How to Throw Your Own Day of the Dead Carnival

How to Throw Your Own Day of the Dead Carnival

Day of the Dead or otherwise known as All Souls Day, is a Mexican holiday that is celebrated in order to honour deceased loved ones. Families and friends gather at cemeteries to pray for the dead, decorating the graves and tombs of their relatives for their return to the living world. It is believed that families decorate the graves of the deceased with their favourite foods, beverages, candles, memorabilia and flowers to encourage the souls to visit so that they will hear the comments and prayers of the living. A vibrant celebration that has become increasingly popular over the years with the candy skull becoming a top choice for Halloween and fancy dress themes all over the world. 

A celebration of life where adults and children dance and dress up as caricatures of death, eat candy skulls and respect that life is brief and death should not be feared, instead celebrated and enjoyed at the fullest.  The Day of the Dead carnival has grown bigger over the years with thousands of Mexican citizens taking to the streets to celebrate life with huge parade floats, music and food.

How to Throw Your Own Day of the Dead Carnival

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Ancient Traditions in Current Society

The Day of the Dead celebrations in Mexico developed from ancient traditions founded in pre-Columbian cultures whereby citizens carried out rituals to celebrate the death of their ancestor. As the Mexican traditions were transferred into modern day the festival of the Dead became dedicated to the goddess ‘Lady of the Dead’. Since then the Day of the Dead and candy skull theme have become somewhat of an entertainment sensation as people from all over the globe paint their faces as the renowned candy skull and throw soirees packed with wandering skulls and Mexican Mariachi bands.


How to Throw Your Own Day of the Dead Carnival

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Festival of the Dead

A festival that has ignited imaginations around the world and inspired many an event, this year the Festival of the Dead will be touring throughout the UK.



This Festival of the Dead is an exciting and animated event guaranteed to appeal to partygoers and carnival lovers from all over the UK, as this latest trend in clubbing boasts the opportunity to don your best candy skull makeup, experience world class performers and party the night away to house, bass and garage music.


Has this got you inspired to throw your own carnival of the dead celebration this summer?

How to Throw Your Own Day of the Dead Carnival

An increasingly popular trend that continues to grow year after year, the Day of the Dead certainly has become a top event theme within the entertainment industry as well as the importance it still plays in Mexican traditions to honour the deceased. We have compiled our top acts to help you create your every own Day of the Dead themed event along with key décor themes and ideas.


Day of the Dead Ideas - Candy Skulls

A symbol that has become somewhat of a staple piece in the Day of the Dead celebrations, the candy skull is a key costume for any festival of the Dead, guaranteed to set the tone of the occasion and truly make your event feel spectacular. Our body painter can turn any guest into a living candy skull - with over 20 years of experience this artist can create a full body candy skull costume or can create stunning candy skull face paintings, instantly setting the tone of your event.


How to Throw Your Own Day of the Dead Carnival

Walkabout Skeletons

As legend has it, the souls of the deceased will return to the land of the living for one night only to visit their loved ones and hear their prayers, with many Mexicans using Day of the Dead to dance with skeleton caricatures and remember that life is for living and death should not be feared, our walkabout skeletons are the perfect addition to emphasise your theme, interact with your guests and even add to the overall effect of your event décor!


How to Throw Your Own Day of the Dead Carnival

Stilt Walking Skeletons

In addition to featuring our walkabout skeletons you could also book our Jack Skellington Stilt Walker, a giant skeleton that resembles the parades of the Day of the Dead as they tower above the crowds with huge skeleton characters and vibrant floats.


How to Throw Your Own Day of the Dead Carnival

UV Dance Show

A psychedelic tribe who illuminate the night with their floating neon skulls, these candy skull performers mesmerise audiences with their captivating costumes and dynamic routines. The ultimate entertainment for any Day of the Dead event, these glowing performers trick the mind as they appear and reappear out of the darkness, using UV paint to colour the darkness and awaken your senses.


Cirque Burlesque and Cabaret Act

In the keeping of the Day of the Dead’s celebrations this Cirque Burlesque and Cabaret act showcases our world class performer who instantly adds another dynamic to your event as she takes to the stage to perform exciting routines and versatile performances whilst dressed head to toe in candy skull and enchanted attire!


How to Throw Your Own Day of the Dead Carnival

Aerialist and Contortionist 

Performing stunning routines over your guests this aerialist boasts a fun and vibrant showcase of daring stunts that are both exciting and breath taking to witness, the perfect addition to any celebration. Brilliant for Day of the Dead themed entertainment our contortionist can dress in candy skull costumes that when coupled with our roaming skeletons looks spectacular and visually stunning.


How to Throw Your Own Day of the Dead Carnival

Fire Performers

Fire performers are the perfect addition to any carnival as they provide another element to your event that creates an extravaganza for your guests to be amazed by. As with any parade or carnival the excitement is all in the array of sights on offer, whether it be a giant floating skull, bold colours, loud music, street performers or circus acts, having a strong variety of entertainment on offer will stand your event in good stead and will truly bring your Day of the Dead themed event to life. Our Fuel girls certainly ignite the stage every time they perform as they combine sex appeal with sophisticated and multi-skilled routines that showcase daring stunts, fire breathing, acrobatic performances and multiple fire props!


How to Throw Your Own Day of the Dead Carnival

Mariachi Band and Dance Act

You cannot host a Day of the Dead event and not embrace traditional Mexican music! With this Mariachi band and dance act your guests will be transported to the streets of Mexico, buzzing with uplifting mariachi music and exciting performances this is the perfect finishing touch to add to your Festival of the Dead. With an array of authentic costumes and a diverse line up of musicians and dancers this mariachi band can be tailored to suit your event perfectly.


How to Throw Your Own Day of the Dead Carnival

Day of the Dead Décor Ideas

As mentioned previously, candy skulls are a necessity, whether it be to dress like one or to decorate your venue – you can get creative with your candy skulls and can also use them as bowls to serve snacks in! A simple décor idea that can be easily achieved can be used to transform your venue into an authentic Mexican Day of the Dead destination.


How to Throw Your Own Day of the Dead Carnival

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Parade Floats

Bring the streets of Mexico to your event by decorating your venue with giant skull floats packed with colour, boldness and lights! Whether you choose to feature one or five floats these brightly coloured creations can act as the focal point for your event and can transform any event destination and venue into a vibrant street parade!


How to Throw Your Own Day of the Dead Carnival

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Skull Garlands

In keeping with the candy skull décor, you can dress your venue with dangling paper skull garlands, flower petals and colourful centre pieces. By decorating your venue with hanging garlands of paper skulls and flowers your event will look high end, top class and will complement your aerialists as they perform in mid air! With event décor and prop suppliers that can cater to any theme and occasion, we can ensure that your Day of the Dead festival is bursting with life and stunning decorations.

Bringing Day of the Dead to Your Event

How to Throw Your Own Day of the Dead Carnival

So there you have a brief overview of the origins of the Day of the Dead and Mexican traditions you should honour when hosting your own celebration, in addition to the hit UK event Festival of the Dead which showcases exciting and dynamic entertainment options that you can take inspiration from.


With vibrant colours, exciting costume ideas and top class entertainment we can help you achieve the best event possible with our brilliant entertainment options and acts that can be tailored to suit your event better than you could ever imagine. A celebration of life that focuses on key messages of enjoying every moment and living for now, the Day of the Dead carnival gives event hosts the freedom to experiment with different entertainment to create an event spectacular that is the hottest date in your attendees’ calendars.


To enquire about our Day of the Dead themed acts and décor ideas or if you require further information about booking themed entertainment, please contact our Entertainment Specialists on +44 1626 572072.

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