How To Host An Authentic Steampunk Party

How To Host An Authentic Steampunk Party

H.G. Wells and Jules Verne described in his novels a distant future in which there are machines that make everything possible: travelling in time, flying to the moon, moving heavy tanks, etc. Nothing seems impossible when you have steam engines producing enormous amounts of energy. These eccentric and revolutionary ideas gave birth to a science fiction subgenre known as Steampunk. Within this type of literature, technology before the Industrial Revolution reaches similar or higher levels to machines nowadays. It’s hardly surprising, therefore, that Steampunk has become an increasingly popular trend among party organisers and event planners.

Steampunk theme events are increasingly common and the range of vintage and retro entertainers available is constantly growing as well. Therefore, this leads to the following logical question: how to host an authentic steampunk party that stands out? Scarlett Entertainment can offer you a variety of steampunk party ideas that are guaranteed to transport guests at your celebration to the Victorian era without the help of a time machine!

Interactive performances for steampunk theme events
Themed Bubble Magician

How To Host An Authentic Steampunk Party

Attired in a purple Victorian outfit with retro goggles and 19th century glasses, this Themed Bubble Magician is guaranteed to make an impression at any steampunk party. Guests will not only be amazed by his authentic and original looks, but also by his talents and natural ability to connect with party goers of all ages.


This Victorian-style bubbleologist is an ideal steampunk entertainment option for open-air celebrations, where little ones can follow him around trying to pop the soap bubbles he produces with his magical spectactle and net! At the time of the Industrial Revolution when most of the Steampunk novels take place, entertainers such as this used to perform in the streets for the middle and lower classes. By booking this themed bubble performer, you can provide your Steampunk theme event with a genuine Victorian atmosphere and, besides, you will keep guests entertained and make them truly feel part of your party.

Flying Machine Interactive Act

How To Host An Authentic Steampunk Party

The following steampunk party idea will make any parade, festival or steampunk theme event an occasion to be remembered by all attendees. Our Flying Machine Interactive Act will inspire guests imagination and make it fly - almost literally! A group of vintage and retro entertainers dressed in authentic steampunk aviator outfits will roam around your party asking people to help them ‘repair’ their machine, as well as posing for photos and talking to guests about all manner of steampunk related contraptions.


Inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci’s flying machines, this replica is sure to capture people’s attention right away. This steampunk entertainment option can be a great addition to family events, as children are usually very impressed by this original and eccentric ‘airplane’ and are always willing to participate. This theatrical act brings smiles to both children and adults’ faces, its authentic look will have everyone talking about the authentic steampunk party they attended!

Roaming Steampunk Group

How To Host An Authentic Steampunk Party

Stilt walkers always attract a great deal of attention, as they stand at least a head or two above the crowd. Well, imagine how much attention this Roaming Steampunk Group can capture with their unique and eccentric costumes. Consisting of stilt walkers and other roaming characters such as steampunk monkeys, this group of charismatic vintage and retro entertainers is sure to be the centre of attention at any party.


For a steampunk theme event to be truly authentic, unique and bizarre characters such as these are essential. Their eye-catching wings, top hats, aviator goggles and many other vintage props will make guests at any party really feel like they’re at a 19th century celebration. In addition, they can warmly welcome attendees at the entrance of your venue, acting as a preview of what guests can expect to see inside.

Comical Roaming Chimps

How To Host An Authentic Steampunk Party

These peculiar roaming characters will add a touch of humour and extravagance to your steampunk theme event. The story behind these Comical Roaming Chimps is baffling. According to popular belief, chimps used to be taken captive from the wild and trained to act like humans. Although the chimps never managed to mimic human behaviour they way they were expected, they were very popular characters in 19th century poems and children’s stories.


These comical chimps can make these 19th century stories real by showing up at your party. They will behave half like chimps, half like humans, which means they’ll probably sniff objects and scratch themselves in inappropriate places, causing onlookers to burst into laughter. Dressed in different Victorian outfits, our roaming chimps can make your event the authentic steampunk party you want it to be.

Eccentric shows by vintage and retro entertainers
Steam Punk Trapeze Act

How To Host An Authentic Steampunk Party

If you’re hosting a stumpunk theme event that requires a stage performance, then this Steam Punk Trapeze Act can be the perfect fit for it. A breath-taking circus show that will captivate audiences not only with their dazzling choreography, but also with their retro stage design and their vintage steampunk outfits.


This duo of acrobats can be the icing on the cake of your authentic steampunk party, as they can deliver a stage show that will leave people wide-eyed and, at the same time, make them feel like they’re watching some genuine Victorian entertainers perform. 

Steam Punk String Quartet

Every party needs music, and this Steam Punk String Quartet can be the ideal live group to perform at your party. As might be expected from vintage and retro entertainers, they don’t play instruments such as electric guitars or modern drum sets, but violins, double basses and cellos. These themed musicians will play their own classically-style compositions or covers of famous classical pieces, bringing to your steampunk party a musical style that will perfectly fit the theme. 


This group of professional string musicians will make guests travel in time and really party like a Victorian steampunk! Their mesmerising melodies will create an authentic Victorian atmosphere and are guaranteed to make audiences step onto the dance floor and try to recreate Victorian ballroom dancing. No doubt these live performers will make your guests dance and jump around, laughing and enjoying themselves.

Steam Punk Puppet Band

How To Host An Authentic Steampunk Party

For those who are really looking for something exceptional and unique for their steampunk theme events, this Steam Punk Puppet Band will meet your expectations and exceed them. Exceptional musicians disguised as giant puppets and other steampunk characters, this live party band will offer an electrifying performance that will leave guests talking about it for years to come.


Their eccentric looks and the dynamic shows they deliver have made them an in-demand steampunk entertainment option for vintage and retro weddings, festivals and parties. Nominated for the ‘Weirdest Band in the World’, steampunk theme events looking for a completely extraordinary party band, this is the musical ensemble for it. The perfect sci-rock band for a sci-fiction party.

Vintage Circus Themed Dancers

How To Host An Authentic Steampunk Party

A steampunk theme event or any other party would not be complete without some real dancing. That’s why these Vintage Circus Themed Dancers can be the vintage and retro entertainers to make your occasion a unique and vibrant experience. These themed performers combine the best of acrobatics and dancing with outstanding retro circus outfits that include stripy tights, top hats, goggles and eye makeup.


Their vintage circus style show will provide your party with the retro touch that so much characterises steampunk theme events. These themed circus dancers will captivate even little ones with their exceptional costumes and adults will be delighted not only with their characterisation, but also with their display of flawless technique and incredible talent. 

Steampunk Alice in Wonderland

The famous characters created by Lewis Carroll transform into steampunk performers especially for this show. Steampunk Alice in Wonderland is an original adaptation of the children’s book classic. An innovative theatrical production that involves singing, dancing and acrobatics. A variety of vintage and retro entertainers and circus performers from various disciplines join forces to bring a spectacle that will captivate different generations of Alice in Wonderland fans.


Stilt walkers, aerialists, dancers and actors bring Alice in Wonderland characters life, but they add a cool factor: the steampunk factor! Their retro and extravagant outfits from another era will make guests at your party feel like they’re watching an authentic retro circus performance. These mystifying characters will add a touch of sophistication and mystery to your celebration, which is precisely what your event needs to be an authentic steampunk party!


Hosting an authentic steampunk party can be a challenging task, but by following the suggestions above, you can really achieve a high level of authenticity. Keep in mind it’s all about aesthetics and finding the vintage and retro entertainers that really look like science fiction characters will make all the difference. Audience interaction is a good idea when it comes to steampunk theme events because people always show interest in what’s different and striking. Music, dancing and circus performances are also great steampunk party ideas, as audiences love witnessing how Victorian entertainers may have looked, acted and sounded.


If you liked the above suggestions, make sure you spread inspiration by sharing this article and letting us know which your favourite steampunk party idea was by tagging us o Twitter @scarlettent. If you’re hosting a steampunk theme event and would like to find out more about the above mentioned acts and artists, contact our team of experts on 01626 572 072 and let them advise you on what the best options for your party are.

__By Juliana Rodriguez

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