Top 5 Local Wedding Service Providers in Barcelona

Top 5 Local Wedding Service Providers in Barcelona

Destination weddings are trending and Barcelona is one of the locations that many couples dreaming of a Mediterranean wedding choose to tie the knot. Barcelona is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Europe, and one of the bridal capitals of the world. This being the case, it’s not surprising that many local couples and brides and grooms from all over the world choose this beautiful Spanish location to seal their love. But once a couple choose where their wedding will take place, the hard work begins.

If you’re getting married in Barcelona this year or in the near future, we bet you’ve already gotten down to work and started checking venues and wedding service providers. As wedding lovers and event supplier experts, we would like to recommend some of the best local wedding suppliers that will help you plan your perfect wedding, as this can be truly challenging if you don’t even know where to start. Your dream wedding abroad needs to be a dream come true, not a nightmare you’d like to finish.  We know how time consuming planning the perfect day is, so to make your life a bit easier, we have created a list of the top 5 local wedding service providers in Barcelona and added some extra wedding planning tips for you to consider.


Barcelona wedding guide: best local wedding service providers

If you’re getting married in Barcelona, one of the best pieces of advice you can take is hiring local wedding service providers. Well-known for being one of the bridal capitals of the world, Barcelona offers hundreds of professionals and suppliers who can help you bring your dream wedding into reality. Specialists in the field include florists, furniture and décor providers, make up artists, photographers and catering suppliers. Let’s analyse five of the best wedding suppliers in Barcelona.


Wedding Florists

Flower decorations, centrepieces and bouquets are the some of the most characteristic wedding props. Each bride and couple is different, so the wedding service providers chosen to decorate a venue need to be versatile and happy to accept challenges and go beyond expectations. We recommend brides and grooms to spend some time with them and make sure decorators get to know them, their personality, sense of style and taste. Remember to discuss every little detail with them: the wedding style, the type of venue chosen, the colours the couple has in mind, the bride’s favourite flowers, etc.


Top 5 Local Wedding Service Providers in Barcelona

The beautiful flower decorations designed by these wedding florists in Barcelona always add a touch of sophistication and elegance to any type of celebration. They offer a bespoke service that includes a briefing with fantastic flower ideas and recommendations about previous years’ trends. The stunning flower designs these experts can offer include decorations with blooms and plants, fully customised bouquets, floral arches, bespoke centrepieces, floral wreaths for brides, maid of honours, guests and children and also flower walls. On top of that, these floral designers can also provide other decorative elements such as candles, wooden crates and vintage bicycles. A comprehensive service renowned for its high product quality and innovativeness.  
Top Tip:
Make sure you contact them at least three months before the big day, as this is the minimum time florists need to prepare all the different details and accessories they need to offer you the best service.

Wedding Make Up Artist

Make up is one of the things that brides always struggle with, as it can be really challenging to find a professional who can apply make up just the way they wish to. Not all make up artists available understand the importance of finding the perfect skin tone, eye shadow or lipstick colour for this important day. Some experts can be great professionals, but if they are not used to working with brides on a regular basis, the process of finding the right style for the bride can be more complex. A specialist in weddings is what each bride should look for, as they not only have the experience but also the passion, the perfect equation for providing a first-rate service.


Top 5 Local Wedding Service Providers in Barcelona

Backed by years of experience working for Yves Saint Laurent and Dior, this wonderful wedding make up artist has plenty of experience working with brides. His service includes test sessions and high-end cosmetics as he prioritises skin care. An in-demand professional in Barcelona and around Catalonia, he always ensures he provides a comprehensive service by getting to know each bride and listening to what they have in mind. He goes above and beyond what’s expected by sharing some beauty secrets with his clients and teaching them what the best make up products and formulas are  for their skin type and the best make up applying techniques for their face shape and facial features. A true expert in this field, this wedding make up artist guarantees to make brides feel beautiful and confident on their wedding day and throughout the whole process.
Top Tip:
Our versatile make up artist can also offer his service to wedding guests and maids of honours. He also recommends different techniques and colours based on each dress and outfit and he is always happy to share ideas.

Photographer Barcelona

Weddings are celebrations that take a long time to plan, but when the day arrives, it goes by in the blink of an eye. What remains are the memories of that special day, which can be immortalised and kept forever by booking the right photographer. When choosing the perfect one for your big day, the first thing you need to check is the experience he or she has and his/her photographic style. It’s important a wedding photographer connects with the couple and understands the type of pictures the bride and groom would like to be documented. It’s also essential a wedding photographer is a versatile professional who is always paying attention to all the different situations happening around them and can capture the best moments on camera.


Top 5 Local Wedding Service Providers in Barcelona

When it comes to local professionals in Barcelona and surrounding areas, this talented photographer is one of the best options for weddings. With extensive experience in this field and vast reputation as an event and wedding photographer, this expert always produces invaluable pictures. One of the most in-demand wedding photographers in Barcelona, he is a specialist at capturing the most romantic and memorable moments of this special day. Always making sure he understands each bride’s and groom’s personality, each photo album he creates is different and reflects each wedding’s essence and the newlyweds’ character.
Top Tip:
Photographers like the one above offer personalised services. Our recommended photographer approaches photography from a new angle, ensuring he provides unique portraits and memorable scenes. A strong advocate and promoter of naturalness, his pictures show couples just as they are rather than in artificial poses, so all you have to worry about is being yourself and enjoying your day.

Event Catering Barcelona

Food and beverages are one of the things that brings headaches for couples, as the more guests you have, the more complex it is choosing a menu everybody likes is. The ideal thing would be that everyone is satisfied with your choice, but given the difficulty of the undertaking, the smartest thing to do is choosing a first-rate provider that works with local products and fresh ingredients. Barcelona is not only a fashion and bridal capital, but also a place with rich gastronomic variety. The Mediterranean diet includes healthy and delicious flavours even for the most discerning palates, so choosing a local catering provider will guarantee your drinks reception and meal is a complete success.


Top 5 Local Wedding Service Providers in Barcelona

This event catering provider can offer a personalised service that includes bespoke catering solutions, local fresh products and authentic Mediterranean flavours. A young but experienced chef can cook both modern cuisine and traditional plates that can provide your wedding with a true flavour from the region. This experienced wedding supplier offers an innovative concept suitable for all types of weddings and budgets.
Top Tip:
This local supplier can also provide modern of-the-moment equipment for mobile catering, which makes them ideal for garden, vintage and themed weddings. They’re based in Barcelona, but they’re available all across Spain.

Ceremony Furniture & Décor

Decorative elements and ceremony furniture can really make a difference, as they can turn the most mundane spaces into truly unique and magical places. When booking a wedding venue, one of the things to take into consideration is how it would look once decorated for the occasion. Visualising this is very important, as this ideas need to be communicated as accurately as possible to décor suppliers. It might not be out of place to ask your furniture and décor provider to help brides and grooms choose the venue or at least give couples their opinion about the possibilities they are considering. One of the things that really requires professional assistance, make sure choosing your wedding décor provider is a high priority in your wedding planning checklist.


Top 5 Local Wedding Service Providers in Barcelona

These professionals at event décor are specialists in weddings. They can transform any space into a something beautiful. Among all the different props and decorative elements they offer we can find large parasols and umbrellas, garden pagodas, a large variety of tables, chairs, sofas of different styles, LED light cubes, picture frames, chandeliers and candelabras, candles, and many other accessories that can create a romantic and personal ambience for this special day. They can create any environment with the addition of the bride's and groom's personal touch with exclusive pieces and bespoke props that can be customised for drinks receptions, garden ceremonies, chick cocktail lounges and any indoor celebration. The ideal décor solution for couples getting married in Barcelona, these Ceremony Furniture and Décor experts will ensure any wedding is transformed into a true fairy tale.
Top Tip:
This expert team not only offers their creative vision and an extensive catalogue of stand-out furniture and decorative props, but their service also includes transport, assembly and disassembling. Their comprehensive service, besides their professional and friendly approach, makes them one of the best wedding suppliers you can find in Catalonia.

Contact the best wedding suppliers in Barcelona

The above are only some of the many recommendations Scarlett Entertainment can make. Florists, make up artists, photographers, event catering and décor are five of the things any couple needs to take into high consideration when organising the wedding of their dreams. The options are countless, but choosing the suppliers that offer the best service and – most importantly – peace of mind can be challenging. Backed by years of experience in the field and positive feedback from previous clients, by hiring the above local wedding service providers you can be sure your wedding is in safe hands.


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