How to Plan The Perfect Gold Themed Party

How to Plan The Perfect Gold Themed Party

Is it possible to plan a wow factor event without a touch of sparkle? Creating a luxuriant feeling at any venue, gold is the ultimate addition to any party colour scheme or event entertainment theme. Guaranteed to impress guests whatever the occasion, prepare to make a deal with Midas douse your party in solid gold!

Perhaps the most iconic decoration for any season, gold is a timeless style essential that creates a sense of glamour, sophistication and opulence at any gathering. Whether you are looking to demonstrate the success of your company with real gold ornaments or you simply want to adorn your party with decorations inspired by the most beautiful chemical element, gold offers a wealth of purely perfect party ideas to help you and your guests celebrate in style.


How to Plan The Perfect Gold Themed Party

It is vital to get the planning just right to make your gold party a glowing success. Paying attention to every detail of the event: from guests’ invitations to the drapes and lighting, will ensure that your party catches everybody’s eye. Don’t assume that you can leave most of your gold party planning to the day before the event - the secret to a sparkling party is foresight! By sending out beautiful invitations to guests, you will be setting a precedent about what is in store for them. Our Papercutting Artist is a truly exceptional designer. The perfect way to introduce your gold theme, our artist can use gold card to create a shining invitation that your guests will never want throw away.


How to Plan The Perfect Gold Themed Party

Greet guests as they arrive at your event dazzling golden decorations. This theme is all about sophistication and opulence so you want to create an atmosphere of abundance, whilst also knowing when to show restraint. There are so many options out there for buying beautiful gold decorations; however, if you are on a tight budget or simply want to add a personal touch to the party, there are also lots of ways to make your own glittering decor. An easy yet effective addition to party table settings are these glittering mason jars, inspired by KA Styles. Cascading light around your event venue, all you need to do is save up some jam jars, cover them in PVA and roll them in golden glitter!


Lighting is a must for any successful gold party. Not only does the right lighting bring warmth and glamour to events, it also helps to make the most of your event theme by shining onto golden decorations and adding an extra touch of sparkle. A fabulous lighting company for your event, Audiovisual Design Barcelona have a whole host of creative lighting options to make your New Years Eve special. From oversized L.O.V.E letters lit up by golden LEDs, to a deluge of fairy lights, turning your venue into an enchanted grotto, there is the ultimate lighting solution to bring your gold theme to life.


How to Plan The Perfect Gold Themed Party

Your guests have arrived and they have already marvelled at your beautiful decorations, now it is time to fill their bellies! But don’t think that this is the moment to forget your event theme - catering is a fantastic way to add an extra touch of gold to the proceedings. Creative Food Design London are a magical catering company, specialising in made-to-measure event food. From surreal spaghetti to snow globe inspired puddings, these caterers tailor their cuisine to your event theme or tastes. With a giant bag of fairy dust ready to adorn your dinner, there is no end to the sparkling possibilities offered by our bespoke chefs. Having worked with a wealth of VIP clients and venues, this formidable food service is guaranteed to be a hit.


If your guests aren’t full enough from their delicious golden dinner, why not top off the event catering with an artisan chocolate lollipop? Providing unique designer lollies for corporate and private events, these chocolatiers can add everything from a logo to a glittering pattern to their lollipops, made to order for each guest.


After all that eating your guests are sure to be thirsty so how about some extra sparkle with a cool glass of golden bubbly? Provided by a beautiful lady hanging from a crystal encrusted chandelier, of course. So much more than your average drinks service, our Champagne Chandelier Act is as much a show as it is event catering.


How to Plan The Perfect Gold Themed Party

No gold party would be complete without some spectacular entertainment, and we have found you a host of party ideas that will not disappoint! Meeting guests as they arrive and mingling throughout the night, our Gold Tree Stilt Walkers bring enchantment wherever they roam. A fun entertainment option, these lofty characters wear beautiful golden outfits, featuring spectacular golden branches and delicate pearlescent leaves. The perfect way to add grandeur to any venue, guests will be queuing to get a picture with our superb tree stilt walkers.


How to Plan The Perfect Gold Themed Party

To ensure that your gold theme event is remembered for years to come, you need a finale that is going to make guests’ jaws drop. The best way to achieve this is with a grand gesture. The most popular entertainment for a grand finale is fireworks because they offer a sensory overload as they sky is filled with lights and noise. Well suited to a gold themed party, opt for beautiful glittering fireworks that will fit in well with your gold decorations! Private Party Event Fireworks are one of our favourite suppliers because they offer beautiful displays, perfect for celebrations. If you are looking to book something a bit different but equally as amazing, our Flying Lantern Display is a magical entertainment option that will get guests involved in the event as they each let off their own golden paper latern and watch it disappear into the night sky.


Both requiring a suitable outdoor area, the benefit of these glowing finales is that they give guests the opportunity to go outside and take a breath of fresh air after spending the night inside your cosy venue. Make sure to specify that guests should bring something warm to wrap up in on the invitations or you will have a lot of shivering attendees!


With an almost endless list of golden party ideas available to choose from, there is no excuse not to add a touch of luxury to your special occasion with a glowing golden party theme. Whether it is New Years Eve or simply a sparkling celebration, guests will love getting their golden glad rags on and enjoying an evening of plenitude and glitter. 


__By Erin Pooley-Cooper

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