Life as a Royal Lookalike: Meghan Markle

Life as a Royal Lookalike: Meghan Markle

It is said we all have a double somewhere in the world and that, if we’re lucky, we’ll find one another at some point in our lives. It’s easier for some people to find their doubles when one of them is a member of the most famous Royal House in the world. That’s the case of this Meghan Markle lookalike

A teacher and local politician in her town near Seville, this Spanish doppelganger became internationally famous after winning a lookalike contest organised by EasyJet. Crowned best Harry and Meghan lookalikes alongside Prince Harry double, she has gone from being known for her academic and political work locally to being recognised worldwide for bearing an uncanny resemblance to the Duchess of Sussex.


Life as a Royal Lookalike: A Conversation with a Meghan Markle Lookalike 

After appearing in endless media outlets all over the world, fame came quickly for this Spanish Meghan Markle double. Aware of the life-changing moment she experienced after winning the above-mentioned contest, we wanted to dig deeper into the life of the double of one of the most followed and photographed women in the world. How’s life as a royal lookalike? We ask and she replied!


Life as a Royal Lookalike: Meghan Markle

Spanish teacher and local politician at her house in Peñaflor (Seville). Photo credit: ABC


How did you realise your resemblance to the Duchess of Sussex?

My family were always telling me how much I looked like the Duchess. I never thought they were too serious about it, but my brother was the one who always believed it. He was the one who encouraged me to participate in a lookalike contest he saw advertised in the newspaper, he was the one who signed me up and sent photos of me and all that. He told me ‘there’s no way we’re not sending your picture, you look exactly like Meghan!’. I owe him everything. 


How has your life changed since you became a Meghan Markle lookalike?

I ended up winning that lookalike contest, which was a big thing in Spain. Many media outlets got in touch with me: newspapers, radio, was crazy! After all the craziness, when I got back to my normal life as a teacher my students started to call me ‘princess’. 


Life as a Royal Lookalike: Meghan Markle

Life as a royal lookalike involves tons of selfies and people stopping you in the street, according to this Meghan Markle double 


You’re Spanish. Do people in Spain also stop you in the street and ask for photos?

I live in a small town near Seville and I’m a local politician, so you can was a big thing for everyone there. People often stop me in the street, especially after appearing in the media. All of a sudden everyone recognised me! And if not, there’s always that friend who loves sharing the story with everyone...


The best and the worst part of being a Meghan Markle lookalike

I don’t think there’s anything bad in looking like Meghan Markle! It’s fun and an honour to be mistaken with such a great actress and a wonderful Duchess. 


Life as a Royal Lookalike: Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry doubles crowned as best Harry and Meghan lookalikes in Europe by EasyJet. Photo Credit: PinPep media


Have you had to change your dress sense since you became a ‘royal’?

Not at all! Both my hairstyle and fashion sense are very similar to Meghan’s, so we could even share wardrobes!


What’s the strangest thing you’ve been asked to do as a Meghan Markle lookalike?

I haven’t been asked anything too weird, but I’ve done fun stuff like wearing a wedding gown, trying to impersonate Meghan in Spanish with an English accent...things like that. 


Your favourite moment as a Meghan Markle lookalike

Definitely winning the EasyJet lookalike contest. I remember my friend’s reaction was filmed and she started screaming and shouting my name, she was super excited! I think I’ve watched that video a thousand times. And of course, enjoying the prize (a whole year flying to all EasyJet destinations) is the best of all. I’ve received much love and affection from people ever since, it was a wonderful experience.


Life as a Royal Lookalike: Meghan Markle

Harry and Meghan lookalikes photoshoot in London. Photo Credit: Pete Summers for MailOnline


Where about's in the world has being a Royal lookalike taken you?

Mainly the UK of course, as Meghan is a member of the British Royal Family. The news about the Prince Harry double and me being crowned best Harry and Meghan lookalikes in Europe were everywhere in Italy, I’m looking forward to visiting all these places!


Have you ever met Meghan Markle herself, or any other member of the British Royal Family?

No, I haven’t had the opportunity yet. It’d be a great honour meeting Meghan or any other member of the British Royal Family.


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