Marching Into March With Our Marching Bands

Marching Into March With Our Marching Bands

Spring is nearly upon us. The days are getting longer and are ripe for beginning to think about outside entertainment. As we prepare to put away the hats and scarves and reach for the sunglasses, now begins the time for outdoor festivities, festivals and street parades to take place. This is the perfect opportunity to roll out the marching bands and entertain a crowd with gangs of roaming musicians. Entice the crowds from the confines of the heated indoors to the fresh, crisp springtime air. Bring on March and bring out the marching bands. 

Firstly, let’s not confuse marching bands with walkabout bands, even though the lines do blur occasionally. We’re talking about marching bands whose main purpose is to walk down street parade and entertain onlookers as they pass by. Historically, the term marching band originates from an old tradition of several musicians performing together whilst walking in accompaniment to a celebration or festival. Eventually, these performances became more structured and evolved into what is known as the military band. As time has gone by, cultural diversity has influenced and hybridised the traditional marching band, helping it step away from the regimented routines of military bands. These days marching bands come in all shapes and sizes. From simple brass performers to percussive LED suit wearing stilt walkers and just about everything else in between.

Let’s take a little trip to four corners of the world as we pick out some of our favourite foot stomping, awe inspiring and visually exciting street parade worthy marching bands. 


Marching Into March With Our Marching Bands

Let’s start on home turf. We’re lucky enough to have just about every type of performer you could imagine on our little island and we do love a good street parade. Unsurprisingly, marching bands are ten a penny and you’re guaranteed to find your fill of roaming bands through the summer months. If you’re looking for a traditional UK marching band, something quintessentially British, then look no further than the Fanfare Trumpeters. This marching band perform in a variety of traditional costumes, none more striking than the classic red tailcoats and bearskin hats.


As evening falls and the sun sets, the entertainment doesn’t have to stop there. As far as marching bands and walkabout performers go, some are better suited to performing at night just like the LED Suit Drumming Act. They are perfect for capturing the attention of walkers-by with their flashing LED suits. Not only are they able to walk down a parade with their beat-sensitive LED costumes but they will interact with spectators too. A perfect street parade finale that could take your outside entertainment into the early hours.



Marching Into March With Our Marching Bands

Having the perfect climate for outside entertainment, the United Arab Emirates is home to some of the most unusual entertainers, street parade performers and roaming bands on the planet. From eye catching to weird and wonderful, Dubai alone boasts an incredible array of entertainers worthy of capturing the audience’s attention at a street parade. 


Big kids to little kids love the Toy Soldier Marching Band. The fantastic themed brass and percussion marching band are kitted out in red and white toy soldier costumes. If the costumes alone aren’t enough to turn heads, this roaming band will even parade on stilts. Maybe you’re looking for more energy, vibrance and colour? Well then the Roaming Musical Colour Parade is what you need. An all-in-one marching musical carnival with brass, percussionists and fantastic array of brightly dressed circus and walkabout performers. A guaranteed head turner and perfect outside entertainment for all ages. 



Marching Into March With Our Marching Bands

The french are renowned for being a little eccentric. They take life with a relaxed approach and fully embrace the weird and wonderful. None more apparent than with The Flying Madmen. This is a roaming band with a twist. Wearing bizarre Jules Verne inspired costumes, the marching band perform French gypsy-jazz whilst on the move. They’re accompanied by odd walkabout performers, stilt walkers, a cyr wheel acrobat and fascinating flying machines. It is an all-inclusive musical and circus street parade act and the perfect outside entertainment to pull in a crowd.


Alternatively, when in France why not have yourself some traditional Scottish bagpipers. I know what you’re thinking - “bagpipes in France?” Honestly, there isn’t much more attention grabbing than a street parade of men in kilts with the sound of bagpipes. Bagpipers Paris are the perfect example of this with regular appearances at themed events and cultural celebrations all over France. Maybe the French love bagpipes? 



Marching Into March With Our Marching Bands

The home of half time entertainment and a country where you will find thousands of marching bands dedicated to roaming around american football and baseball pitches performing alongside cheerleading squads. Witnessed by hundreds and thousands or spectators at each performances, these marching bands are experts and have set the bar exceptionally high for newcomers. 


Anyone looking for indoor or outside entertainment should seriously consider the Marching Band USA. They’re one of the most versatile Marching bands we have come across. Not only do they have multiple members available and some great costumes but their repertoire spans from current pop songs to rock and general classics. You can even book these guys with cheerleaders, drum majors and baton twirlers. Basically, an all-in-one American marching band experience. If you want your outside entertainment to end with a bang, the same performers are available as LED Drumline USA, a parading percussion group with beat sensitive LED lights in their drums. These really fun and energetic walkabout performers are ideal to bring your street parade to a close and ensure your guests have something to remember. 

Let us help you move forwards

The choice and diversity of marching bands obviously exceeds these four countries and can be found in every nook and crany of the world and luckily, we have access to them. If you are in need of some more inspiration, take a look at our other marching bands and something may leap at you. If not, you can always speak to us via email or telephone. You will find all our contact details on this page and one of our entertainment specialists will be more than happy to help you find the marching band that is right for you. 

__By Tom Drakett

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