Step Into Fantasyland with Themed Entertainment for 2019’s Family Movie Releases

Step Into Fantasyland with Themed Entertainment for 2019’s Family Movie Releases

There’s one thing that will always bring up nostalgic memories: childhood films. If you’re among the millions of people who grew up watching Disney movies we have great news for you! There are four big Disney movies coming out this year.

Inspired by Disney's film releases in 2019, we were curious to explore the entertainment options that will get everyone into the magical spirit. Whether you’re planning a family celebration, a product launch, corporate party, public event or just a nostalgic movie night, our featured acts are sure to help your guests let their imaginations run free.


Book Circus-Themed Entertainment

One of Walt Disney’s classic tales is Dumbo. Most people are familiar with the original animated film but you probably didn’t know that it was based on a novel by Helen Aberson and Harold Pearl. A touching story with a meaningful message, Dumbo highlights that we should embrace our imperfections and see them as something that makes us special.


The new adaptation follows the story of a baby elephant who was born with extremely large ears and given the nickname Dumbo. But when he realises that his ears allow him to fly, everything changes!


With Dumbo having been released at the end of March this year both in the UK and the USA, and with vintage circus themes showing no signs of slowing down, we've compiled a list of circus-themed entertainment that we're predicting will see an increase in demand over the next few months. 


Looking to recreate the thrilling atmosphere of a real big top tent? Then our Cirque Style Show USA and the Wonders of Circus Parade are just what you’re looking for. Wearing costumes of all colours and styles, this vibrant group of entertainers will quickly catch the attention of your guests.


We also have something for those who prefer old-school vibes: our Vintage Circus Show will give you an authentic feeling of a travelling circus with a spectacular show. 


If you want something unique, then check out our walkabout Giant Walkabout Elephants and Lifesize Elephant Puppets, which will definitely blow your audience away. One thing is for sure: no animals need to be harmed with these enormous elephant characters!


Step Into Fantasyland with Themed Entertainment for 2019’s Family Movie Releases


Book Arabian-Themed Entertainment

Another exciting Disney release happening this May is Aladdin. An enchanting tale from the book “One Thousand and One Nights”, which you might remember from your bedtime stories, Aladdin tells the adventures of a poor boy, a magic lamp and a beautiful princess. 


Inspired by the movie release, we’ve collected a few of our favourite Arabian Nights acts that will bring this magical fairytale to life at any event. 


If you’re a fan of ballet, you will definitely enjoy this exotic yet elegant Aladdin Ballet Show that delivers outstanding performance with an Arabic twist. Everyone knows you can’t throw an Arabian Nights themed party without belly dancers, a dance which brings tradition and passion together. 


If you want to impress everyone with something extraordinary, then transport your guests to a mythical Middle Eastern environment with this stunning Acrobatic Balance Show. A one of a kind performance, this balancing act on a spinning platform meaning the guests see the Middle East character spinning 360 degrees as he balances on his podium. 


There’s only one thing left to complete the perfect lineup for an Araban Nights themed party. Fire up your guests with the Sydney Fire Performers! They will take your event to another level with a mesmerising fire show including fire eating, fire twirling, spiral fire dancing and multiple props.


Step Into Fantasyland with Themed Entertainment for 2019’s Family Movie Releases


Book Giant Toys For Events

The next movie in this list gained popularity as the first fully computer-animated piece by Disney and Pixar. We’re talking of course about Toy Story, a movie taking place in a world where toys come to life. If you follow the adventures of Woody and Buzz, the good news is that the fourth movie of the franchise is about to be released this June, both in the UK and the USA. 


If you’re thinking about taking your guests on a journey to toyland, then these acts will definitely bring something unique and original to your event. 


The incredible life-size Human Slinky twists and tumbles just like the real toy, while the iconic Brick People characters will amaze and captivate everyone - both little ones and grown-ups -  at your party. 


Our Living Fashion Doll is a copy of the popular child’s toy with a whole wardrobe of outfits and props to transform her into any character creating the perfect walkabout doll to fit the theme of your occasion. 


Who said toys are just for kids? There’s no better way to welcome your guests than a Talking Robot, which is sure to be the highlight of your event.


Step Into Fantasyland with Themed Entertainment for 2019’s Family Movie Releases


Book African-Themed Entertainment

An outstanding musical film, Disney’s The Lion King is most renowned for its amazing soundtrack and touching storyline following Simba’s journey of learning what it takes to become king. If you’re a Lion King fan, you don’t have to wait long to get into ‘’the circle of life’’ again as a new adaptation of the movie will be released this summer.


Planning a summer event? There’s no better way to celebrate than bringing the amazing scenery of Africa to your party. Wow your guests with one of these Bespoke Musical Theatre Shows and watch the story come to life right in front of your guests' eyes. 


Create a jungle atmosphere with the colourful mix and mingle Hummingbird Stilt Walkers. If you’re looking for mesmerising African themed entertainment, then check this out: Neon Jungle Dancers covered in UV paint from head to toe. The best part? They can be customised to feature your branding!


Wondering how to make your African themed event more authentic? We have a solution for you: traditional drums! Our African Drum Tribe will bring a bit of culture to any event with a high-energy performance, which will make everyone dance all night.


Step Into Fantasyland with Themed Entertainment for 2019’s Family Movie Releases


Get Inspired!

With the enormous amount of Disney fans out there, these fantasy themes are likely to come back into the spotlight, offering plenty of magical inspiration for themed events. No matter what your event, take your guests back to their childhood with our magical entertainment ideas while they count down the days until their favourite tales are released!


Need help planning your themed party? Get in touch with our team of experts so they can help you find the perfect acts for your next event!

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