Top 5 European Luxury Weddings in 2016 and Tips To Recreate Them

Top 5 European Luxury Weddings in 2016 and Tips To Recreate Them

Europe is a favourite wedding destination for couples getting married. It always has been and it always will be. Beautiful locations such as the Greek islands, the south of France and the Spain’s Costa Brava and Costa del Sol are some of the most romantic places to get married in Europe, and the choice of many celebs and famous couples tying the knot these days.

Intimate ceremonies and very luxurious parties are held in the above locations every year. Many It Girls, famous singers, rock stars, fashion bloggers, super models and members of prestigious families got married in 2016, and as lovers of weddings, we couldn’t help doing a little research to find out how some famous couples celebrated their special days last year and how their weddings have influenced the wedding trends of 2017. After in-depth scrutiny, we have selected the celebrations that, in our view, are the top 5 European weddings of 2016. Check them out!


The Best European Luxury Weddings of 2016


Gabriela Palatchi and Ediz Elhadef – Barcelona, Spain

Beautiful Barcelona was the location chosen by Pronovias' heir, Gabriela Palatchi, to host her dreamed wedding. Pronovias is one of the most prestigious Spanish bridal fashion firms, so everybody expected Gabriela’s wedding to be one of the biggest events of the year in Spain and she didn’t disappoint anybody. She got married to Ediz Elhadef, a Turkish businessman who also works in the textile sector and has experience in the fashion industry. Their wedding ceremony was held in one of the bride’s family houses' courtyard, with spectacular views of a beautiful pond and the Catalonian countryside. The evening party was enliven by a Flamenco dancer who wore a magnificent glowing gold dress and by the choreography of a group of dancers who recreated one of Madonna’s most iconic outfits and performed ‘Like A Virgin’ for the newlyweds and their guests. Given the bride’s Spanish origins, the couple also decided to provide their celebration with a Spanish flavour. They hosted a Flamenco themed party the night before the wedding,



A post shared by Gabriela Palatchi (@gpalatchi) on


A post shared by Gabriela Palatchi (@gpalatchi) on


Ana Beatriz Barros and Karim El Chiaty – Mykonos, Greece

The famous Brazilian supermodel and former Victoria Secret’s angel Ana Beatriz Barros tied the knot with Karim El Chiaty in Mykonos on July 7. The celebration lasted two days and it was held according to the Arab tradition since the groom is Egyptian and Muslim.  It included both a civil and a classic ceremony and majestic evening parties with Brazilian music and traditional Greek dishes. The first ceremony took place by the sea and it was informal and intimate, but very romantic. The second ceremony was more traditional and the couple got married in front of 700 guests, among whom were celebrities and super models like Alessandra Amrbosio and Isabelli Fontani, some of the bride’s closest friends and the ones in charge of her hen party (which, by the way, took place in a very luxurious yacth in the Mediterranean sea). The evening parties were a complete success due to the performance of dynamic party bands that made guests dance until the early hours of the morning.




Lady Charlotte Wellesley and Alejandro Santodomingo – Granada, Spain

The bride is the daughter of the Duke of Wellington and the groom a billionaire Colombian-American financier. Their wedding took place in Illora, a small municipality in the province of Granada, Southern Spain. Among the guests were members of the Spanish, British and Monaco royal families, not to mention other celebrities and famous guests such as super models and singers. After a traditional religious wedding, the newlyweds and their guests celebrated this special day in a beautiful ‘finca’, property of the bride’s father: a majestic country house that covers 960 hectares and that includes a hunting ground, olive groves, grain fields and a 19th century palace. The couple also celebrated with a magnificent three-day event in Cartagena de Indias (Colombia) with famous guests and luxury entertainment activities and performances.



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Ciara and Russell Wilson - Cheshire, England

The world famous R&B star Ciara and the American football star Russell Wilson chose magical England to seal their romance. The couple got married in a stunning location in the UK: Peckforton Castle in Cheshire, a stunning medieval construction situated near Liverpool. They shared their happiness in front of 100 guests among whom were Kelly Rowland and Jennifer Hudson, to name a few. They hosted a dinner the night before the wedding at the Titanic Hotel, one of the city’s more luxurious hotels and wedding venues. Their wedding was definitely one of the fairy tale celebrations of 2016. Of course, a famous super star is supposed to invite some friends to provide the music for her wedding, which is precisely what Ciara did. The American band Earth, Wind & Fire were personally introduced by the couple and they exclusively played a concert for Ciara and Russell Wilson’s friends and families.



A post shared by Ciara (@ciara) on



A post shared by Ciara (@ciara) on


Helena Bordon and Humberto Meirelles – St. Barths, France

At age 28, Helena Bordon is one of the 500 most influential people in fashion. This famous Brazilian ‘It Girl’ runs in elite circles, and she showed it to the world last year when many of them attended her wedding in St. Barths, Southern France. Helena got married to Humerto Meirelles, an Italian banker. Helena’s and Humerto’s special day was one of the most romantic luxury weddings in 2016. St. Barths was the perfect setting for this event, as the French island is one of the favourite locations for beach weddings in Europe. It was a celebration full of glamour and colour, with an intimate lunch reception for 100 guests and music and dancing until the early hours in the morning. Green and violet where the colours chosen by the famous Brazilian blogger for her tropical wedding décor, a choice we love and applaud. The beautiful centrepieces, the stunning flower walls and the matching chairs and tables are our favourite props. 




Entertainment ideas for luxury weddings in Europe


Flamenco themed entertainment

Top 5 European Luxury Weddings in 2016 and Tips To Recreate Them

Themed parties before a wedding day can be the perfect way to start the celebrations. You can recreate Gabriela Palatchi’s flamenco themed party by booking some ‘bailaoras’ and singers. For instance, this group of professional ballet, jazz and modern dancers can provide a bespoke Flamenco Dance Show and provide your party with a Spanish flavour international guests will be marveled at.


Mix and Mingle entertainment

Top 5 European Luxury Weddings in 2016 and Tips To Recreate Them

Perfect weddings abroad require a surprise factor, like the one the Madonna singers provided Gabriela Palathci’s evening party with. For that, we recommend some mix and mingle entertainment such as roaming magicians, caricaturists or walkaround performers such as these sophisticated Greek Priestesses, the perfect hostesses for a Greek style wedding like the one Ana Beatriz Barros and Karim El Chiaty had. Dressed in gorgeous classical Greek outfits, they can offer a warm welcome to guests and interact with them in a number of different ways and will provide a special day with an authentic Greek touch. If you're getting married in Greece check out our top local entertainment options.


Themed entertainment from around the world

Top 5 European Luxury Weddings in 2016 and Tips To Recreate Them

Two very well-known Brazilian ladies got married in 2016, and of course, they didn’t forget to add a Samba touch to their special day. If you want to bring a taste of your cultural heritage to your wedding, you can do it by booking themed entertainment from around the world. There are plenty of options to consider. From Spanish and Latin American to Asian themed acts, the right entertainers can provide a colourful and exotic spectacle your guests will never forget. Our performers are also great hosts, and can welcome your friends and family to your evening party with a big smile. The above Brazilian stage show celebrates the diversity of one of Latin American most unique countries.


Live bands and DJs

Top 5 European Luxury Weddings in 2016 and Tips To Recreate Them

All the above luxury weddings in Europe have one common ingredient: live bands and DJs. Any party can be successful without the appropriate music, and there’s nothing better than live performances to get people in the party mood. There are plenty of options to consider, but a party band that can also perform with a DJ seems like the best choice. Our International Party Cover Band is one of the most in-demand groups for European luxury weddings, as they can perform in almost any language, have a wide repertoire that covers almost any genre and musical style and can offer both bespoke stage shows and roaming performances. On top of that, an energetic DJ can keep your guests entertained till early hours. To see our full selection of party bands to which you can dance the night away, check our live music entertainment list of artists.


Wedding décor

Top 5 European Luxury Weddings in 2016 and Tips To Recreate Them

Wedding décor is one of the most important things to consider when organising romantic luxury weddings. Even the last detail is important, especially if the whole world has their eyes set on your wedding. Services like the one offered by these professional florists can be the perfect way to create bespoke decorations for the big day. Customisable flower walls were among the wedding trends of 2016, and take note because it seems that it  won't be going out of style for a while. Flower walls and bespoke décor can create the right atmosphere you’re looking to provide the wedding you’re organising with. Bohemian, glamorous and romantic: bespoke flower walls and decorative elements can bring even the most mundane spaces to life.


Organising perfect weddings abroad

The above are five of the many fabulous and romantic luxury weddings hosted in Europe in 2016. We chose them to be part of this list because they took place in some of the top European wedding destinations, which includes countries like France, Spain and Greece. You can check luxury entertainment ideas for Spanish, Greek and French weddings and by checking some of the posts we have published about this. 


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