Spotlight on LED Ballerinas: A Festive Favourite

Spotlight on LED Ballerinas: A Festive Favourite

Let It Glow: Why Choose LED Ballet Dancers for Christmas!

Have you ever wondered what’s the outcome of mixing LED entertainment and ballet? The result is what we call glowing marvellous! Bringing light to one of the darkest periods of the year, LED ballerinas have become a festive favourite among both our Entertainment Specialists and event planners. 

Boasting a vast catalogue with tons of unique and gorgeous LED ballet shows, we’ve put together a selection of our favourite glow ballerinas for Christmas events alongside a list of why we love them so much for this time of year. 


5 Reasons Why We Love Glow Ballerinas for Christmas Events 


  1. They bring light to the darkest month of the year
  2. They add sparkle to an already beautiful art form
  3. They’re a great complement to any city or venue’s Christmas lights
  4. They help spread the festive spirit because they remind us of a Christmas classic: the Nutcracker!
  5. They offer both stage and walkabout performances and - let’s face it - they’re so pretty!


5 LED Ballet Shows You Should Consider for your Event


1. LED Ballerinas


A ballet crew that can dazzle your audiences with their bespoke performances and stunning LED illuminated tutus, these glow ballerinas are perfect for Christmas events of all sorts.  Their impeccable technique and gorgeous costumes are guaranteed to catch the eye of every person and create a buzz wherever they go.

Able to perform routines and shows to suit every occasion, they offer both stage entertainment and roaming performances. As you can see in the photo below, they can mix and mingle with guests or welcome them into your store, as they once did for department stores Fenwick or jewellery brand Cartier

Spotlight on LED Ballerinas: A Festive Favourite


2. LED Butterfly Ballerinas


Astounding audiences of all ages, these LED butterfly ballerinas blend flawless technique and pointe work with stunning butterfly wings. A glowing show guaranteed to brighten every occasion, these winged performers offer a bespoke performance that can be completely tailored to suit your festive event perfectly.


Available in different lineups, our ballerinas can perform for small groups as well as on big stages and can also be scaled down to solo, duo and trio performances. The perfect way to spread the festive spirit, these glowing dancer will sure captivate and leave lasting memories. 


Spotlight on LED Ballerinas: A Festive Favourite


3. Star & Moon Ballerinas


A truly gorgeous ballet performance, these Star and Moon Ballerinas will sparkle any Christmas event with their white LED costumes and glowing moon and stars headpieces. A one of a kind, truly magical performance, this is one of our favourite ballet shows for the winter season, and we can’t stop spreading the word about them! 


Performing to either Christmas melodies or movie classics such as ‘Moon River’, these LED light ballerinas take glow-in-the-dark entertainment to a new level by adding unique costuming options. Enhanced with sparkly silver patterns, our performers’ glowing costumes can add a unique and stunning visual element to your Christmas celebration. 


Spotlight on LED Ballerinas: A Festive Favourite


4. LED Masquerade Ballerinas


Mysterious and sophisticated, these glamorous ballet dancers evoke all of the excitement of masked balls and fuse it with stunning ballet routines and LED costumes. With the allure of mystery and the unknown, they make the perfect entertainment option for sophisticated soirees during the festive season. 


Boasting event entertainment that is of the highest calibre, these LED light ballerinas’ luminous masks and tutus are the perfect complement to any Christmas event decor. An act that is as elegant as it is whimsical, this is our go-to option for events such as charity balls or gala dinners.


Spotlight on LED Ballerinas: A Festive Favourite


5. Male LED Ballet Dancers


Whoever said ballet was a women’s thing was definitely wrong, and these Male LED Ballet Dancers are living proof of that. Even though ballet is discipline closely linked to femininity, it is also an art form that evokes other elements such as diversity. This specific act was produced for Dolce and Gabbana and premiered at their couture fashion after-party in Milan. 


Ever since, our male LED ballet dancers have received a lot of praise for their pointe work and unprejudiced use of tutu and tiaras as well as Voguing in colourful catsuits. A unique and fascinating way to enjoy ballet, these baller performers are definitely the go-to option for festive events that want to give people something to talk about. 


Spotlight on LED Ballerinas: A Festive Favourite


Explore Further LED Ballet Shows


Do LED ballet shows sound like the perfect entertainment option for your festive event this season? Then make sure you explore our vast roster! There are many glowing ballerinas for Christmas events that you can book or enquire about. 


If you’d like us to help you find the right choice, then get in touch and share what you have in mind with us. Whether it be stage entertainment or walkabout acts, our Entertainment Specialists are looking forward to helping you find that perfect show or entertainer for your event. 

__By Juliana Rodriguez

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