Tokyo 2020: Olympic Entertainment Ideas

Tokyo 2020: Olympic Entertainment Ideas

The Sports Event Everyone’s Been Waiting For


The Olympic Games have always been a cause for celebration and for sports fans to enjoy a large number of disciplines at their best in a short period of time. An international event that brings together thousands of athletes and millions of people in front of the TV, every four years the Olympic committee chooses one city to host such a significant occasion. 

In 2020, elite athletes from all over the world will meet in Tokyo between 24 July to 9 August. As happened with the 2012 London Olympics and the 2016 Rio Games (and their predecessors), the Games are the perfect opportunity to celebrate the host country’s cultural heritage and to amaze spectators worldwide with the latest entertainment trends. 

Let the competition begin! 


Introducing Tokyo 2020 Ahead of the Olympics


Tokyo is ready to welcome another edition of the summer Olympics in 2020. The last time the Japanese capital hosted the event was in 1964. On that occasion, this leading international sports event paved the way for a country that has become a stable reference in the world’s economy.

Fifty-six years later, Tokyo will welcome over 10,000 athletes to the Games. The Tokyo 2020 Olympics are described by experts as “the most innovative ever organised, and will rest on three fundamental principles to transform the world: striving for your personal best (achieving your personal best); accepting one another (unity in diversity); and passing on a legacy for the future (connecting to tomorrow)”.


Medal-Worthy Entertainment for the Tokyo Olympics


Breath-taking Stunt Shows 


If there’s a place where stunt shows can be enjoyed in all their splendour, that’s the Olympic Games. One of our go-to choices for opening and closing ceremonies is this Wind Tunnel Display Team, a highly-skilled group of flying acrobats who defy gravity by mimicking freefall flight and who are also able to devise routines using props such as giant flags, ideal to represent the nations gathered in a stadium or arena. 


Entertainers such as Hoverboard Basketball Jugglers or our AirTrack Acrobats also add excitement to any ceremony or fan zone as they take sports to a new level by incorporating acro-balance and impossible stunts to their routines. For those events with large water surfaces available, these Jet Suit Pilots are sure to impress crowds as they deftly fly above both land and water. 


Tokyo 2020: Olympic Entertainment Ideas


Shows for Opening and Closing Ceremonies 


According to Business Insider, Tokyo is among the 50 most high-tech cities in the world. In fact, in the 2018 ranking, the city topped the list. With such credentials, we expect the 2020 Tokyo Olympics to be the perfect chance for the country to showcase their unquestioned technological leadership. 


Great examples of what we can expect to see in Tokyo this summer could be this spectacular Drone Light Show. A visually stunning spectacle, multiple automated drones can fly in a synchronised pattern to create a message or image of your choice, like the Olympic rings you can see in the image below. Our Flying Astronaut can also provide a unique and thrilling demonstration of jaw-dropping manoeuvres perfectly choreographed into a wow factor show whilst drones fly in the sky.  


Additionally and moving away from technology, another big favourite for opening and closing ceremonies are this Flag Juggling Act, a performance delivered by various acrobats/jugglers who juggle numerous flags at once. Happy to use flags of countries for their show, their juggling routine is a great way to celebrate diversity and the reunion of nations. 


Tokyo 2020: Olympic Entertainment Ideas


Walkabout Acts for Receptions and Fan Zones 


If you’re lucky enough to be attending the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, then you will sure enjoy some of the fun walkabout acts and interactive activities at receptions and fan zones. A truly popular choice for sports events, walkabout characters such as our Sports Comedy Duo are a big favourite among both children and adults. Performers meet and greet fans, pose for photos and mix and mingle with crowds characterised as cricket umpires, swimmers, badminton players, and many other athletes!


Other suitable options include these gorgeous Torch Bearing Stilt Walkers. Boasting Greek Goddess good looks, these sophisticated performers in fact took string visual inspiration from Olympic torchbearers, which makes them even more perfect for the occasion. Lastly, these colour-changing LED Stilt Walkers seem like the perfect choice for the Olympic Games as they can display the colours of the different rings and actually carry hoops with them to recreate the Olympics symbol.  


Tokyo 2020: Olympic Entertainment Ideas


Motivational Speeches by Sports Speakers 


After training at the highest level for the last four years, athletes will land in Tokyo ready to represent their countries and eager to bring home medals. Prior to the competition, motivational speeches by former Olympic and Paralympic medalists should be a must! 


Olympic Cyclist Joanna Rowsell took the gold with her team during the 2012 London Olympic Games. Joana has come a long way from her cycling start, and is the perfect option to get athletes motivated and interested in pursuing their dreams. 


Paralympian swimmer Ellie Simmonds also delivers inspirational talks related to sports and they specifically focus on self-improvement. Ellie’s sporting achievements have made her the most recognised Paralympic athlete in Great Britain and one of the best known in the world. Also a Paralympian champion, Martine Wright is a 7/7 bombing survivor who inspires with her story of personal triumph over adversity. 


The perfect way to start their Olympic journey, an inspirational talk can be a motivation booster for athletes and their teams before and during the competition.


Tokyo 2020: Olympic Entertainment Ideas


Olympic Themed Entertainment: Acts Inspired By Olympic Sports  


Expect to see entertainers who have taken inspiration from Olympic disciplines to create their acts. A big favourite for this international sports competition in particular are these sensational Olympic Rhythmic Gymnasts. Having represented team GB in the World Championships, European Championships, Commonwealth and Olympic Games, these former elite athletes have set aside their day to day lives as competitors to focus on delivering Olympic themed entertainment. 


Other very popular Olympic themed entertainment options include these Muddy Rugby Players or this highly-skilled Tennis Entertainer. Guaranteed to catch people’s attention at fan zones and at the entrance of stadiums and arenas, these sports themed entertainers amaze fans with their hilarious comedy acts and impressive juggling skills respectively. 


A fun way to welcome spectators to a sports arena, these unique mix and mingle characters can circulate the event interacting with passers-by and posing for photos!


Tokyo 2020: Olympic Entertainment Ideas


Celebrate Japanese Culture at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics 


One of the things we’re most looking forward to is the showcase of Japan’s rich cultural heritage throughout the competition. Some of our favourite Japanese cultural acts include fusion performances, as they can bring an element to the past into the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Some of our artists such as this Japanese Urban Dance Crew brings together past and present into one stage by blending traditional and urban dance forms whilst wearing splendid traditional Japanese costumes. 


Other interesting option is our Contemporary Asian Dance Trio, a truly unique and original Asian fusion dance performed by three faceless dancers in traditional Japanese straw hats. Accompanied by koto players or taiko drummers, this is one of the shows we’d love to see in Tokyo this summer! 


Last but not least, as Entertainment Specialists there’s something we’d love audiences to experience live because it’s the perfect example of Japanese ancient entertainment, and that’s the performance by this Geisha Dance Group. Geisha were Japanese women who entertain through performing the ancient traditions of art. These ladies inherited the tradition and added breakdance elements into their routines, which results in never-seen-before choreographies that are truly fresh and innovative. 


Tokyo 2020: Olympic Entertainment Ideas


Something extra...


One of Japan's leading video mapping and augmented reality artists, Tokyo-based illusionist Hara is one of the acts that would be great to see bringing Japan's past and present together in the upcoming summer Olympics.


The Hara Hologram Illusion Show is a state of the art video mapping show that uses incredible video mapping and stunning choreographies. Get audiences transported into a visually captivating hologram illusion show that comes to life before their very eyes. The technology used within the video mapping illusions means that it looks like Hara plucks a dove from thin air, making objects appear and disappear and other elements grow. High-quality graphics and the latest technology in screening are used to achieve breathtaking results. On the occasion of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, Hara can create bespoke hologram projections to amaze guests with graphics that can recreate the Olympic rings, torches or any other symbol.


Make sure you also watch the below video, a fully bespoke shadow show created specifically for the Winter Olympics. How amazing it would be to have a summer Olympics version of it? Our team of experts in Shadow Shows in 3D can do this and more! Press play!



Tokyo 2020: Olympic Entertainment Ideas


Check More Olympic Entertainment Ideas 


The event everyone’s been waiting for the last four years, as sports fans ourselves, at Scarlett Entertainment we can’t wait to see what the opening and closing ceremonies bring with them. We are also looking forward to helping event organisers plan amazing shows and experiences for this year’s Games and related events. 


If you would like to enquire about any of the above Olympic entertainment ideas, contact us today! Alternatively, we can help you create bespoke shows for opening and closing ceremonies, fan zones, VIP parties, drinks receptions, and more!

__By Juliana Rodriguez

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