An Interview with Scarlett Entertainment's Italian Cover Band

An Interview with Scarlett Entertainment's Italian Cover Band

Our amazing 50s/60s Cover Band from Tuscany are a popular choice for weddings and corporate events, so who better to have a chat with about performing in Italy during #VivaItalia month?

This four piece act offer events in Italy a distinctive vintage style, performing hits by the likes of The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Johnny Cash, Ray Charles and more!  The line-up includes drums, bass, double-bass and vocals.

We asked them how long they had been together and how it all started…

This band has existed since New Year's Eve 2002, as you can see it's been 12 years ... a long time indeed!  We have known each other since forever and each of us were a part of different projects, 

sometimes together, others apart, until the day we decided to form a band for a gig on New Year's Eve.  We thought it would be a one-night thing, but we are still together! 

What is it like performing for events in Italy? 

Getting to know our many foreign clients we have come to realise how Italy can be a country full of contradictions, and our Italian clients are no exception.  Every time we have to 'convince' our Italian clients because, as weird as it might sound, they don't like to make a big ‘show’ of things.  Once they trust us though, it's very hard to stop them! :)  Foreigners who attend concerts and events in general, in Italy are usually more open from the beginning. 

What is the best event that you have performed at in Italy and what made it stand out for you? 

It's hard for us to give an answer to this question, because in all these years we have so many experiences that are so different from one another.  Nonetheless, I can say that the funniest experience for us was playing inside the airport of our beautiful town (Florence) and seeing the surprised faces of the people who had just landed in Florence and who didn't expect to be welcomed by a band!

Do you have anything particular that you all like to do before a gig? 

Everyone has their rituals in order to concentrate before a gig.  We try to distract ourselves in order not to get nervous on stage.  Right before getting on stage, we usually look ourselves in the eyes ... and the rest comes naturally.  Each one of us knows what he have to do.

Have you ever had any unusual requests for an event? 

Once we were asked to sing the Italian national anthem!  At a wedding once we were asked to sing as a gospel choir for the ceremony but of course we are only four guys!  We are often asked to sing 'a cappella'. 

What is the main difference between performing at a wedding and performing in front of a corporate audience?

The bride's dress! :)  We play at events where people want to dance and have fun and for weddings we involve the groom and the bride more than other guests, but apart from that we always try to offer the same dose of fun and rock ‘n’ roll to all our clients.

An Interview with Scarlett Entertainment's Italian Cover Band

__By Marcus

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