Our Top 5 Entertainment Ideas to Celebrate the Cricket World Cup

Our Top 5 Entertainment Ideas to Celebrate the Cricket World Cup

Having originated in south-east England, cricket became the country's national sport in the 18th century and has developed globally ever since. Scheduled to be hosted in England and Wales this summer, Cricket World Cup excitement is building as teams and fans prepare for a return of the national sport in May.

While club players are busy netting and fans study stats to make predictions on who might be the top runner or wicket-taker, we take a closer look at our top cricket-themed entertainment, sports-themed shows, and fanzone entertainment to celebrate!

1.Cricket Player Bobbleheads


The world’s second most popular spectator sport, it’s important that entertainment for sports events during the Cricket World Cup engage the crowds with plenty of fun walkabout entertainment. 


Great for social media and press coverage, Bobbleheads are created in a humorous caricature style to capture the essence of hero players. Kids and grown ups alike love meeting their favourite players and taking selfies with these comedic Bobbleheads! From West Indies swashbuckling batsman, Chris Gale to England’s top spinner, Moeen Ali, create your very own cricketer line up that is sure to impress.


Our Top 5 Entertainment Ideas to Celebrate the Cricket World Cup

Bobblehead sports entertainers can be created for your very own walkabout cricket team!


2. Vertical Sports Team


A high-octane way to integrate iconic buildings or sports stadiums with cricket-themed entertainment is to consider swapping the stage from the ground to a vertical suspension in the air!


Performing on a 90° facade, exciting vertical shows use professionally trained acrobats suspended from securely fastened ropes. Offering a wide range of games for a series of sports-themed shows including football, tennis, rugby, athletics and more, each larger than life show features dramatic choreography to create the impression of a nail-biting sports match. 


A unique take on sports-themed shows, imagine cricket-inspired choreography for captivating half-time entertainment.


Our Top 5 Entertainment Ideas to Celebrate the Cricket World Cup

Vertical performers make incredible sports-themed shows


3. Roaming Bands


Live music always builds a fantastic atmosphere and what better way to celebrate the team’s and fans’ home countries than having roaming bands playing music inspired by their culture? 


Perfect for mingling through fanzones, playing music for your sports entertainers to perform to, or walking onto the pitch with players during an opening ceremony, wandering musicians get fans in the spirit for the excitement to come. 


With their vibrant colourful costumes, high-energy dance routines and infectious rhythms, Bhangra dancers and Dhol drummers can create a colourful parade. Fanfare trumpeters and brass bands bring an iconic British feel, while Aussie bush bands are great fun and Maori chants offer stirring and powerful performances.  


Our Top 5 Entertainment Ideas to Celebrate the Cricket World Cup

Bring different cultures to life with traditional roaming musicians for plenty of atmosphere with fanzone entertainment


4. Sports pitch walkabout


Fully mobile and highly engaging, roaming pitches get fans and families mixing in a fun way with hilarious commentary and costume characters.


As the pitch moves around, the stadium sound system plays all your favourite cricket tunes and an umpire encourages the public to get involved and tapping their feet to Soul Limbo. Fantastic for family-friendly fanzone entertainment, the commentator keeps everyone entertained with his constant stream of opinions, statistics and ‘deep’ thoughts about the unfolding mini cricket cup final.


Having entertained crowds at the Rugby World Cup, and numerous fanzones, artists can create one specifically for your sport!


Our Top 5 Entertainment Ideas to Celebrate the Cricket World Cup

Walkabout fanzone entertainment that engages children with their own mini match or race is a win for family-friendly sports events


5. Skate Crew


A high-powered skate crew of top-class skaters and professionally trained street dancers makes exhilarating entertainment for sports events.&nbsp
Combining roller skaters, skateboarders, street dancers, breakdancing, tricks and extreme stunts, these highly versatile performances can be booked as a choreographed production or roaming sports-themed shows.


Why not have our dancers dress in country flag colours or team kits? Skaters can perform a flash mob style show coming together for a choreographed show before disbursing again and roaming amongst fans for photo opportunities. Or opt for a dramatic face-off style routine to reflect the two teams in the match!


Our Top 5 Entertainment Ideas to Celebrate the Cricket World Cup

Create unexpected cricket-themed entertainment with an urban skate flash mob dressed in team kits


Entertainment for Sports Events


Step away from freestylers by creating cricket-themed entertainment with a range of sports entertainers, fanzone entertainment and sports-themed shows. Mix it up with influences from urban sports, celebrate teams’ heritage with traditional acts and wow fans with never seen before displays of aerial artistry!


From pre-match entertainment to half time shows and walkabout live music for fanzones, we can help you create bespoke cricket-themed concepts for your event. 


Using the Cricket World Cup as a theme to launch a new product, create a pop-up experience or engage customers? We’d love to help with that too! Contact our team to find out more about what we can offer. 


Browse more of our sports-themed shows and sports entertainers.


__By Freya Britton

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