How High-Tech Entertainment Can Create Social Buzz After Your Event

How High-Tech Entertainment Can Create Social Buzz After Your Event

With digital and social media forming such an integral part of our lives today, events can now live on long after the guests have left if you choose the right approach and utilise the latest technology. 

Discussed, booked, rated and shared online months before and after the actual event itself, it’s now imperative that events managers consider their guests’ end-to-end digital journey experience. 

From the very first Instagram ad, influencer review, Facebook invite, or digital interaction that sparks interest, to the lasting digital memories and online conversation that follows, entertainment can help encourage a surge of social buzz post-event to ensure that the experience lives on. This in turn creates meaningful interactions and engenders brand loyalty. 

With this in mind, we explore a range of innovative high-tech entertainment that will stop guests in their tracks at your event, boost social media interaction, and increase event engagement online.

Live Streaming at Events - Broaden Your Reach


Video is an ever increasingly popular content form. Bombarded with content from all angles, time-poor millennials often turn to video as an easy way to view the latest online content. With a smartphone in the back pocket of most of your audience, whether they’re at your event or not, live streaming at events helps to widen your reach to those who couldn’t physically attend the event. 


Lending a ‘breaking news’ vibe to your event, our Event Reporters and Event Presenters can interview guests, report on the action, and live stream the goings on to your digital audience. 


Why not give GoPros or smartphones to your social media team so that they can stream their experiences live via Facebook or Instagram? Or choose artists with a large social media following to do an Instagram takeover? A behind the scenes look at the action offers a different perspective for your guests to watch after the event, as well as encouraging them to ‘react’ with comments and emojis in real time. 


Showing outsiders what they’re missing at the event also helps build FOMO (fear of missing out), which will help boost the demand for attendance at future events!


How High-Tech Entertainment Can Create Social Buzz After Your Event

Live streaming at events encourages real-time interactions as well as engaging behind the scenes content for guests to catch up later

Embrace Social Media Interactions with Sharable Content 

With a recent shift in consumer behaviour away from buying ‘things’ to spending money on experiences, today’s attendees are looking for more than just entertainment. Seeking immersive events and novel experiences, the more guests can share on social media the better. 


This plays brilliantly into the hands of events managers who are able to create bespoke hashtags, branded photo opportunities, photo booths, and Snapchat geofilters to brand any content guests are sharing online, connecting it directly to their event and brand. 


Encouraging social media interaction with an innovative photo experience, this 360-Degree Video Booth controls a mechanical rotating arm which records in 4K resolution while doing a 360-degree loop around the subject. The result transforms the videos into creative GIF, Boomerang and slow-motion videos, which can be shared instantly across multiple social media platforms, perfect for taking the humble photo booth to the next level. 


Video booths and GIFs are the new photo booth for social media interaction


Create Never Seen Before Photo Ops


Acts that offer never-seen-before performances are social media gold as they are highly likely to end up on guests’ feeds. Mix and mingle artists with exceptional visuals, high-tech entertainment, and weird and wonderful concepts generate social buzz with the interactive face to face nature of their performances. 


Guest love getting up close and personal with high tech entertainment such as our LED Disco Heads whose futuristic robot heads illuminate events spaces with multicoloured lights. Equally as impressive is our Custom LED Costume creators who design dazzling futuristic and space-age outfits for everything from festivals and branded events to product launches and music videos. 


How High-Tech Entertainment Can Create Social Buzz After Your Event

Guests are guaranteed to post selfies and interactions with striking mix and mingle acts 


Offer Personalisation for an Extra-Special Branded Memento


Taking the experience one step further, any personalisation or entertainment that offers a one-of-a-kind memento will encourage social sharing further. 


This stunning Live Light Painting Artist creates bespoke light paintings around guests, showcasing amazing photographic techniques using torches and a long exposure camera. The result is a dreamlike image totally personalised to our artist’s subject, and perfect for fantasy-themed events, parties, festivals, weddings and more. 


An original, innovative and unique gift, eye art images are guaranteed to catch the attention of your audience. These Eye Art Photographers give guests the opportunity to discover a fascinating galaxy of forms, shapes and colours that is truly unique. A stunning piece of unique art that people can treasure forever, these human eye photos can be professionally-printed live at your event, or digital versions are also available so your guests can share them online. All eye art images can be branded with logos, websites or any other text to achieve maximum exposure.


How High-Tech Entertainment Can Create Social Buzz After Your Event

Personalised mementoes created with high-tech entertainment creates shareable collateral 

Reverse the Artist and Audience Roles


Guests will spend a lot of time photographing high-tech entertainment, but reversing the roles creates an even more immersive and engaging experience. 


High-tech entertainment that catches your guests’ unfiltered reactions, heartwarming moments and candid poses can often become far more meaningful than posed snaps. 


This Super Selfie artist creates wide-angled shots of everyone in your crowd for images with a unique perspective. Tagging helps attendees find each other and connect digitally post-event.


Our Walkabout Projection Act can to be concealed from guests. A miniature projector is worn by a digital puppeteer who controls the movements of the animation throughout the event. Moving freely through your venue, the hallucinogenic projections will interact with guests, creating a social buzz as people explore the moving images which have appeared as if by magic. 


Capture event highlights on film, so your attendees can revisit significant moments long after the event ends. They’ll delight in spotting themselves, colleagues, friends and family in official showreels, often resharing the content and expanding social media interaction. We offer a range of the highest quality event photographers and videographers that will capture the highlights your event so you can focus on the smooth running of it.


How High-Tech Entertainment Can Create Social Buzz After Your Event

Artists that photograph and film guests makes for an interesting twist


Maximise The Impact Of Your Next Event 


Encouraging event engagement with high-tech entertainment is a great way to inspire guests to share thoughts, reactions, new connections, and stunning visuals online. Create social buzz by ensuring you have unique photo ops, elements of personalisation, and immersive experiential encounters. A simple, unique hashtag helps you to join the conversation and interact with content in a personal and meaningful way. 


Before, during, and especially after the event itself, consider your guests’ end to end digital experience across every touch point to ensure those memories live on.



Scarlett Entertainment can create, build and deliver a whole range of tailored high-tech entertainment experiences to suit the social event engagement needs of your event. Discover more of our high-tech entertainment performances guaranteed to encourage social buzz in our social media age. 


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Our Entertainment Specialists are experienced industry professionals that can help you develop entertainment briefs from concept through to delivery. Get in touch with our team to discuss your objectives and together we will create the unheard-of.

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