Our Top Sibling Acts from Around the Globe

Our Top Sibling Acts from Around the Globe

To celebrate Scarlett Entertainment’s 10th anniversary we take a nod to the founders of the company, siblings Ben and Rebecca Marks.

Since the company’s creation 10 years ago, the sibling duo has risen to be leading figures in the international entertainment industry when it comes to supplying wow factor event entertainment. The Devon-based duo now represents over 13,000 high-quality acts worldwide and employ a team of 50 Entertainment Specialists in key locations around the globe including Dubai, London, Las Vegas, New York and Rome.


Over the years the siblings have provided exceptional entertainment for high-end clients around the globe such as the Dubai Government, Ferrari, Bloomberg, Prada and many more.


However, the successful siblings are not the only family who have gone on to great success together, for example, take a look at The Jackson Five, Venus and Serena Williams, The Bee Gees...which begs the question, does success, talent and determination run in the genes?


Many people couldn’t fathom the idea of working harmoniously with their sibling,  but there are a few who have overcome their childhood rivalries to become an incredibly successful family act, read on to see Scarlett Entertainment’s top sibling acts from around the globe. 





Los Vicancos - Spain

Los VIVANCOS is a flamenco dance company comprised of seven brothers. For them since childhood, dance has been a way of life and a showcase of their Spanish heritage.


Raised by a wondering musician family, the brothers spent their youth travelling the world absorbing and incorporating the diverse cultures they encountered. Once a year, they presented their family and friends with a full-length show of dance, music and acrobatics. As they became teenagers, the demand for their unique cabaret show increased. Their show “7 BROTHERS” is produced, directed and choreographed by all seven siblings and they have gone on to perform sell-out shows around the world!


Our Top Sibling Acts from Around the Globe


Acro Twins - China

These acro twins take their physical similarity to the next level by performing a fully coordinated routine that is guaranteed to make audiences believe they’re seeing double! They’re identical twins, and they perform routines as if they were a single person!  


Extremely creative and skilled, our aerial acrobatic twins have made provided wow factor event entertainment worldwide as well as numerous TV appearances and amazed the panel of judges and viewers on 'The Brilliant Chinese’. 


Our Top Sibling Acts from Around the Globe


Strings and Beats - UK

Take four relatives, three electric violins and one cello; add some live beat-boxing, sheer talent and a good dose of British comedy and witness a totally unique act that exceeds all expectations! 


Comprised of three brothers and one cousin who are all classically trained to an extremely high level, this male string quartet performs an ingenious strings and beatbox act that is fast-paced, funny and interactive. 


Strings and Beats have performed their trademark show in virtually every continent on the globe with over 1000 shows in 32 countries.  From brilliant heartfelt renditions by classical composers to foot-stomping rock, and walks down memory lane this cabaret show has it all. Full of hilarious and wow-factor moments from start to finish.


Our Top Sibling Acts from Around the Globe


4th Impact - Philippines 

4th Impact is a girl band comprised four sisters from the Philippines. This sibling vocal group reached international fame when they became part of the UK X Factor. Their X Factor UK audition video of Jessie J’s song ‘Bang Bang’ is currently the most viewed video on The X Factor UK Youtube channel with over 134 million views and counting!


Well-known for their powerful vocals, formidable stage presence and perfectly choreographed performances, these successful siblings have become an in-demand entertainment option for a range of events.


Sibling Magician and Assistant Act - USA 

By far the cutest sibling act on this list, we can't get enough of the youngest professional magician in the world accompanied by his little sister assistant. Performing a magic act that is guaranteed to astound and amaze, they perform highly advanced illusions that leave everyone in the audience wondering how they did it. 


Our two pint-sized magicians captured the hearts of audiences from all over the globe when they made it to the top 14 of America’s Got Talent with their charming, funny and highly impressive magic act. There is never a dull moment with this dynamic sibling duo as they appear, disappear, escape, saw each other in half and climb out of tiny briefcases.


Since their got talent act, the pair have starred in movies, television shows and national commercials, appearing on over 1000 shows in more than 100 countries. Having performed and appeared on TV shows such as Access Hollywood, Entertainment Tonight, Today Show and Harry Connick Jr’s show these little performers promise a very big impact every time they step on stage.


Our Top Sibling Acts from Around the Globe


Themed Airplane Drone Show - France

Discovered on France’s Got Talent, these two young brothers took the nation by storm, wowing audiences with their one of a kind drone show and visually exciting tricks. After making a name for themselves as professional drone performers, these talented siblings were invited to perform on Arab’s Got Talent, televised to 30 million viewers. 


True masters of their art form, our got talent act provide cutting edge entertainment, controlling their aeroplanes using drone technology. Able to provide an LED act as well as customise the aeroplanes to incorporate your company logo, this versatile and unique wow factor event entertainment never fails to captivate audiences.


Our Top Sibling Acts from Around the Globe


Twin Sister String Act - UK

Classically trained twin sisters Natalie and Stephanie are an electric violin duo who have performed around the world, appearing regularly on prime-time TV as well as performing on European tours alongside successful chart-topping artists such as Adele, Beyonce, Celine Dion, The Spice Girls, Noel Gallagher and Kanye West, to name but a few.


Both sisters have featured in music videos and perform regularly on prime-time TV shows such as the X Factor, Strictly Come Dancing, Alan Carr Chatty Man, The Graham Norton Show, Loose Woman, The One Show, and they also opened the Brit Awards performing with Muse! 


Our Top Sibling Acts from Around the Globe


Family Legends Show - Australia

Our Family Legends Show Sydney is formed by three talented singing siblings. As a group, they have reached the finals of the X Factor, won multiple awards and have toured as an opening act with several international acts, including Barry Gibb of the Bee Gees. They deliver live music as a family tribute show


This is the ultimate family tribute show paying homage to successful sibling music groups from throughout the ages. It includes music of the Doobie Brothers, The Corrs, Bee Gees, Righteous Brothers, Beach Boys, Carpenters, Pointer Sisters, Andrew Sisters and many more.


Our Top Sibling Acts from Around the Globe


Twin Classical Vocalist Duo - UK

This twin duo are almost identical in everything they do: their looks, their clothing, their hairstyles and even their unbelievable talents!  Identical twins Naomi and Hannah are certain to blow you away with their incredible classical vocalist performances, featuring amazing range and expert harmonies that make for a hauntingly beautiful sound.


They wowed the nation following their appearance on BBC's The Voice, performing their rendition of Nella Fantasia accruing over 3 million views online! Inspired by artists such as Jackie Evancho, Il Divo and Alfie Boe, the girls perform a diverse array of famous classical and contemporary pieces in their enchanting soprano style, and are certain to leave a lasting impression on your guests.


Our Top Sibling Acts from Around the Globe


1920s Twin Dancers - UK 

Dancers Emily and Jessica are twin sisters who trained professionally at the prestigious Italia Conti Academy of Performing Arts in London. Having been described as 'mesmerising' and 'sensational' the twins provide high energy, unique dance performances that will take audiences back to the glamorous era of the 1920s and Great Gatsby. 


Perfect for Gatsby themed events their 1920s themed performances, complete with stunning flapper dresses and headpieces, include an array of singing, dancing and acting to dazzle audiences worldwide.


Our Top Sibling Acts from Around the Globe


Brother and Sister Magic Duo - Australia

An Australian brother and sister magic duo with years of experience wowing audiences from all over the globe, this stage show is packed with daring stunts and captivating grand illusions.


Having worked closely together since their youth, this lethal partnership provides a magic cabaret show that is high-energy, high-impact and is guaranteed to enrapture audiences. 


Incredibly gifted, our successful sibling duo are three-time winners of the prestigious ‘Magician Of The Year’ Award, named ‘Magic Slam’ champions and ‘Australia’s Got Talent’ finalists. The siblings have also headlined international tours, featured on prime-time television shows, and performed for Middle-Eastern royalty!


Our Top Sibling Acts from Around the Globe


So there you have it, you can see from this selection of top sibling acts from around the globe that perhaps talent really does run in the blood, and putting your childhood rivalry to the side may lead to great things.  This is certainly the case with Ben and Becky and the success of Scarlett Entertainment.


Family Values are a core part of our company culture, this includes trust, honesty, loyalty, support and respect. These core values help us improve our collaboration and working relationships with our clients and artists around the world.


Rebecca Marks said:

“Since starting the company in 2009 with my brother, Ben, we’ve worked hard to become a leading international entertainment company. This has only been possible by putting our family values at the centre of all that we do. We have a fantastic team and our values allow us to continually progress the family business."

Our team are experts in providing world-class event entertainment all over the world and we have collectively worked on incredible global events, exceeding expectations and creating incredible experiences for our clients and their guests.  


To find out how we can create unforgettable memories at your next event and to hear more about our diverse roster of wow factor event entertainment from around the world, get in touch today



__By Lara Stephens

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