exciting challenge this year.

Boasting a roster filled with over 13,000 world-class artists and top-notch providers, we pride ourselves on offering the best entertainment for summer parties. Check out the below compilation of top entertainment ideas for summer opening parties and get ready for good times!


Transform your Venue into a Summer Paradise

Club opening parties are not only about entertainment: decor and catering are a big part of your event’s success. Whether you’re hosting a party during the day or in the evening, decorating your venue with the right props and elements can truly make a difference.

A must-have at every summer event, flower walls have become an indispensable decorative element in recent years. Our providers can fully customise them with fresh flowers and plants of your choice and also incorporate different branding elements, which is ideal if you’re looking for a way to promote your sponsors and encourage your guests to take and share photos.

When it comes to drinks and cocktails, our summer favourite is the fabulous The Cocktail Bus Lab, a converted fire engine from 1983 now serving as a mobile drinks bar well-suited for club opening parties. Providing parties with a cool vintage touch, this unique bus comes with two mixologists who serve drinks in large lab test tubes. Fun, innovative and retro: everything a summer party needs these days

Top Entertainment Ideas for your Summer Opening Party #SummerOfFun

Fresh flower walls and vintage mobile bars bring summer vibes to your club opening party 


Tropical Vibes and Unique Walkabout Acts


Something about summer calls for tropical flavours. These Tropical Show Girls know it and will be happy to bring that tropical vibe to your party with their extravagant costumes adorned with exotic flowers. These Caribbean hostesses serve drinks and refreshments, hand out flyers or simply pose for selfies with your guests, maintaining the summery atmosphere throughout the event. 


As another option, these sensational Mirror Stilt Walkers also provide a stunning photo opportunity. An unmissable feature for nightclubs, these shiny mirror stilt walkers are ideal for both dark environments and events under the sun!


Top Entertainment Ideas for your Summer Opening Party #SummerOfFun

Mirror stilt walkers and tropical showgirls add an extravagant and tropical touch to your big occasion!


Hawaii and Ibiza in the House 


Some of the best entertainment ideas for summer parties have definitely taken inspiration from two of the most famous islands in the world: Hawaii and Ibiza! 


With a worldwide reputation for being the dream summer scenario for vacationers, Hawaii’s big waves, tropical flowers and good vibes have inspired thousands of musicians around the globe, including this Retro Surf Band, the perfect live music entertainment option to bring a piece of the Pacific island straight to your summer opening party. 


Sax players also help create the perfect ambience for your party with eclectic remixes and live freestyling. An entertainer with over 15 years of experience, some of our Ibiza Sax Player’s club credits include Cavalli Club Dubai, Ministry Of Sound (UK), Ushuaïa Tower Ibiza and Hard Rock Cafe Ibiza. 


Top Entertainment Ideas for your Summer Opening Party #SummerOfFun

Club sax players and Hawaiian-style bands bring a piece of Ibiza and Hawaii to your celebration.


Under the Sea Themed Acts and Cocktails from the Sky!


Indecisive about what theme to choose for your summer opening party? Go for beach, under the sea and tropical themes and stand on solid ground! These themes offer unparalleled entertainment options such as these Giant Floating Jellyfish, formidable floating puppets that create an immersive environment and completely transform spaces. 


Hanging elegantly from the ceiling, these Aerial Bartenders are also a popular nightclub entertainment choice. An exceptional addition to your party decor, these unique drink servers can fully adapt their costuming to any theme and ensure the crowd is entertained and their glasses full!


Top Entertainment Ideas for your Summer Opening Party #SummerOfFun

Giant jellyfish puppets and aerial bartenders are a stunning addition to your event decor and perfect for beach and under the sea themed parties. Jellyfish photo credit: Hill Lleida 


DJ Performances for Any Time of the Day


If something shouldn’t go amiss at a summer opening party, it’s definitely a DJ! Choose from our wide selection of DJs and VJs and ensure your summer kickoff event meets everyone’s expectations. 


Whether you’re looking for a DJ that creates a relaxed lounge atmosphere whilst everyone has a drink or a performer who make crowds jump and dance until early hours in the morning, we have the right solution for you. Explore the endless list of venues our extraordinary Live EDM DJ and Ibiza DJ have performed at and make sure yours is added to it!


Top Entertainment Ideas for your Summer Opening Party #SummerOfFun

EDM and Ibiza DJs are the go-to entertainment choice for any club opening party regardless of size and budget!


Spectacular Entertainers On Fire!


If you’re looking to bring the WOW factor to your club opening party, the below options are undoubtedly what your event needs. Nothing lights your event on fire (quite literally) or brings your event to the next level!


Street dancing per se is seemingly a thing of the past. Bringing it bang up to date, these Street Dancers on Fire take over with an utterly unique concept: street dance routines in flaming shoes! These flyboard riders had exactly the same idea and applied it to their discipline. Mixing water, fire and acrobatics, their spectacular water-based shows also include LED costumes, which makes them the perfect choice for clubs with big swimming pools or located next to the beach. 


Top Entertainment Ideas for your Summer Opening Party #SummerOfFun

Adding fire to disciplines such as street dance or flyboard riding make shows even more dramatic. Flyboard riders are especially suitable for pool parties! 


Tropical decorative elements, DJs, Hawaiian-style bands, unique drinks servers, extraordinary fire shows...Whether you’re hosting a big summer party or you’re simply looking for another type of summer party entertainment, the above providers and entertainers will surely bring the WOW factor to your summer kickoff event and make it the unforgettable occasion everyone talks about for the remainder of the season!


Explore other summer party ideas!


Still haven’t found what you’re looking for? Contact us, let us know what you have in mind and our in-house team will make sure they translate your ideas into reality. 


For further inspiration and unique entertainment ideas for summer parties, we invite you to explore our ideas blog and read some of our favourite articles including what we learnt from Coachella 2019, a guide for hosting a festival for your summer corporate party and the best Ibiza themed parties and how to recreate them

__By Juliana Rodriguez

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