Star Spangled Entertainment for your 4th of July Event

Star Spangled Entertainment for your 4th of July Event

Marking America’s independence from the British Empire in 1776, the 4th of July has since been celebrated annually with millions of Americans coming together to celebrate the anniversary of the birth of their nation.


What’s The History Of The 4th Of July?


After fighting for control over their colonial affairs, George Washington successfully?  led the revolutionary war that freed the 13 North American colonies, creating united, independent states. On the 4th July 1776, the final version of the Declaration was approved by Congress, announcing that the 13 colonies were no longer under British rule.

In a simple yet powerful mark of respect to each of the colonies, 13 gunshots were fired as part of the first celebration of independence on the 4th of July 1777, a year after the Declaration of Independence was approved.

Today, the Fourth of July is recognised as a state celebration and paid holiday which sees millions of Americans take part in parades, barbecues, firework displays and patriotic activities - usually outside - with as much red, white and blue as possible!

With the Fourth of July just around the corner, we take a look at some of our favourite US-based artists perfect for Americana style entertainment and celebrating Independence Day!

Independence Day Entertainment


Build An Americana Extravaganza!


The United States is known around the world for spectacular patriotic displays. Whether you’re in America celebrating or not, why not create a star-spangled show and combine a number of different acts? Perfect for large stages, stadiums, or open spaces, bringing together 4th of July themed entertainment into one red, white and blue extravaganza serves as a wonderful opening or closing ceremony for your 4th of July event.  


These extraordinary Flag Jugglers conjure multiple giant flags, launching them high into the air with great speed. Showcasing mesmerising choreography and able to perform with bespoke flags, just imagine a spectacle of stars and stripes from these talented circus performers. 


For added drama, combine our Flag Jugglers with these stunning LED Aerial Drummers. Flying high into the air while performing incredible percussive rhythms, this high-octane entertainment can be customised with coloured LEDs and costumes. 


Finally, bring some kitsch and camp to your production with dancers from our All-American Variety Show. Dressed as cheerleaders, baseball players and even as the statue of liberty, our dancers and performers will bring the magic of the New World straight to your stage.


Star Spangled Entertainment for your 4th of July Event

Create your own 4th of July themed show by handpicking a combination of patriotic acts


Go Retro


A huge part of the 4th of July for America’s people is to celebrate their nation’s heritage, history, society, and people. Going for a retro theme is the perfect excuse to revive 1930s and 1940s culture with Independence Day entertainment American Veterans would be proud of.


Kick things off with our Retro Candy Girls. In the style of the classic candy and cigarette girls of yesteryear, our unique catering service promises to bring a retro, whimsical flair to your 4th of July event. Hot dogs, cotton candy, apple pie… the choice is yours!


For the main event, these 1940s Pin Up Singers continue the theme with a charming wartime show, vintage dresses, Andrews Sisters-style vocals and backed by a fabulous swing band.


Then how about something to bring the generations together? Everyone will have fun snapping and posing away with this beautiful vintage style Photo Booth. Just add festive props in red white and blue for branded photos that will keep memories alive forever.


Star Spangled Entertainment for your 4th of July Event

Go retro with your 4th of July themed entertainment


Get Presidential Appeal


American politicians love to make a point of appearing at Independence Day celebrations and praising the nation's heritage, history and people in a rousing speech.


Bring your very own Donald Trump impersonator to your event for a Presidential speech, comedy sketch, photo opportunity and more!


Trump not your bag? We can organise a whole range of iconic American political figures from Hillary Clinton, Barack and Michelle Obama, to George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.


Choose from lookalikes for appearances and photo opportunities, impersonators who can give speeches, improvise and interact with your crowd, or living statues who’ll surprise guests with an unexpected wink or handshake! Our historic living statues can create characters from the Statue of Liberty to the faces of Mount Rushmore, so why not choose an important figure from your home town?


Star Spangled Entertainment for your 4th of July Event

Lookalikes of Presidents and iconic American figures make wonderful entertainment for Independence Day celebrations


Embrace the Western Lifestyle!


Influenced by the attitudes, ethics, and history of the American Western cowboy, a romanticised country and western theme is perfect for true Americana style entertainment. Don your hat, shout ‘yee-ha’ and get ready for a whole party of rootin’ tootin’ fun!


A sensational live music act offering high-energy, foot-stomping country music, our American Country Blues Artist is a favourite amongst the cowboys in Montana, Wyoming and the US Rodeo Circuit. Offering authentic sets of 50s and 60s rock, Johnny Cash Tributes, original country music and more, this kick-ass band is sure to get everyone in the spirit.


Add an interactive element with Line Dancers and bring an all-American rodeo atmosphere to your celebrations. Offering workshops that will have guests triple stepping in no time, this versatile act never fails to get audiences partying like a true cowboy.


For an added extra, an act such as our Western Rope Artist can showcase whip cracking demos and stunts, lasso tricks, cowboy rope magic, a tin alley shooting contest and audience participation games. Perfect for family audiences!



Star Spangled Entertainment for your 4th of July Event

Use Country and Western entertainment as inspiration for your 4th of July themed show


Throw Your Own Independence Day Parade


Independence Day parades are huge national events with thousands of spectators, fife and drum corps, themed floats, giant balloons, drill teams, VIP’s, national dignitaries, celebrity participants and more!


We have plenty of walkabout entertainers that would be fabulous in a 4th of July parade. From circus performers and musicians to dancers and giant puppets, make sure your parade stands out with a spectacle of colourful entertainment and vibrant acts.


Check out our New York Drumline and Dancers whose pulsating performance is packed with energy, captivating stage presence and thrilling choreography. Equally as thrilling, our Chicago Acrobatic Team would be a fantastic addition to any parade with acrobatic stunts and tricks, twirling jump roles and tumbling routines.

What about the classic stilt walker? This Stilt Artist has an eye-catching Uncle Sam costume. And for something different, these beautiful Horse Drawn Carriages add a rustic charm to parades and can be used to carry costume characters or VIPs!


Star Spangled Entertainment for your 4th of July Event

Create a mix of traditional and contemporary styles for an all-American Independence Day parade


4th of July Themed Entertainment


From small-town celebrations and city parades to stadium entertainment, here at Scarlett Entertainment, we have a huge range of exceptional patriotic acts for your 4th of July festivities.

Our Entertainment Experts have a wealth of local knowledge and network of artists right at their fingertips, just get in touch and let us know what it is you’re looking for!


__By Freya Britton

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