Daring US Acts for Corporate Entertainment

Our Top 8 Most Daring US Acts For Your Corporate Event

With many acts taking to the America’s Got Talent stage to stun the judges and amaze audiences worldwide, the trend of daring US acts seems to keep on rising year after year as performers try and outdo themselves and one another, constantly on a quest to create ground breaking performances that will shake the nation.

Some of the most daring US acts have left audiences absolutely astounded by the sheer bravery displayed by the performers on stage. Performing the unimaginable with daredevil stunts and gut wrenching sword swallowing displays, these performers certainly know how to get a reaction from the crowd.  

It’s no surprise that daring acts are an excellent choice for corporate entertainment, guaranteed to create a buzz at your event and leave your audiences and guests talking about your entertainment for years on end. A winning combination for any corporate event that wants an act to reflect themes such as perseverance, determination and ambition, stuntmen are the epitome of motivation, with one slip up it could be game over therefore the need to succeed is essential. Unique, gripping and truly shocking, we are proud to provide you with a list of some of the most daring US acts in the industry.

Crossbow Act


Would you trust your loved one to shoot a crossbow arrow at your head? The ultimate trust test, this daring act demonstrates severe courage, focus and accuracy as our duo shoots arrows at one another hitting targets only centimetres away from their face and body! The ultimate act for corporate entertainment that is guaranteed to liven up any occasion and shock audiences of all ages – will you be able to watch? Crossbow acts are fantastic for any corporate event that wants to inspire their delegates and guests to hit targets, with precision and a relaxed persona crossbow shooters endanger their partners as they fire arrows at their head, body and face – there truly is no room for mistakes in this daredevil act. This extreme act is the ultimate entertainment for instilling key principles of coping with pressure and hitting targets as well as providing a performance that will be unforgettable, daring and thrilling.


Wheel Cirque


A fast paced performance that is overflowing with danger and acrobatic tricks, watch as your audience’s faces light up at the sight of our wheel of death stunt act. Moving at unbelievable speeds our expert performers use an assortment of different acrobatic tricks to run over this high-speed wheel of death. A circus act that is incredibly daring, exciting and dramatic to witness, this wheel cirque performance is great for corporate entertainment ideas and events and is sure to leave a lasting impression on all of your guests. Perfect as an after dinner show, this faster than fast performance is ideal for encouraging your delegates to take considered risks, work at a fast pace and have passion for what they do. The type of events that this act fit into are endless, whether it be a black tie event, showcase, after dinner show, daredevil extravaganza or cirque themed occasion – this wheel of death act will get your audiences hearts racing.


Water Tank Escapology

Our Top 8 Most Daring US Acts For Your Corporate Event

A modern day Houdini who knows no bounds is fantastic for corporate entertainment as he defies life-endangering situations right before your very eyes. A feat that some of your delegates might sympathise with! With daring stunts such as being crucified, set on fire, fully submerged in water and being buried alive this master of escape has wowed audiences worldwide. Having appeared on television shows such as Paul O’Grady Live, The Jonathan Ross Show and Jimmy Kimmel this escapologist will leave your audiences lost for words as he performs the unthinkable live at your corporate event.


Human Canon Ball


One of the most extreme stunt shows and daredevil acts, this show will cause a bang at your next event as our daredevil is shot out of a canon at rapid speeds! A gravity-defying performer who has been fired out of his canon over 1000 times, he has even been awarded the title of ‘Highest Flying Human Cannonball’.  If you want a stunt act that will have your guests looking to skies then this is the perfect act for you, offering an option to customise his performance to complement the theme of your event, our human cannonball will leave you and your guests feeling fired up. An exciting start to any conference or corporate occasion this human canon ball will certainly get your guests talking and make your set your conference up to a flying start.


Parkour Colorado

Our Top 8 Most Daring US Acts For Your Corporate Event

A craze that has filled the internet with dangerous stunts and sees participants jumping from building to building, parkour is immensely impressive but incredibly daring at the same time! Our parkour performers have over a decade of experience in navigating the urban jungle with impressive jumps, flips and gravity defying stunts. Leaving your heart in your mouth as you watch these performers jump from dangerous heights, these parkour professionals will shake up any corporate event and leave your guests with an extra spring in their step. These performers work extremely well at corporate events, whether you book them to perform outside of the building or on the street when your delegates arrive or to roam about inside your venue, climbing over structures, dodging guests and providing a fast paced and exciting atmosphere to kick off your event. A fun and enthralling method to pump energy into your next conference and inspire your guests to take risks.


Motorcycle Stunt Act


Walking across a ledge can be a challenge at the best of times, walking on a tightrope – near impossible for most, but riding a motorcycle across a thin piece of wire, you would have to see it to believe it. Providing an extreme stunt show, watch as our motorcyclist rides across a tightrope whilst suspending an aerialist as she performs various tricks and twirls as well as supporting her weight using only her mouth to hold onto the rope that joins her to the motorcycle! An act that brings the circus to you will astound audiences of all ages and create event entertainment that has to be talked about! 


Roller Skating Acrobatics


Voted the best act in Las Vegas by Weekly Magazine this roller skating acrobatic duo combine incredible skills, balance, flexibility and artistry as they perform high energy, high speed routines on an elevated circular platform that is only 6 X 6ft wide! One small slip and it could be disastrous, watch as our couple spin at high speeds whilst our female skater is spun around her partner’s neck using only her feet to hold onto him! The ultimate act for any corporate event looking to emphasise and instil themes such as precision, determination, trust and speed into their delegates - this daring duo embody everything about determination and trusting your partner. Guaranteed to leave every audience member with their face in their hands, this duo will cause a stir at your next corporate event.  


Contortionist Hand Balancer

An America’s Got Talent Finalist and Reba McEntire’s Golden Buzzer this remarkable performer shoots fire with her feet as well as bending completely in half and cascading from the ceiling using only her neck to support her entire body weight! An acrobat who has over 2 million views on YouTube for her America’s Got Talent audition, she has wowed audiences all over the globe with her jaw dropping routines that combine shooting a flaming arrow with her feet as well as bending into positions that many will believe to be near impossible! A daring and breath taking performer who provides an exciting and dynamic performance that will leave audiences with their jaws on the floor is the ultimate choice for every corporate event.


Can you stomach a daredevil act at your next corporate event?


So there you have our top 10 most daring acts that can be found in the US right now along with stunts that you probably wouldn’t have even thought would be possible!


Guaranteed to cause shock and awe, these performers demonstrate the unimaginable as they face death and near agony in every performance. The perfect daredevil acts for your corporate entertainment ideas and events these professional stunt men and women are sure to have your guests shielding their eyes as they perform the unthinkable.


They demonstrate immense skill, determination and ambition – attributes that your delegates should aspire to and fit perfectly with many corporate event themes. Also guaranteed to get audience’s adrenaline pumping, they act as incredible conference and corporate event energisers!


To enquire about our daring acts or if you require further information about booking a daredevil performer then please contact our Entertainment Specialists on +1 702 563 4452.

__By Charlotte Russell

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