Our Top Ideas for a Winter Wonderland Themed Party in London

Our Top Ideas for a Winter Wonderland Themed Party in London

With the festive season quickly approaching, winter-themed events start to enjoy a boom again. Since it launched in 2007, Winter Wonderland has inspired thousands of events all over the world, and it’s become one of the top picks among event organisers across the UK in general and in London specifically. 

The Hyde Park winter festival attracts thousands of Londoners and tourists every year. Drawn by its humble beginnings as a Christmas market and fascinated by its transformation into a Christmas extravaganza, visitors always find it equally extravagant and magical. This immersive-magical feel has encouraged brands and event planners to take event theming in London a step further by taking Winter Wonderland from Hyde Parks grounds to different venues across the English capital.

For those touched by the Christmas spirit and spellbound by the crystal white colour, then you shouldn't miss the below five ideas for hosting a Winter Wonderland themed party in London. 


Event Theming in London: Host a Winter Wonderland Themed Party


Transforming your winter themed events into the perfect Winter Wonderland themed party only needs three ingredients: 


  • A venue with enough space for big fun
  • Gorgeous event decor elements 
  • Magical Winter Wonderland themed entertainment

All three are visually summarised in the Pinterest board below. Have a quick look at the images and let your imagination wander before reading the following Winter Wonderland entertainment ideas.

Flooded by crystal white, your event decor helps create the environment you need for guests to feel as if they were at the North Pole!


A stage show that takes audiences to the North Pole


A cute polar bear is lost in a snowstorm and Sophie and Charlie, two siblings and intrepid adventurers in their pyjamas, will help him find its way to the North Pole where the Ice Queen awaits its return. Facing numerous challenges along the way, they will also meet new friends such as penguins and Arctic clowns. A family-friendly, heart-warming show that keeps audiences engaged, Adventures Of the North Pole is a combination of first-class circus performances, covers of everyone’s favourite pop songs, dancing and acting. 


A magical adventure that is guaranteed to become an instant hit at your Winter Wonderland themed party, this exciting and immersive musical journey takes audiences to the North Pole without leaving the room. 


Our Top Ideas for a Winter Wonderland Themed Party in London

A favourite among both little ones and adults, stage shows are among the most popular Winter Wonderland entertainment ideas


The queens of winter themed events 


Add light to your celebration by inviting these stunning Winter White Stilt Walkers, two gorgeous ‘snow queens’ that always make heads turn. Wearing luxury snow-white dresses with twinkling lights, these ethereal characters’ sophisticated aura makes them a popular Winter Wonderland themed entertainment option for dinners, galas and other evening affairs. They are perfect as a meet and greet option to really set the scene for the event ahead, read about when they dazzled guests at the Singapore F1 night race


Effortlessly elegant, there is not a single nuance about this act that event attendees won’t love: from their beautifully crafted dresses to the attention to detail they pay to both makeup and accessories, these enchanting stilt ladies are a popular request for event theming in London. 


Our Top Ideas for a Winter Wonderland Themed Party in London

These ethereal stilt walkers are a popular request for event theming in London, especially for galas, dinners and other evening events


Winter has arrived to Wonderland 


Taking Lewis Carroll’s popular fairytale as inspiration, this Alice in Winter Wonderland show tells the story of how Wonderland has transformed into an eternal blizzard. The Queen of Hearts has lost the key to her heart and, ever since, the country is fully covered by snow. The story’s heroine and her friends will help the famous queen find the key to happiness in order to bring back Wonderland to its original format. 


Featuring highly entertaining story-telling, acting, dancing, circus acts and well-known family favourite songs, this original adventure is one of the favourite Winter Wonderland themed entertainment among audiences of all ages. 


Our Top Ideas for a Winter Wonderland Themed Party in London

Witness Wonderland transformed into an eternal blizzard with this stage show, a big Winter Wonderland themed entertainment favourite among audiences of all ages


An all-time classic is among everyone’s favourite Winter Wonderland entertainment ideas


A story that all of us know and love, the original Nutcracker, was conceived as a two-act ballet by choreographers Marius Petipa and Lev Ivanov and with music by Tchaikovsky. It became really popular back in the 60s and today its remaining popularity has led Disney to bring an adaptation of the story to the big screen in 2018. Londoners and visitors are now able to enjoy this micro-show inspired by the Tchaikovsky’s ballet. In either a twenty and a thirty-minute format, this stage productio features brilliant costumes performers who will later join crowds off stage to take photos and interact with them in many other ways. 


Fascinated by splendid costumes and an excellent performance, this mini stage production has become one of our most requested Winter Wonderland themed entertainment choices for the festive season. 


Our Top Ideas for a Winter Wonderland Themed Party in London

This short stage version of the Nutcracker has become one of our most requested Winter Wonderland themed entertainment options


Event Theming in London Has Never Been Easier!


From stage entertainment to interactive walkabout acts, there is a wide range of Winter Wonderland themed entertainment you can choose from to make your Winter Wonderland themed party an unforgettable one. From classic children’s stories to modern fairytales, the above Winter Wonderland entertainment ideas are suitable for people of all ages and are especially popular among event planners in London, where this worldwide popular theme originated.



If you’re still looking for further Winter Wonderland entertainment ideas for your event in London, there are many other Winter Wonderland themed entertainment options to explore and that we can share with you. 


Get in touch with our expert team and us and let us know what you have in mind for your next event. We have specialist knowledge and experience of delivering high-quality event theming in London. Our Entertainment Experts will work with you to create a bespoke entertainment proposal within 24 hours. 


Together let’s share the magic of the winter wonderland this year! 

__By Juliana Rodriguez

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