Surprising Male Performers: Best of the Best

Surprising Male Performers: Best of the Best

In the patriarchal world we live in, there are always women that surprise everybody by immersing themselves in professions that are still dominated by men. However, we talk very little about the view from the other end of the table. During history, and especially in the 20th and 21st century, many self-determined fellows have also rebelled against what is socially established and acceptable by choosing jobs that are traditional considered unusual for men. 
The entertainment industry has always been well-known for being a varied and open-minded sector. As such, many artists have welcomed the opportunity to choose a profession that fits their interests and personality and that they have a talent for. Some of the top male performers in our roster have developed a career in a field that is not male-dominated, and that has made them forerunners and ground breakers. As entertainment experts, we would like to explore with you what our best male artists offer and how they are laying the ground for promoting diversity and acceptance in future generations.

Surprising Male Entertainers 

If we were asked to make a list of the best male artists in the world, what would it look like? Many people would name some of the most famous Hollywood actors, the most successful rock stars and the most sophisticated audiences will include music legends, painters and authors in this list. But would anybody think to name the world's pioneering burlesque dancers and cabaret singers? 

Entertainers and professionals in other sectors today are changing the rules of the game. Men are breaking down gender boundaries just as much as women when it comes to the entertainment world. The below are some of the most surprising male performers in our roster - and also some of the most in-demand ones!


Unique Careers For Men in the Entertainment Industry

In the entertainment industry, men are shucking convention and branching out into the world of performance arts that are usually dominated by their female counterparts. It's become more common to and less unexpected to see male performers as belly dancers, burlesque artists and pole dancers.  Having chosen such singular disciplines performance arts to perfect, especially for males, our top male performers are in huge demand!  We have listed some of them below so you can get some ideas for future events and occasions.

Male Belly Dancer


A male belly dancer is not a performer that is easy to find. As its name suggests, belly dance puts a lot of emphasis on articulations of the hips. It’s a torso-driven dance that normally women perform with more agility due to their physical characteristics, but it was originally performed as a social dance by both male and female at celebrations in the Middle East. However, as a performance art, is has been transmitted from generation to generation by and for women. This didn’t stop our male belly dancer from learning the hypnotising moves of this expressive dance and getting rid of the traditional fitted top female belly dancers wear. 

Male Burlesque Artist

Surprising Male Performers: Best of the Best

One of the top male performers in our roster, this Male Burlesque Artist is a very in-demand entertainer, especially among female audiences. Sensual and mysterious, this male dancer always gets hearts racing. He chose to pursue a career in an artistic discipline that has historically been dominated by women. As a burlesque dancer, he performs with great passion and sensuality just as a female burlesque dancer does. One of the most requested boylesque acts in the UK, his show keeps inspiring young male dancers interested in this type of sensual theatre historically dominated by ladies. 


Singapore Cheerleaders

Surprising Male Performers: Best of the Best

Nobody could deny cheerleading is a very unique career for men. But the truth is that the best cheerleading squads consist of both male and female performers. In fact, the fundamental basis of a a good team are male cheerleaders, as they have the physical strength necessary to execute complex figures and stunning acrobatic routines. This is precisely why our Singapore Cheerleaders make such a good team. Although famous films such as ´Bring it On´ have helped normalise this profession among males, cheerleading is still an unusual job for men. Top male performers such as the ones in the squad are the perfect example of how successful a man can be in a women-dominated profession, as they have won numerous national and international championships. 

Male Pole Dancer

Surprising Male Performers: Best of the Best

Have you ever seen a male dancer perform a pole dancing routine? If you have, then you can certainly confirm this discipline is not only a 'woman thing'. This Male Pole Dancer is a clear evidence of this. He has demonstrated that he is one of the best in his field, as world famous superstars such as Kylie Minogue have asked him to share the stage with them and renowned brands like Dolce & Gabbana have trusted him to entertain guests at some of their exclusive events and parties. He masters this discipline and performs with exquisite elegance and effortless grace, which makes him one of the best male artists in a predominantly female world. 


Male Contortionist

Surprising Male Performers: Best of the Best

When we think of a contortionist, a female and not a male performer is what immediately comes to mind. However, there are many male artists who have specialised in this traditional circus art and this Male Contortionist proves they can stand our and be a reference for other performers. This highly skilled circus entertainer has years of experience as a contortionist and has impressed even important producers who have invited him to collaborate in both Spanish and international films like ‘La Nina de Tus Ojos’, featuring Penelope Cruz, or ‘Young Indiana Jones Chronicles’, to name a few. A talented circus artist that takes flexibility to a whole new level, this male contortionist never fails to impress.


Male Aerialist

Surprising Male Performers: Best of the Best

Male aerialists are not uncommon, but there are not plenty of them either. Aerial arts are a circus discipline that requires great flexibility and agility in movement, which is why it’s an art dominated by women. However, aerial arts always require great strength. This means any man who works on his flexibility and agility can become an excellent aerial performer, which is the case of this sensational Male Aerialist. With exquisite elegance and delicacy, he performs beautiful aerial routines with effortless grace and executes complex figures and breathtaking falls with great style. An expert in telling stories through movement, this aerialist and teacher demonstrates that elegance, flexibility and agility are not only a women’s thing. 

Hiring Unexpected Male Performers

In today’s world there is no longer such thing as men or women’s thing. Some of the best male artists working in female-dominated universes appear to be even more successful than women in the same profession, not only because of their uniqueness, but also because of their boundless energy and magnetic talent. The best of the best can be booked through Scarlett Entertainment and they can make your event an occasion to be remembered. 



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