Top 5 Diva Tribute Shows To Make Your Event Shine

Top 5 Diva Tribute Shows To Make Your Event Shine

Once Patti LuPone, a famous American stage  singer and actress in musicals, defined the term ‘diva’ as somebody who makes something supernatural with something natural. LuPone’s  couldn't have explained what a diva is more accurately. The exceptional female singers who make up the below list are five examples that prove this point. You can love them or hate them, but what is undeniable is their work, achievements and attitude have turned them into some of the biggest divas in history.

Being one of the most famous super stars in the world means there will always be artists who will pay you homage. In addition to fame, if you have charisma, an unbeatable stage presence and tons of talent, making an unforgettable impression is  unavoidable. However, there are tribute acts that always stand out and are so flawless that even the honourees are left speechless. Strongly influenced by the biggest divas in history music, there are those in the entertainment industry that have respectfully accepted the challenge of imitating their idols and pay them a well-deserved tribute. We have chosen five of the best divas tribute shows and we’re delighted to share our views with you.

Best Divas Tribute Shows

Tina Turner Tina Turner Tribute Vancouver

The one and only Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll is one of the first artist that comes to mind when you think about divas. An authentic legend, Tina Turner is one of the most popular entertainers in the world. The American singer has the voice, has the moves and has the attitude, the perfect equation to reach success. Loved and respected, Tina Turner has been delighting the world with her music and strong stage presence for more than 50 years. Named by Rolling Stone magazine as one of the 100 greatest artists of all times, she’s an essential part of music history in general and R&B, pop and rock ‘n’ roll music in particular.


Top 5 Diva Tribute Shows To Make Your Event Shine

Led by one of Tina Turner’s best impersonators and lookalikes, the show performed by this charismatic singer and actress is one of the best tributes to the R&B diva: she moves like her, dresses like her and – most importantly – sounds like her. The lead singer has carefully studied the gestures, mannerisms and moves of her idol, portraying this music legend with absolute accuracy. She even wears Tina’s characteristic curly hairstyle! Recognised by many as one of the best Tina Turner lookalikes and impersonators in the world, this talented singer offers a concert that crosses the extensive career of the Tenessee diva and  gives audiences goosebumps with her version of ‘Proud Mary’ and ‘Private Dancer’.


Amy Winehouse - Amy Winehouse Tribute Band

One of the most legendary British singers of all times, the R&B diva Amy Winehouse left her mark in her pass through this world. One of the most celebrated and imitated artists of the 20th and 21st centuries, Amy left millions of fans devastated when she unexpectedly passed away at the age of 27. During her short but fruitful music career, she became a living legend. Despite a life full of excesses and eccentricities, this music genius left a great musical legate especially as regards R&B and soul music. Her music only grew in popularity after her death, which means she will continue to draw fans among younger generations for years to come, something only big names in music have achieved.


Top 5 Diva Tribute Shows To Make Your Event Shine

This Amy Winehouse Tribute Band has many things we absolutely love. Their goal was to create a show that not only replicated the sounds and looks of the super star, but also every other detail including replica outfits and identical staging. Witnessing this live band perform is the closest audiences can get to recreate a feel of the authentic Amy. The lead singer perfectly captures the essence of the iconic singer and recreates with great accuracy her unique vocal tone, delivering a performance full of emotional lyrics and rich melodies.


Madonna - Madonna Tribute Act London

Talking about living legends, Madonna is definitely another good example of. One of the most iconic figures in music, the Queen of Pop gained great popularity with her provocative lyrics, sensual image and cheeky personality. Criticised by many as shameless, we’d rather call her a woman ahead of her time.  The diva per excellence is known to have influenced big names in the industry such as Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Beyoncé. Madonna’s career has been as fruitful and successful as controversial. Her unique style and character has turned her into the diva and living legend she is.


Top 5 Diva Tribute Shows To Make Your Event Shine

Capturing Madonna’s essence is not an easy thing to do. We’re talking about one of the most iconic singers in the world – if not the most iconic female figure. This uncanny Madonna lookalike not only embodies everything about the pop queen, but in addition she can transport audiences to different decades by wearing replica costumes of Madonna’s most emblematic outfits. Awarded with the ‘Best Female Pop Star Lookalike’ for her amazing impression of the diva, this incredible performer bares a close resemblance to the hit singer and also sounds like her. Her remarkable similarity and authentic looks make this Madonna Tribute Act worthy of a place on this list.


Lady Gaga - Lady Gaga Tribute Donna

If any doubts persisted as to the undisputed talent of this New Yorker, she dispels them every time she comes on stage. Not only a musician but also a gifted singer, Lady gaga is one of the most versatile artists in the music industry and one of the most charismatic and unique individuals that has ever roamed the earth. She has one of the most entertaining stage personalities of all and all her concerts and live shows are said to be truly unique musical and entertaining experiences. Equally hated and loved, one thing is clear: today she’s a chart topper and pop diva, tomorrow she will be a legend.


Top 5 Diva Tribute Shows To Make Your Event Shine

Many singers, impersonators and tribute bands pay homage to the Monster Mother, but few are as brilliant as this Lady Gaga Tribute. This multi-awarded tribute show has been twice crowned as the official UK No1 Lady Gaga Tribute, a recognition given by the Agents Association at the National Tribute Music Awards. Performed by a sensational impersonator, this pop tribute act stands out due to the authenticity of the costumes used and the attention to detail paid to every single aspect of the show. As a curious fact, you should know this is the only tribute act in the world that uses an authentic replica of Lady Gaga’s spark pyro bra. A dramatic theatrical performance widely acclaimed and applauded by audiences and critiques, this live show has even been praised by Lady G herself. Could there be a better compliment?


Adele - Adele Tribute Act

Great Britain has given us many joys in the last decades: the Spice Girls, Harry Potter, David Beckham…But if there’s something to be thankful for, its Adele. Despite her youth, the almighty diva has earned the respect and admiration of her colleagues and audiences, two things that don't always go hand-in-hand. A multiple Grammy award winner, this British superstar conquered listeners all over the world with her hit ‘Rolling in the Deep’, when she proved the importance and value of talent over image. A true example of professionalism, this iconic singer not only captivates with her gifted voice and moving lyrics but also with her spontaneous and playful personality. A humble an approachable person, if you didn't know who she was you wouldn't think that has a casual  14 Grammies and an Academy Award in her possession.


Top 5 Diva Tribute Shows To Make Your Event Shine

Impersonating Adele and recreating her voice is not an easy task, but this extraordinary singer successfully achieves it. With great passion and  drama, she delivers stunning vocal arrangements just  like the real Adele. As a solo singer or accompanied by a seven-piece band, her tribute concert is a musical experience worth witnessing. She actually had the privilege to perform it for Adele herself, sharing stories and laughs along the way!


All-in-one pop tribute acts


Pop Divas Tribute Act

Besides the above mentioned super stars, the list of all time divas can be an extensive one. Beyoncé, Celine Dion, Aretha Franklin, Dolly Parton, Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez and Christina Aguilera are worthy of special mention. Scarlett Entertainment can also offer tribute acts for each of these artists, but what if you could enjoy several different divas tribute shows performed by one single artist? This is precisely what this Pop Divas Tribute Act is about.


Top 5 Diva Tribute Shows To Make Your Event Shine

A versatile vocalist and impersonator puts herself in Mariah Carey’s, Cher’s and Kylie Moinogue’s shoes and adapts her repertoire according to the artist she’s paying tribute to. She can effortlessly replicate Mariah’s flawless vocal tone, Kylie’s dazzling costumes and Cher’s strong vocals. An all-in-one performance tat has captivated crowds at the Royal Albert Hall, the Royal Festival Hall and many other important venues, this pop divas tribute act is a display of talent and potential worth witnessing.


All time divas tribute acts for hire

From R&B stars to current chart toppers and legendary super stars, the above are some of the best tribute acts to some of the most charismatic and famous divas in music. As soloists or accompanied by a live band, these very talented singers and impersonators pay tribute to the world’s favourite divas and bring to life some legends like the unforgettable R&B and soul singer Amy Winehouse. All the above are tribute acts for hire, and you can book them and find out more about them by getting in touch with our entertainment experts. We can't wait to start helping you decide which diva tribute act will fit perfectly with your event.


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