Our Favourite Events of 2019

Our Favourite Events of 2019

Top Global Events of 2019: Highlights of the Year

Last year, Scarlett Entertainment celebrated its 10th-year anniversary. We have had the opportunity to work on truly amazing events in the last 10 years. A decade full of fascinating anecdotes and projects, we’re proud to look back and see how much we’ve grown thanks to our dedicated team of Entertainment Specialists and the continuous support of our clients. 

As every year, we’ve sat down and analysed the highlights of the year and we’re proud to share with you a compilation of our favourite events of 2019. 

Our Team’s Favourite Events of 2019

1. Windsong Ranch's new private lagoon's opening launch in Texas

Our Favourite Events of 2019

Photo taken by Coburn Photography

  • Acts: In-House Production (featuring Flyboard Professionals, Jetski and Jet Board Freestylers, Hula Fire Performers and Musicians)
  • Location: Texas, US
  • Account Manager: Kate Fowler
  • Goal: Produce a truly spectacular show combining various disciplines that align with a tropical theme for a private lagoon’s launch. Large space available for water-based performances. 

Last summer, Scarlett Entertainment put together a theatrical show for Windsong Ranch's new private lagoon's opening launch. 


Based in sunny Texas on the exclusive Windsong Ranch, our client got in touch with us in search of an exciting and unique water-based show to fit in with their tropical theme. Our Sales Manager Kate Fowler joined forces with our fantastic in-house production team to create a bespoke show about the elements. 


Our team crafted an original storyboard about an ancient Hawaiian tale where fire, earth and water come together to create an amazing life for the people on earth. As you can see in the picture above, the show was brilliantly executed by professional flyboard riders, jetski and jet board Freestylers, hula fire performers and live musicians. 


With press expected at the event and a well-known Olympic champion serving as master of ceremonies, the launch was a complete success and received praise by both our client and event attendees. Undoubtedly, one of the highlights of the year!


2. League of Legends 10-year European celebration in London

Our Favourite Events of 2019


  • Acts: Singer/Influencer Nicki Taylor, LED Cyr Wheel Act and Aerialist & Contortionist
  • Location: London, UK
  • Account Manager: Juliette Avery
  • Goal: Reward VIP video game players with exclusive performances somehow linked to the League of Legends 

Creating a mystical atmosphere with dim lighting and elaborate decoration, Collider transformed ExCel London into a spectacular video game environment for an exclusive League of Legends event. The exclusive invite-only event held by Riot Games was attended by 500 hand-picked players from across Europe, as a thank you for their contribution to the gaming community. 


VIP gamers enjoyed a performance by singer/influencer Nicki Taylor, a popular YouTuber and gamer herself, who performed well-known songs in the gaming industry including Final Fantasy’s ‘Words Collide’, League of Legends’ ‘Awaken’ and ‘Get Jinxed’. 


Other entertainment options seen throughout the evening included our fantastic LED Cyr Wheel Act, a fascinating glow-in-the-dark show that looked like something out from a video game, and our talented Aerialist and Contortionist who performed two aerial hoop and aerial silk shows. 


An exclusive VIP event that we can’t get enough of. Read more about it and don’t miss the amazing photos of the day!


3. Dystopian Future Corporate Party in London 

Our Favourite Events of 2019


  • Acts: IHP, Daft Punk tribute and futuristic LED characters
  • Location: London, UK
  • Account Manager: Lauren Hill
  • Goal: Transform a historic Anglican building into a post-Brexit dystopian future scenario. Decor, stage and walkabout entertainment required. 

Our Account Manager Lauren Hill joined forces with our In-House Production department to create fully bespoke entertainment options for a surprise corporate party held in London by a Financial Tech firm. 


Our client opted for dystopian future as the theme for the occasion and the brief was the following: It is the year 2054 and robots are slowly taking over control of humans and turning them into worker drones to maximise their efficiency. With the traditional economy slowing to a halt worldwide in 2020 following the tumultuous exit of the UK from the European Union, the so-called "resistance" will make an underground stand against the robots. 


After a day packed with tons of activities and challenges across different spots in London, guests gathered at LSO St.Lukes church, where the “resistance” took over the historic Anglican church and enjoyed a night in a dystopian future created by our team of Entertainment Specialists. 


Some of the acts seen during the night were our Daft Punk Tribute act, Futuristic LED characters, LED dancers and robots, four-legged stilt walkers, a chain aerialist and a sensational contortionist. With great feedback by both our client and our performers, this was definitely one of the top global events of 2019 for Scarlett Entertainment. 


4. Garden of Lights Festival in Kuwait

Our Favourite Events of 2019


  • Acts: Lunar Stilt Walkers
  • Location: Kuwait
  • Account Manager:  Daniela Forbes
  • Goal: Provide an illuminated walkabout entertainment option suitable for audiences of all ages that can immediately attract attention, interact with people and generate buzz. 

One of the most awaited events in the Middle East, the Garden of Lights Festival in Kuwait was one of our favourite events of 2019. Our stunning Lunar Stilt Walkers illuminated Kuwait’s beautiful Al Shaheed Park with the light of the moon. 


On receiving the brief for this Middle Eastern festival, Our Head of Artist Development Daniela Forbes and her assistant Polly immediately considered these lunar giants for the occasion. The trio of magical moon-themed performers was one of the various walkabout entertainment options that delighted both little ones and adults throughout the 11-day event. 


The array of artistic light installations designed by local and international designers were highly praised by our client and attendees, whose goal was to celebrate the beauty of Al Shaheed’s botanical gardens at night. A visually stunning act combining art and light, our entertainers were seen interacting with guests and posing for pictures with families visiting the park. An enchanting act that made this Kuwait festival one of the highlights of the year. 


5. Themed Gala Dinner in Texas

Our Favourite Events of 2019


  • Acts: Hosts, Haka Performers, Samba Dancers, Chinese lion dancers, LED accordionist and French mime
  • Location: Texas, US
  • Account Manager: Emma Bickham
  • Goal: Bring various cultures together and transport guests to different scenarios and places around the world through entertainment. 

Scarlett Entertainment joined forces with  Event Design and Production specialists, Unbridled Production, to deliver a show that brought together different cultures under one roof. Our Head of Commercial Emma Bickham worked on this exciting challenge for a sophisticated soiree at the Gaylord Texan Resort & Convention Center in Texas, USA. 


Unbridled Production was given the job of making a corporate weekend celebration an event to be remembered. Focusing on the theme ‘Imagination Dinner’, the event was attended by 1,200 guests. 


Attendees were surprised when they found a blindfold on each seat. At different points during the evening, they were asked by ‘flight attendants’ to put on their blindfold in between courses, whilst the room was sprinkled with various scents and a soundscape played hinting at the next destination. When they were asked to uncover their eyes, they found themselves in different destinations including China, Brazil or New Zealand!


Transforming the space into different countries and scenarios, our Haka Performers, Samba Dancers, Chinese lion dancers, LED accordionist and French mime took guests on a journey across the world and the outcome was no other than a truly satisfied client and happy guests. The best reward for Emma and our In-House Production team!


6. Innovate East ‘19 in Ipswich (UK)

Our Favourite Events of 2019


  • Acts: Slam Drumming Ensemble
  • Location: Ipswich, UK
  • Account Manager: Daniela Forbes
  • Goal: Open the event with an energetic performance that incorporates elements of the water industry and provide guests with a unique percussive experience in which they can take part in. 


Anglian Water and Essex and Suffolk Water took their partnership to a new level when, last September, they addressed joint business challenges by hosting Innovate East together. A three-day event that proved their commitment to innovation and their vision of the future, the main goal of the event was to to find solutions that benefit customers and create impact at a regional and societal level. 


Attended by professionals from a variety of industries and backgrounds, guests enjoyed a fascinating show delivered by Slam Drumming Ensemble. Our performers produced a fully bespoke spectacle where they transformed various objects taken from the water industry into percussion instruments. 


Wearing boiler suits and hard hats, our drummers made use of drain pipes instead of drum sticks and created sounds with ladders and hazard cones, turning the welcoming ceremony into a vibrant, percussive experience! Finally, our drum troupe also carried out an energiser workshop to allow some attendees to join them in their drumming with guiros! 


Our Head of Artist Development Daniela was thrilled to share her client’s feedback and the best bits from the event. 


7. Impact Optimize 2019 (Business Conference) in Chicago

Our Favourite Events of 2019


  • Acts: Robot
  • Location: Chicago, US
  • Account Manager: Jayne Doniger
  • Goal: Encourage attendees to learn more about digital transformation initiatives and make the event dynamic with walkabout entertainment. 


Over 1,000 people attended Impact Optimize2019 at Navy Pier in Chicago. Aiming to learn and share ideas around digital transformation initiatives, event planners trusted our Account Manager in New York Jayne to help them meet this goal. 


Being Impact Optimize the Leading Independent Provider of Intelligent Process Automation, Jayne didn’t hesitate to suggest robotic entertainment for this particular occasion. Her client opted for a bright-eyed android, our fabulous interactive event robot. This wide-eyed automaton quickly became the talking point of the conference as he interacted with attendees by telling jokes, giving handshakes or hugging people!


Truly satisfied with our robot’s performance, event planners shared a few words with us: “The robot fitted in nicely to our event theme around digital transformation. It added a light-hearted, fun element to the event, while providing a one-of-a-kind experience to all attendees”.


Definitely the type of feedback we expect from every single one of our events!


8. 40th Birthday Party in Italy

Our Favourite Events of 2019


  • Acts: Vintage Swing & Blues Band, 1920s Great Gatsby Dancers, and Burlesque Act 
  • Location: Italy
  • Account Manager: Giovanni Piras
  • Goal: Transport guests at a 40th birthday party into the 1920s with various entertainment options. 


Our Entertainment Manager for Italy, Greece and Malta Giovanni Piras was given an exciting challenge in the summer of last year. A private individual was throwing a big 40th birthday party and wanted to provide his guests with an authentic 1920s experience. 


With the beautiful coastal town of Sorrento serving as background, our Vintage Swing and Blues Band, 1920s Great Gatsby Dancers, and Burlesque Act brought high-energy performances to the 40th celebration.


Adding glamour and sparkle to the outdoor party, our performers welcomed guests to the event, posed for photos, delighted attendees with classic swing and blues tunes and finalised the evening with a mesmerising and sensual fan dance. Such an extravagant occasion became one of our favourite events of 2019 as we can’t imagine a better and more stylish way to turn 40!


9. Asolo Repertory Theatre Annual Gala in Florida

Our Favourite Events of 2019


  • Acts: Parisian Cabaret Show 
  • Location: Florida, US
  • Account Manager: Kate Fowler
  • Goal: Capture the rebellious and glamorous spirit of Parisian cabaret clubs in the roaring 20s for Asolo Repertory Theatre annual gala. 

Asolo Repertory Theatre trusted our Sales Manager Kate to create an immersive 1920s Parisian cabaret experience for its renowned annual gala. 


A reference in Florida’s arts scene, the Asolo Repertory Theatre’s goal was to bring the spirit of the 1920s to their annual gala with various entertainment options, which ended up being a glamourous five-piece Avalon Jazz Band and a spectacular Parisian Cabaret Show. 


Without doubt, our cabaret show was the highlight of the after-dinner entertainment as they brought Folies Bergère to life, showcasing an array of singers and dancers performing choreographed, high-energy dance spectacles complete with a Charles Zidler-inspired master of ceremonies and acrobatic aerial hoop dancer. 


An evening of embellished satin corsets and champagne-coloured ostrich feather fans, our dancers’ sultry routines encouraged the audience to hit the dancefloor themselves. A client whose goal is to help people develop an appreciation for the arts through experiencing, discussing and creating live theatre was meant to make it to our top global events list!


10. National Science, Technology and Innovation Festival (NTSI) in Dubai

Our Favourite Events of 2019


  • Acts: Human Soccer Table, LED Tron dancers, Virtual Reality Live Painter, Eye Art Photographer, Shadow Show
  • Location: Dubai, UAE
  • Account Manager: Daniela Forbes
  • Goal: Encourage UAE students and their families to participate in different activities and create different scenarios where they can interact and enjoy various entertainment options. All of the acts were chosen to showcase how technology and innovation can make significant improvements to the world. 


A leader in technology events, the UAE in general and Dubai in particular host numerous tech conferences and events on an annual basis. Scarlett Entertainment is proud to collaborate with event planners in the UAE to create unique and immersive experiences for people attending these events. 


Our Head of Artist Development Daniela Forbes has been collaborating with UAE clients for over 6 years, and 2019 was no exception. Alongside our Artist and Client Liaison Manager Juliette Avery, Daniela put together various entertainment options, activities and experiences for the National Science, Technology and Innovation Festival (NTSI). 


The festival was held in conjunction with the UAE Innovation month last February. A three-day exhibition attended by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, the festival welcomes hundreds of youngsters from across the country who were invited to participate in the different games and activities Scarlett Entertainment delivered. 


Some of the most relevant experiences of the day included a Human Soccer Table, LED Tron a mesmerising show by our Virtual Reality Live Painter and Eye Art Photography. Students and their families could enjoy those and a performance by our LED Tron Dancers free of charge! 


An event that promotes technology and innovation and brings together so many different entertainment options, this was indisputably one of the top global events our agency had the privilege to collaborate with in 2019.


Top Global Events: Special Mention


Joy Forum in Saudi Arabia

Our Favourite Events of 2019

Scarlett Entertainment attended the Joy Forum in Saudi Arabia last October as both exhibitor and provider. The Joy Entertainment Forum 2019 aimed to build and develop the Saudi entertainment industry in line with its Vision 2030, so Our Account Director Kat Martin and Head of Speakers Division Sam Spry flew to Riyadh to attend such an event to share their knowledge with attendees. 


A unique opportunity to network with leading companies in the entertainment industry, Kat and Sam got to meet dozens of professionals and introduce what Scarlett Entertainment has to offer.


Our Project Manager Jess Levinson Young and Assistant to Directors Emila Wloskowicz also flew to Saudi Arabia to coordinate various shows booked for the occasion, including exciting performances by Hara Hiroki, our Video Mapping Artist and our Digital Illusionist. 


Attended by Hollywood icons such as Jackie Chan and Jason Momoa, this event had all the ingredients necessary to be one of the highlights of the year for us here at Scarlett Entertainment. 


Learn More About Top Global Events

Would you like to learn more about events we’ve worked on in the past? Then make sure you check our News section and explore the endless list of projects we’ve been involved in with high-end clients across the world. 


If you would like one of our Entertainment Specialists to give you a call to discuss the entertainment for your next event, get in touch today. 

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