Top 5 Chinese New Year Entertainment Ideas

Top 5 Chinese New Year Entertainment Ideas

New Year is the most important date in the Chinese calendar. It starts the first day of the lunar calendar and it normally extends for 15 days. The exact date varies from year to year, being February 16 the starting date in 2018.  It has become such a popular celebration that, nowadays, people from all over the world join the so-called Spring Festival to welcome a new year. 

Whether you celebrate the New Year on the 1st of January or not, you might have heard about this famous Asian holiday.  It is estimated that around 1.4 billion people participate in the the Chinese New Year celebrations all over the world. Are you joining the celebration and welcoming the year of the dog in 2018? Then the below top 5 Chinese New Year ideas is what you can book or expect to find in any event.


5 Chinese New Year Entertainment Ideas 


According to Jodie Cooper, our in-house Chinese themed entertainment expert, the below are the top 5 Chinese New Year entertainment ideas that are quite representative of this popular Asian culture. 


Chinese Roaming Acts


Top 5 Chinese New Year Entertainment Ideas

Gwen Stefani enjoyed the performance of our Chinese lion


Certainly, dragons and lions are two of the most symbolic animals in the Chinese culture. Meant to bring good luck and good fortune, these characteristic creatures cannot go amiss in any Chinese New Year party. Besides the good auguries, walkabout Chinese and dragons fill any celebration with colour and energy. The performers behind these majestic costumes not only liven up any celebration with some traditional dances but they also provide a stunning photo opportunity. They are some of the first Chinese themed entertainment options that come to mind when we speak about Chinese cultural acts, and they definitely never fail to impress.


Kung Fu Tea Master


Top 5 Chinese New Year Entertainment Ideas

This superb performance gives a truly unique insight into Chinese culture


The traditional art of Chinese tea is one of the most unknown but beautiful artistic forms in this Asian culture. This incredible Kung Fu Tea Master performs an astonishing martial arts-based tea pouring show, a unique performance that blow audiences away with its extraordinary beauty. Based on the traditional Chinese tea ceremony, this superb performance is marvellous to watch and brings an authentic taste of the country to any Chinese New Year party. A show that involves fast-paced movements, our tea master normally finishes his routine pouring tea for his audience! This final touch will – literally – allow guests at any Chinese New Year celebration taste the ancient Chinese culture!


Terracotta Army


Top 5 Chinese New Year Entertainment Ideas

This traditional Chinese drum show recreates the legacy of the Emperor Qin’s armies


Few things could wow guests at your New Year celebration more than watching the famous Terracotta Army come to life. One of the most significant monuments in China and an important UN’s World Heritage Site, the Terracotta warriors are well representative of the Chinese archaeological legacy. Taking them as reference, these drummers dressed in golden armour deliver a show that recreates the well-known army that conquered and unified the seven kingdoms and that protects the Chinese emperor in his afterlife. A stunning drumming spectacle, this spectacular Chinese cultural act can be the perfect way to introduce international audiences to a new culture.


Chinese Music Ensemble


Top 5 Chinese New Year Entertainment Ideas

Musicians bring an authentic taste of ancient China to your event


As is to be expected, live music is most definitely needed in any type of celebration - including the Spring Festival. This Chinese Music Ensemble fulfils this need and provides a genuine taste of ancient China to your event. Their wide array of traditional costumes and their lively performances makes them an in-demand Chinese New Year entertainment option for both small and big events. Our all-female ensemble can create bespoke performances and delight both Chinese and international guests with hauntingly melodious music and sounds inherited from ancient China. Their utterly unique shows and sophisticated playing style are guaranteed to make any celebration a memorable one!


Chinese Acrobats


Top 5 Chinese New Year Entertainment Ideas

Acrobatic troupe combines authentic Chinese costumes with traditional Chinese entertainment


Well-known for their strict discipline and natural talent for gymnastics, Chinese Acrobats are one of the most admired entertainers in the world. This extraordinary troupe can flip, spin, juggle and dance, bringing a true flavour of China to your event. These and many other skilled acrobats from China have contributed to transform Chinese acrobatics in a popular discipline all over the world. By doing so, acrobatic troupes like the below are now one of the favourite Chinese themed entertainment options for New Year’s events! Fully customisable, our acrobats’ performances are a spectacular showcase of their remarkable talents and their thrilling routines: from the lion dance to human juggling, they astound audiences of all ages with their breath-taking shows.


Gifts To Make Your Chinese New Year Party Unforgettable


If you would like guests to forever remember an occasion like this, then the below Chinese cultural acts can provide them with something they can forever treasure. These traditional Chinese artists will bring your celebration to a whole new level with their art, disciplines that you might be unfamiliar with but that are exceptional, unique and…delicious!


Chinese Dough Modelling


Top 5 Chinese New Year Entertainment Ideas

Dough modelling is a Chinese folk art that is simple, colourful and fascinating


A traditional Chinese folk art that consists of creating custom figurines and sculptures, dough modelling is a popular street art that children find especially fascinating.  Our dough-modelling artist uses sticky rice powder blended with different colours to produce its unique masterpieces. This singular craftsman can create traditional models based on 12 animals of the zodiac, which makes him a perfect addition to any Chinese New Year celebration.


Chinese Calligrapher


Top 5 Chinese New Year Entertainment Ideas

This versatile calligrapher can paint on different surfaces such as papyrus, stone and fabric


Chinese calligraphy is wide popular all over the world. Considered an art due to the technical precision it requires, calligraphy paintings are a very unique gift crowds always queue up for. Providing a popular event service that is bound to impress, our Chinese calligrapher can offer your guests the chance to have their name drawn in this traditional style. On top of that, her penmanship is no limited to paper: she can create her bespoke art pieces on papyrus, stone, fabric and many other surfaces


Sugar Painting


Top 5 Chinese New Year Entertainment Ideas

Chinese folk art food sculptures that will satisfy those guests with a sweet tooth


Sugar painting may have originated during the Ming dynasty when small animals made of sugar were created in molds for religious rituals. A specialist in this art form can create a wide range of patterns and figures at your event right before your guests' eyes! Our talented sugar artist creates food sculptures by drizzling the melted sugar onto white marble or metal and placing the whole creation on a handy stick for the consumer. An interactive food entertainment option, this sugar-painting artist offers an original sweet treat that people at your Chinese New Year’s party won’t hesitate to queue up for - especially those with a sweet tooth!


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Learn more about this holiday celebration and its origins by reading our four traditional Chinese entertainment options and its origins article. We’d also like to share with you some useful tips when hiring entertainment for this occasion. Read our guide for booking entertainment for Chinese New Year parties and find out all you need to know!


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If any of the above Chinese New Year party ideas is what you have in mind for your celebration, then contact us today and make an enquiry. Experts such as Jodie will be happy to help you find out more about these and other Chinese New Year entertainment ideas!

__By Juliana Rodriguez

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