How Live Events and Advertising Campaigns Can Go Hand in Hand with Entertainment

How Live Events and Advertising Campaigns Can Go Hand in Hand with Entertainment

Live Events Vs Advertising: What’s Better for my Brand?


When we started to do some research about the differences between promoting a brand through advertising or at live events, we suddenly realised: is there any difference these days? 

Taking into account the majority of modern advertising can’t be considered ads per se, there is a clear basis for a debate here. For us at Scarlett Entertainment, the answer is neither is better, only different. Besides, who says live events and advertising can’t complement each other?

Let’s explore the best things about each to start with. 


The 5 best things about traditional advertising

What we understand by traditional advertising: TV, radio, billboards, print, digital banners, online adds, etc. 


  • It can be distributed through more than one channel
  • Mistakes can be spotted and changed 
  • Online campaigns are easy to measure and generate instant sales 
  • The information is simplified and easy to process
  • Campaigns can be adapted to different target audiences and translated into various languages 


The 5 best things about advertising at live events

What we understand by live events: pop-ups, brand activations, launch events, grand openings, private parties, etc. 


  • Unique, unrepeatable and engaging experiences for consumers
  • Event attendants can experience the brand first hand and test products 
  • Audience attends live events voluntarily, so having their attention is easier
  • Brands can connect with people in an emotional and sensory level
  • Potential new buyers can ask questions and doubts in situ 


However, everything has two sides: a good side and a bad side. For example, while live events are unique experiences, they’re also ephemeral. Or while traditional adverts can reach various markets and audiences, the space and time for communication is limited. 

By all means, we’d like you to see any ‘downside’ as an opportunity. Both live events and advertising reach your target audience in different ways. The important thing is your overall strategy is coordinated and coherent. And that can be achieved with entertainment.

Would you like to see some advertising campaign ideas that can be later brought to live events? The examples below are some of our favourites!


Entertainers for Advertising: Use the Same Concept in Both Adverts and at Live Events




Part of the Snickers’ ‘you’re not you when you’re hungry’ campaign, the below TV and online ad was launched in 2014 and was meant to target British consumers. However, considering the concept is so well developed and the fact the brand used such an internationally recognisable character, the advert has now become so popular that in 2018 Snickers decided to launch a new ad using the same concept but featuring Elton John

How to complement this ad at a live event:

How brilliant would it be if Snickers had a Mr Bean impersonator and some Ninja dancers posing for photos and handing out samples of their product at a promotional event or store opening? Don’t answer, we know what you’re thinking: it’d be awesome!



When Panasonic launched their Smart Viera TV, the London 2012 Olympic Games were around the corner. An official sponsor of this major sporting event, the brand took this opportunity to use a gymnast to promote their new product to encourage viewers to enjoy the Olympics in the ‘Official Television of the London 2012 Olympic Games’. 


How to complement this ad at a live event:


Present in the most important trade shows and exhibitions worldwide, Panasonic could have used any acrobats or gymnasts to attract potential buyers to their stand prior to the Olympics. They would not only catch the attention of attendants plus being consistent with their marketing strategy, but they would also restate their message: theirs is the official TV to watch the Olympic Games. 




One of the most reputable luxury vehicle brands in the market, Lexus’ new car model back in 2013 had a clear message to communicate: “stronger body for greater control”. Given this, the brand decided to use a discipline that literally embodies this concept: ballet. Demanding and sophisticated, ballet is a discipline that perfectly fit with Lexus’ campaign and ballerina Tamara Rojo was the chosen artist for this specific advert.


How to complement this ad at a live event:


For this specific product launch, Lexus and any other car brands can rely on ballerinas and any other dancers that they consider represent their values or specific campaign messages. Dancers can create bespoke shows to convey a message effectively, not to mention how artistic, mesmerising and unique it would be for audiences to witness a ballerina dance around a vehicle.




The multinational computer software company and favourite supplier for most designers, analysts and creative souls around the world launched the below advert in 2013. Their message: “there’s a better way to analyze data”. Positioning theirs as the go-to data analysis software, the company made use of humour by ‘hiring’ a robot for the role of an old-fashioned analyst. If a robot is old-fashioned, then their software is truly the ‘creme de la creme’ in analysis technology, isn’t it? Brilliant campaign. 


How to complement this ad at a live event:


There’s no doubt: inviting the robot to your event! Whether it be a product launch, a trade show or an exhibition, interactive robots are an unparalleled attention-grabber and endless source of fun and selfies. Definitely something to give people to talk about and an excellent way to keep the coherence between a TV advert and your promotional event. 




The most famous tortilla chips in the world relied on tortilla chips’ origins for the below TV advert. Targeting British consumers, the campaign message was ‘Add a little Mexican’. And we all know there are a few things more Mexican than tequila, burritos and Mariachi! The idea was simple: a Mariachi band crashing any party or event with Doritos in the menu. 


How to complement this ad at a live event:


Needless to say, but we’ll say it: Mariachi musicians are the go-to choice if your brand is looking to add a Mexican flavour to any occasion! A product launch, a promotional matter what type of event Doritos was present at, a Mariachi band would have made people instantly connect the product with the ad and the Mexican culture all at the same time. 


Emirates Airlines 


One of the biggest and most recognisable airlines in the world, some of the pillars of this Middle Eastern giant are luxurious facilities, unparalleled comfort while flying and diverse and quality inflight entertainment. The latter was the chosen message for the below advertising campaign, in which dancers transform into various characters that represent the different types of films, sports, tv shows and other entertainment travellers can enjoy onboard. 


How to complement this ad at a live event:


A group of dancers performing at an exhibition, trade show or event at Dubai or London airport (depending on the company’s target audience for this specific campaign) would be a great way to raise brand awareness and attract attention to what the airline is trying to communicate and sell, not to mention the number of pictures that would generate. Online buzz guaranteed!


Need Entertainers for Advertising? 


We’d love to hear which of the above ideas you like the most and also explore further campaigns, so if you’d like to share anything with us, feel free to tag us on Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin or Facebook


Have any of the above advertising campaign ideas triggered your creativity? Entertainers for advertising come in all shapes and forms, so don’t hesitate to get in touch and share your vision: we’d love to also share ours with you!


If you’re considering hiring entertainers for a TV advert, a live event or both, one of our Entertainment Specialists will be in touch with you within 24h. 

__By Juliana Rodriguez

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