The Power of Pop Up Experiences And How They Create Added Value

The Power of Pop Up Experiences And How They Create Added Value

We are currently live in a pivotal time in the way marketing, entertainment and events operate. Modern audiences now expect far more than just fancy images, factual information and overzealous salespersons or event hosts to create impactful event marketing. In this blog we explore how you can increase the power of a pop up experience.

Consumer habits have changed and the younger generation, in particular, are investing more into experiences which means it is crucial to factor this into your event planning. Immersive experiences are the must-have if you are going to attract the public and then engage those guests at your event. One way of doing this effectively is by creating a pop-up experience. 

“Pop-ups are a popular event trend right now. They offer a one-time chance to be involved with an unique interactive experience for a short period of time .”

At a time where virtual reality-based immersive experiences are reaching an all-time high, the power of pop up experiences is far greater than you could possibly imagine. Differentiating from transporting your guests into virtual reality, a pop-up event experience is an actual physical space, a shareable moment in time with those around you and a form of escapism without taking more than a few steps out of your comfort zone. 

The element of surprise and an unexpected environment helps feed the increasing curiosity we all have and will inevitably generate buzz, make the event more memorable and you will find it more likely that your guests will share the details of their pop up event experience on social media and in conversation.

Tips on creating a Pop-Up Experience for your guests 

Creating a pop-up experience at your event can be very simple and requires just a little creativity and planning. It is important to establish your goal: either experiential marketing to target audiences with a product or brand or immersive experiences as a form of memorable entertainment. There are multiple ways of creating a pop-up experience and here are a few ideas.


Example One: An unexpected location using a tailored temporary structure

The Power of Pop Up Experiences And How They Create Added Value

Image Credit: Pantone Café via


This tried and tested method has been used by brands all over the world to promote themselves through experiential marketing. Anyone from Coca Cola, Deliveroo, Absolut Vodka, Ikea and Nike to Rimmel London, L’Oréal and H&M all do this on a regular basis. All you need is a temporary structure, which can be anything from a purpose-built booth to a simple shopping cart, and a suitable location to set it up. If promoting a product, branded giveaways or free samples as well as a strong recognisable location is an essential base for you to put a physical product in the hands of potential customers.


World-famous colour company Pantone ( has set up a pop-up Pantone café, two years in a row in Monaco, as well as other locations, selling a minimal menu of pastries, lunch options, coffees, and fresh juices - all branded with Pantone's signature colour swatches. The products available were customised with new colours in their range and promoted what the company is about and the concept promoted awareness of the brand. 


Example Two: A spontaneous pop-up event experience

The Power of Pop Up Experiences And How They Create Added Value

Never underestimate the power of pop up experiences, however simple they might be. Spontaneous encounters appeal to the social media generation who love to photograph, film and share exciting encounters and anything unexpected and unusual. Coordinating a series of event entertainers for one location at the same time will create an immersive experience completely out of the blue. For example The Land Rover DJ Booth can drive up to any location and start playing tunes instantly attracting interested passersby. Add to this a simple piece of event decor like astroturf plus some themed event props  and some costumed walkabout performers and you’ve got yourself a mini pop-up festival experience. 


Example Three: Pop-up immersive experiences within another location

The Power of Pop Up Experiences And How They Create Added Value

Immersive experiences are a hugely successful approach to experiential marketing. EventBrite highlighted some of the best pop-ups from 2017. For example, Topshop’s central London VR waterslide experience was a great blend between a real world experience and the virtual realm. (You can read more about technology-based pop up event experiences below). This is a fantastic way of introducing a pop-up event experience with a bit of innovative tech fun in a physical location. Similar ideas are very easily replicated such as using a bespoke design by our Theatrical Photo Sets provider, add themed branded products, a themed pop-up bar and already, you've created an immersive experience that will draw interested passersby into your chosen venue. 


Taking influence from the power of pop up experiences in retail

The Power of Pop Up Experiences And How They Create Added Value

Pop-up shops have been hugely popular for several years now. Either temporarily taking over empty premises or setting up a stall, this retail phenomenon has curbed the decline in retail sales by creating an immersive shopping experience that puts the fun back into shopping. Pop-up shops truly harness the power of experiential marketing by placing the consumer in a retail environment with a twist and really connecting with the individual. The short term nature of the shops creates a sense of excitement and anticipation that often leads to long queues of dedicated followers of the brand. 

Small independent vendors through to huge brands like Louis Vuitton have been successfully pulling off this experiential marketing for a long time and there is established evidence that creating a pop-up experience at an event adds value to consumers and the brands involved. 


“ Pop up shops and brand experiences have helped curb the decline in physical retail sales by creating a short lived immersive shopping experience that puts the fun back into shopping.”

Technology based pop-up event experiences

Technological developments are forever changing the way we live and the way we are entertained. You don’t necessarily have to put on a VR headset to take part in immersive tech experiences and cunning uses of technology when creating a pop-up event experience mean that the virtual and physical world can cross paths in fascinating ways. 


In Dubai, were have an interactive 360 walk-in Booth that does exactly this. This fascinating experience option is a pop-up, it can use physical objects and props and features customisable visuals. This self-contained pop-up event experience can be set-up almost anywhere and is an impromptu opportunity for guests to be completely immersed in something different. 


Find out more about How your event can create social buzz after the event has finished.

What now?

At Scarlett Entertainment, we are connected to some of the most creative and experienced event space designers in the world, innovative branded gift creators and our In House Production Team are experts in working on custom event concepts. The results we deliver are uniquely tailored to your brand and event so you can fully harness the power of pop up experiences.


Contact us if you need inspiration and we can get creative with you. 

__By Tom Drakett

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