Our Most Popular Event Themes from 2018 and What to Expect for 2019

Our Most Popular Event Themes from 2018 and What to Expect for 2019

As we move into the final quarter of 2018, we look back to see what’s been popular this year when it comes to themed corporate events and weddings. Analysing the past in order to find out what the future will bring is one of the pillars of our business as we’re committed to provide our readers with informed event theme ideas. 

With pop culture playing an important role in defining what’s trendy these days, films and TV shows strongly inspire corporate event themes. Other elements such as technology, classic children’s stories, fairy tales and nature are also among the cultural elements that shape themed corporate events and other themed parties. 

Do any event theme ideas come to mind? We have looked into our most popular event themes in 2018 and also identified the hottest entertainment trends for 2019. If we still haven’t caught your interest by analysing the past and predicting the future, then you should be warned: past and future doesn’t look so different!


Popular Event Themes of 2018 and Entertainment Trends for 2019


When we sat down to review what wedding and corporate event themes have been trendy throughout 2018, we identified the majority of them are consistently popular year after year. As we provide entertainment for over 2,000 themed corporate events annually, we have noticed a continuous interest in ten themes that will be also among event organisers’ most requested themes next year.

However, as with every trend, wedding and corporate event themes are constantly evolving and transforming. This has led us to come up with a list of acts that fit our popular event themes from 2018 and also acts that will add something new and unique to these themes in 2019.


Circus - Inspired by the Greatest Showman


Marked by the release of the smash hit musical film in late December 2017, circus-themed events saw an increase in popularity thanks to ‘The Greatest Showman’. Stage shows featuring acrobats, aerial dancers and different circus disciplines became the most requested types of entertainment after the success of the musical film. Characterised as some of the most popular characters in the movie, circus artists have smashed it in 2018 at themed corporate events, balls and parties all over the world. 

Adding more dynamism, circus parades and other walkabout acts will bring the same vibe with an added interactive element. Mixing with guests, juggling, dancing and jumping, circus performers led by a wacky ringmaster will ensure your party is taken to a whole new level. 


An act that smashed it in 2018: Circus Dance Show Australia

An act that will smash it in 2019:  Delight Circus Parade


Our Most Popular Event Themes from 2018 and What to Expect for 2019


Parisian - Inspired by Cabaret


Paris in general and cabarets specifically have inspired thousands of events over the years. In recent times, numerous artists such as circus performers have seen in this theme potential to be creative and come up with original ideas for performances. The below LED heart prop serves as the perfect ‘stage’ for our aerial dancers. An absolute sensation at Ice Totally Gaming exhibition in 2018, this heart-shaped base has been an indisputable favourite for corporate themed events. 


Looking back to the origins, Parisian themed events in 2019 will see the return of can can dance. With LED still predominating on stage, traditional cabaret dancers adapt to modern times with the inclusion of stunning LED dresses, an original and luminous touch compatible with the current avant-garde event entertainment scene. Merging present and future still seems to be a winning formula and an outstanding trend for corporate event themes. 


An act that smashed it in 2018: Aerial Heart Themed Show


An act that will smash it in 2019: LED Can Can Girls 


Our Most Popular Event Themes from 2018 and What to Expect for 2019


Glitter, Gold and Glamour


With the glitter, mermaid and unicorn trend enjoying a boom, it is not surprising glitter and gold themed events are the order of the day. An in-demand type of entertainment, mirrored characters are both fun and extravagant, ingredients that can’t go amiss in any entertainment recipe. The gold edition of our mirror family has been a popular request among event planners for years and it enjoys popularity worldwide among little ones and adults. 


When it comes to entertainment trends for 2019, glitter and gold continues to be one of our readers’ most popular event themes. Numerous acts have drawn our attention among the new additions to our global roster. One of our favourites is the Glow LED Show from Russia due to its combination of futuristic gold costumes, light props and dynamic circus-style performance. An all-in-one show, this LED circus group promises to be a big hit next year!


An act that smashed it in 2018: Mirror Family Gold Edition


An act that will smash it in 2019: Glow LED Show Russia 


Our Most Popular Event Themes from 2018 and What to Expect for 2019


1920s/ Vintage/ Peaky Blinders/ Prohibition


If you’re an avid follower of the Shelby family’s adventures in Peaky Blinders, then the 1920s are sure one of your favourite corporate event themes. Dressed as Birmingham gangsters, swing musicians took a step further on his commitment to provide events with the authentic ‘roaring 20s’ feel. Packed with vintage style and charisma, themed bands have been an overwhelming favourite for Prohibition parties in the last year.


In 2019, themed music will make way for themed comedy. Walkabout entertainment is increasingly popular and in-demand as it helps create an immersive environment for guests and adds an element of dynamism and interaction. The below roaming comedy gangsters drive a mini replica of an authentic 1900s car and do what you would never expect gangsters to do: they dance (not very gracefully) juggle and produce an avalanche of laughter. Quite the opposite of what the Shelby family causes in his enemies! 


An act that smashed it in 2018:  Vintage Gangster Swing 


An act that will smash it in 2019: Roaming 1920s Comedy Gangsters


Our Most Popular Event Themes from 2018 and What to Expect for 2019


Futuristic / Technology - LED Acts / Drones / Lasers


For those claiming drones were a passing trend, our request form clients have proved them wrong. Dancing with drones has been one of our most popular event theme ideas this year. Event guests are fascinated by the unusual combination of this type of technology with dance, event organisers have let themselves be captivated by this exceptional fusion. 


Also in our list of popular event themes for 2019, the futuristic technology trend seems to be here to stay. A very unique LED band, recently added to our roster, instantly caught our attention as they perfectly protect their anonymity by wearing colourful LED light costumes and performing under full darkness. Playing with these elements, they appear and disappear in the dark in perfect coordination, delivering concerts that are both exhilarating and truly spectacular. 


An act that smashed it in 2018: Aerial Drone Dance 


An act that will smash it in 2019: LED Glow Band 


Our Most Popular Event Themes from 2018 and What to Expect for 2019




Space and its mysteries have inspired dozens of films and books and, more recently, they have inspired artists who have designed acts that are the perfect entertainment choice for themed corporate events. Wearing flamboyant alien costumes and LED masks, the below percussionists deliver high-impact drumming performances that are eye-catching and explosive at equal parts. Performing on stage or strolling around events, there’s no doubt why these extra-terrestrial beings took 2018 by storm. 


Equally quirky, the act that seems to be taking over as a favourite for futuristic themed events in 2019 shares some of the elements that made our alien percussion group so popular. Perched atop high stilts, our wandering silver beings stand out (literally speaking) and roam around interacting with people, building a very realistic futuristic atmosphere and causing heads to turn wherever they go. Watch out: an alien invasion is taking place in 2019!


An act that smashed it in 2018: Alien Percussion Group


An act that will smash it in 2019: Silver Beings 


Our Most Popular Event Themes from 2018 and What to Expect for 2019


Alice in Wonderland


The popular Lewis Carroll's tale is not only a favourite among children: themed corporate events choose it year after year. Consequently, the entertainment offer for this type of theme never ceases to grow. Throughout 2018, stage shows based on Alice and her friends’ adventures were a constant demand. Eager to see some of their childhood heroes come to life, numerous brands and event organisers opted for an Alice in Wonderland stage show for their events. 


The Queen of Hearts, the White Rabbit or the Mad Hatter will all come to life next year if you wish them to! This year, however, a different format is outlined to be a hit. Acts such as parades work their way into our entertainment trends for 2019. Magical walkabout characters will captivate not only eyes but also the crowds thanks to their active involvement in the parade. 


An act that smashed it in 2018: Wonderland Cirque 


An act that will smash it in 2019: Epic Fairytale Parade


Our Most Popular Event Themes from 2018 and What to Expect for 2019


Winter Wonderland


A whiter version of the above, the Winter Wonderland theme adds more elements and characters and allows more creativity. That’s probably one of the reasons it’s become a regular in lists of corporate event themes. Spreading their crystal wings with magical elegance, our stilt walkers captivated guests at numerous high-end events this year, including the Hublot World Cup after party, where our performers shone brighter than ever.


In contrast to the classic Alice in Wonderland theme, 2019 will see the rise of white Winter Wonderland stage shows. The below show blends gorgeous white stage decor and luxurious costumes with an original narrative and splendid circus routines, it immerses audiences in a fantasy world in which white predominates. Get ready 2019: you will be flooded by white themed entertainment!


An act that smashed it in 2018: Crystal Wings Act


An act that will smash it in 2019: White Wonderland Show


Our Most Popular Event Themes from 2018 and What to Expect for 2019




Designing an act based on the elements is always a challenge. When the element is water, the challenge is even bigger. Luckily, our creative team of artists never cease to amaze us with their original concepts. In 2018, a mystical and beautiful mermaid inside a sea globe took us by surprise with a roaming performance that became an instant favourite among our corporate clients. Incorporating water into the performance creatively, the performance bubble is equipped with a red button in the front, which releases bubbles every time someone presses the button. 


In line with the watery event theme ideas, walkabout entertainment and parades are growing in popularity for the year ahead. Starfish, seahorses and mermaids will take guests at themed corporate events to the very bottom of the ocean with their procession of colourful costumes and glimmering sequins.


An act that smashed it in 2018: Interactive Roaming Sea Globe


An act that will smash it in 2019: Underwater Parade


Our Most Popular Event Themes from 2018 and What to Expect for 2019


Neon - LED / UV / Colours


UV and LED are an overwhelming favourite for evening parties. This year, our UV ballerinas transformed a very simple concept into one of our favourite event theme ideas. Wearing neon face and body paint, these ballet dancers create a mesmerising and visually stunning effect when the lights are off. Big brands such as H&M and superstars like Lady Gaga loved the idea and hired them for some of their advertising campaigns, which tells us how true the statement ‘less is more’ is.


As entertainment experts and LED and Neon show lovers, we expect to see even more spectacular glow-in-the-dark performances in 2019. Some neon burlesque dancers landed in our roster not long ago and make us instantly fall in love with them. Taking the art of burlesque to the next level, these glowing performers extravagant costumes and wigs and sassy dance routines completely won us over the minute we saw them. Characterised by strong neon colours and electrifying choreographies, this show is one of our hottest tips for the new year.


An act that smashed it in 2018: UV Ballerinas 


An act that will smash it in 2019: Neon Burlesque Show


Our Most Popular Event Themes from 2018 and What to Expect for 2019


An Exciting Year Ahead: Entertainment Trends for 2019

  • Clearly predominant in most of the above event theme ideas, LED and technology play an essential role in the past, present and future or themed corporate events.
  • In general, stage shows give way to more dynamic and interactive formats and traditional and sassy dance styles such as burlesque and can can make an awaited comeback.
  • Fully white acts and neon colours also gain ground in 2019, whilst futuristic entertainment keeps evolving and becoming more and more interactive. An exciting year awaits!


Get in touch for more event theme ideas 

Did you find any surprises in the above event theme ideas? We would love to see what your predictions are for next year and provide further insight into our entertainment trends for 2019. If you would like to explore more about this and find out what themes are among event planners’ favourite for future years, make sure you explore our Ideas Blog also keep up to date with our tips for the latest event entertainment trend by signing up for our monthly newsletter.

For enquiries and further information on corporate event themes, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re looking forward to seeing what the new year comes!

__By Juliana Rodriguez

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