Theme Ideas for Christmas Parties in London

Theme Ideas for Christmas Parties in London

As winter draws closer, it couldn’t be more of a perfect time to start thinking about your festive entertainment for the Christmas period. With all the top theme ideas for Christmas parties in London, we have you covered for themed entertainment that will leave your guests bursting with festive cheer and feeling thoroughly entertained. 

The capital of England, London, is known for its bustling streets, trendy bars, leading cultural institutions and vibrant nightlife making it a hotspot for Christmas parties. With a Winter Wonderland Boat that takes you all along the Thames, Belowzero Icebar and LSO St Luke's offering the sounds of the London Symphony Orchestra, London is packed with luxury Christmas party ideas and inspiration.

We have selected the top five theme ideas for Christmas parties in London that will wow guests of all ages and make any Christmas party stand head and shoulders above the rest. 

1. Greatest Showman

A cirque spectacular that took the box office by storm The Greatest Showman stole a lot of hearts and became a talking point in many conversations across the world. The film grossed over $434 million worldwide and became the fifth-highest grossing live-action musical of all time. With empowering messages about loving yourself for you, powerhouse vocals, outstanding cirque displays and more, there’s no surprise that The Greatest Showman is quickly becoming one of the most popular themes for events.


Vintage Circus Show

Theme Ideas for Christmas Parties in London

A Greatest Showman inspired cirque extravaganza, our Vintage Circus Show features a ringmaster, bearded lady, snake charmer, faded ballerina, a bunny and a fox making for a visual spectacle like no other. With the option to customise their performances to suit each individual event, this Greatest Showman inspired Vintage Circus Show is the perfect festive entertainment for any Christmas party in London and around the world. 


Highwire Duo 

Theme Ideas for Christmas Parties in London

Transport your guests to the golden age of the circus with our vintage showman highwire performer and female tightrope walker. A story that captivates all audiences, our golden age highwire duo take audiences on a journey through their love story whilst being high up in the air, making for the perfect addition to any Greatest Showman theme and festive entertainment option.


Aerial Heart Themed Show

Theme Ideas for Christmas Parties in London

A versatile themed aerial hoop that can support a range of performers including burlesque acts, floor acrobats, aerialists, singers and much more. Performers can climb on the edges of the heart, hang from the middle and dance around it. Creating an exciting visual impact, the stunning prop can also be hired without performers or to accompany a show of your choosing. 


Live Event Circus Spectacular

Theme Ideas for Christmas Parties in London

With our very own ringmaster and cirque performers, this Greatest Showman inspired act is the perfect themed entertainment for a wide range of events whether it be a circus extravaganza, Christmas party or brand launch. Performing to the renowned soundtrack from the hit movie, this cirque show is the ultimate festive entertainment for this Christmas season. 

2.Peaky Blinders

An English television crime programme set in post-war Birmingham, Peaky Blinders is a gangster family epic that is packed full of violence, hardships and crime. Nominated for many awards, Peaky Blinders has become a must watch crime series that has translated into the events industry with Peaky Blinders themed parties, entertainment and more. 


Guaranteed to shake up your Christmas party ideas, why not host a Peaky Blinders themed Christmas party in London, or better yet, Birmingham this season? With notable costumes including three-piece suits, flat caps and 1920s flapper girls the Peaky Blinders theme is fantastic for large groups. 


The Extraordinary Gentleman

Theme Ideas for Christmas Parties in London

He might not look like a Shelby family member or crooked gangster but our extraordinary gentleman is the perfect addition to any Peaky Blinder themed event as he juggles everything from bottles of gin and champagne, hats and more. Available to customise his look and act you can hire our vintage gent to set the tone at your swanky 1920s gala as the high end entertainment or he can customise his look to fit the Shelby gangster vibe. 


Peaky Blinders Stunt Show

Theme Ideas for Christmas Parties in London

Bringing the drama and violence of 1920s Birmingham to your event, our Peaky Blinders stunt men can dress as the Shelby’s or can be booked as other gangster’s. They can interact with your guests, demanding for them to hand over the Shelby family before breaking out into a mass brawl that can feature Peaky Blinders characters and much more. The perfect way to create immersive themed entertainment that enhances the Peaky Blinders theme in the most true to form way possible. 


Vintage Hollywood Harmony Trio 

Theme Ideas for Christmas Parties in London

A 1920s and vintage inspired vocal trio that bring all the glamour of the 1920s to your event these powerhouse vocalists are perfect for setting the scene and creating a dynamic themed entertainment experience for your guests to become immersed in. Covering songs from a wide range of genres and periods, our vintage trio can perform speakeasy jazz that transports guests back to the 1920s instantly. Wearing Christmas red dresses, this vintage trio is perfect for theme ideas for Christmas parties in London and can customise their look and set list to suit your festive entertainment accordingly.


Vintage Gangster Swing

Theme Ideas for Christmas Parties in London

A gangster swing band who take inspiration from the golden Hollywood era of the 1920s - 1950s; gin-joints and speakeasies, all-night revelry, smoke-filled jazz lounges and illicit liquor, these gangsters are a must have for all Peaky Blinder themed events. Signing Christmas songs in true 1920s fashion, our band of gangsters can adapt their set list to suit all events whether it be festive entertainment, 1920s classics or 1950s Hollywood hits.

3. Great Gatsby

A theme that just keeps on coming back, Great Gatsby festive entertainment is a must have for all theme ideas for Christmas parties in London and all over the world. With dazzling flapper girl dresses, feathers and pearl necklaces, Great Gatsby themes transform every event into glamorous soirees. Transport your guests back in time and treat them to lavish Christmas themed entertainment this year with extravagant festive entertainment that has a glamorous edge.


Great Gatsby Live Show

Theme Ideas for Christmas Parties in London

Transporting you and your guests back in time to the 1920s these flapper girls certainly know how to turn any event into a night to remember with authentic costumes, high octane dance routines and stunning vocals! A live Great Gatsby show that consists of song and dance routines that are highly interactive, this group of glamorous performers provide a show that will entertain guests of all ages. 


Vintage Jazz Singer

Theme Ideas for Christmas Parties in London

With Marilyn Monroe looks and silky vocals, this vintage jazz singer is the ultimate entertainer for any Great Gatsby themed Christmas party. Transitioning from smooth jazz classics to upbeat dance numbers our Vintage Jazz Singer is perfect for all 1920s and Great Gatsby themes.

Great Gatsby Ballerinas 

Theme Ideas for Christmas Parties in London

Fusing classical ballet choreography and retro Charleston steps these Great Gatsby Ballerinas bring elegant entertainment to every Christmas party and are a must for Great Gatsby themes. Dressed in white tutus with feather headpieces and glamorous fans, our Great Gatsby Ballerinas can mix and mingle with guests as well as perform for them. 

Vintage Usherettes

Theme Ideas for Christmas Parties in London

A Great Gatsby usherette act that can fill your event with mix and mingle candy girls, strolling tables and cigarette girls. This vintage walkabout act creates an authentic ambience whilst handing out treats for guests to enjoy. With a range of costumes available our usherettes can tailor their look to suit all Christmas party themes.


If you want some more Great Gatsby themed event ideas, then read our popular blog: Top Ideas For Your Great Gatsby Themed Event.

4. Apres Ski 

Hit the slopes this Christmas with an Apres Ski theme for your festive fun! Sipping champagne high in the mountains with your snow boots on, Apres Ski themes can transform any Christmas party into a snow city. A popular corporate entertainment theme, Scarlett Entertainment celebrated in style at an Apres Ski themed event in London in 2017 with skiers who danced, trampolined and mingled with the staff making a big impression on the team. 


Winter White Stilt Walkers

Theme Ideas for Christmas Parties in London

Roaming about your event, these ethereal stilt walkers bring any winter theme to life with their snowy white costumes and calming presence. Interacting with everyone in the room, these icy stilt walkers add an exciting dynamic and transform every event into a frozen wonderland. 


Ice Sculptures

Theme Ideas for Christmas Parties in London

Bringing the excitement of ice and snow to your Apres Ski party is always a hit with Brits! This outstanding ice sculpture service can create masterpieces out of ice and can transform it into stunning pieces of art that are completely customised to your theme. 


Ski Lift Photo Booth

Theme Ideas for Christmas Parties in London

Never skied before? No problem, our Ski Lift Photo Booth is the perfect chance to get that epic snow selfie without the need to actually ski! Dressing in full ski attire, your guests are instantly transported to the Alps where they can get their pose on in true ski style.


5. Winter Wonderland

One of our most popular themes for Christmas party ideas, Winter Wonderlands whisk guests off to a surreal world filled with snow, wonder and amazement. A hit in the UK, winter wonderlands have taken over Christmas parties with the renowned Winter Wonderland Christmas extravaganza in Hyde Park attracting visitors from all over the UK and abroad. With no limit to how extravagant winter wonderlands can be, this Christmas party theme is a guaranteed hit and is the perfect opportunity to get creative with your Christmas party theme. 

Acrobats in Winter Globe

Theme Ideas for Christmas Parties in London

A living snow globe, these stunning acrobats are the ultimate winter wonderland entertainment. Guaranteed to whisk your guests off to a whimsical land, our acrobats display mesmerising partner work that is all performed from inside their Christmas performance dome. 


Enchanted Winter Forest

Theme Ideas for Christmas Parties in London

Ever wondered what lurks in the winter forest? These iced fairies and stilt walking tree giants roam about events interacting with guests and creating a surreal environment that is a delight to witness. Our winter wonderland walkabout characters charm guests with their incredible frosty makeup and elaborate winter wonderland costumes.


Winter Themed Bubble Musician


A Winter Themed Bubble Musician who performs from within a giant bubble, this electric cellist performs songs from hit winter themed movies and soundtracks making her a fun addition to your winter wonderland Christmas party. 

Ice Queen Stilt Characters 

Theme Ideas for Christmas Parties in London

No festive entertainment is complete without wandering Ice Queen Stilt Characters. Towering high above your guests these surreal creatures add an exciting new dimension to every event. Perfect for mixing and mingling with guests and welcoming them to your winter wonderland, the Ice Queen stilt walkers are a must have for all Christmas parties and wonderlands.


Winter Wonderland Characters

Theme Ideas for Christmas Parties in London

The final theme ideas for Christmas parties in London, our Winter Wonderland cast of characters are a must have for festive entertainment and make for a stunning addition to any Santa’s Grotto, high-end party or winter wonderland theme. With an arctic mermaid, jack frost contact juggler, aerial nymph and snow king and queen, this cast of characters is a must have at any Christmas and winter wonderland event.

Theme Ideas for Christmas Parties in London

So there you have the top Christmas Party Ideas and how to wow your guests with high-end festive entertainment. To create immersive experiences that truly embody your Christmas party theme, hiring multiple acts that offer a combination of roaming acts and stage shows are a must for wowing guests and creating unforgettable memories. 


With so many party options available, themed parties are a fantastic way to excite your guests and do something different to the norm. Getting your guests to dress up in costumes that reflect your theme is also a great way to heighten your Christmas party and make everyone feel involved. 

Whether you are throwing a Greatest Showman inspired soiree, Peaky Blinders, Great Gatsby, Apres Ski or Winter Wonderland themed Christmas party, we are here to help and can provide festive entertainment options for all theme ideas. 

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To book any of our festive entertainment or if you liked our theme ideas for Christmas parties in London, please do get in touch with our team of Entertainment Specialists today. 


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