How to Cause a Stir at Events with Surprise Entertainment

How to Cause a Stir at Events with Surprise Entertainment

Event organisers find it increasingly challenging to provide something different for their events, particularly if it is an annual event or conference. Regular event attendees are used to seeing the same kinds of entertainment over and over again, so what better way to throw expectations out the window than with a surprise performance that no one saw coming? No matter what the event is, whether it is a wedding, party, corporate event or public event, guests are certain to be in awe of a surprise performance, and it will definitely make your event unforgettable.

From flash mob dancers to LED performers, and circus artists we have a wide range of surprise acts that will do what other entertainment can’t. Here is a selection of favourite surprise entertainment options and how you can incorporate them into your event.


Flash Mob Performances

How to Cause a Stir at Events with Surprise Entertainment

Flash mob entertainment has proven hugely popular as a way for event organisers to stun their guests with an exciting and unforeseen performance. There are so many entertainment styles available with plenty of customisable options. Our flash mob performances come in a range of line-up sizes and styles, and whether it is surprise dancers or singers, the performance can be tailored to your particular venue and event theme.


As well as considering the location and theme when booking flash mob performers for your event, it is equally important to consider the guest demographics to ensure an effective and an exciting surprise performance that all your guests will enjoy! For example, for a young corporate audience aged 25-35, modern surprise dancers or beatboxers would be great options as they coincide with the audience’s taste for current music and modern dance moves.


Aside from corporate dinners, awards ceremonies, private parties, weddings and wedding proposals, this particular style of surprise entertainment is also perfect for public events. An unexpected performance in the middle of a street or shopping mall is sure to grab the attention of your target audience. The performance can even be recorded professionally and shared on your social media channels after the event to promote your company. Amateur videos may also appear online and who knows it may even go viral!


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A specific type of flash mob entertainment that has proven extremely popular in recent years, and shows no sign of stopping, is singing or dancing waiters! While your guests are enjoying their dinner they will be completely caught off guard with an unexpected performance from the waiting staff! So believable are our experienced actors, guests won’t have seen it coming at all. Our singing and dancing waiter shows can be tailored to your specific event incorporate a specific scenario or VIP person, a particular style of music and if you really want our surprise performers could appear as a photographer, chef or VIP speaker – the only limit is your imagination.


LED Surprise Performances


How to Cause a Stir at Events with Surprise Entertainment

For an unanticipated and technology focused show why not have a surprise LED performance at your event? This is a successful after-dinner entertainment option for corporate events, as well as for opening ceremonies, parties and conferences!


There are many different options available; however, it is important to select the surprise LED performance that is right for your event in order to maximise the impact for your guests.


One style of entertainment that is proving to be a favourite with event planners in 2016 is LED hover board performers. A fantastically unique option, they can perform a surprise performance by swiftly gliding into the venue and appearing fully light up on stage ready for a high-energy full choreographed LED show – no one will be expecting that! This energetic stage show is highly skilled, as the performers have to achieve slick movements whilst balancing on their hoverboards.


Similarly, LED drummers can perform a surprise LED performance that is both breathtaking and unpredicted. At the beginning of the show, the professional percussionists perform dramatic and powerful drumming at the back of the room and then make their way through the audience and onto the stage for a WOW factor show!


LED Tron dancers can also be used to create a stunning surprise performance for your guests. Just imagine the venue suddenly plunging into complete darkness leaving audiences to wonder why only for dazzling LED lights to appear on stage moments later – the start of a sensational high-impact show.


From theatre events to after dinner shows, LED surprise performances work perfectly for various types of events, due to their high-energy nature and visual appeal with the LED lights.


Surprise Stunt Performances


How to Cause a Stir at Events with Surprise Entertainment

If you are looking for a daring and exciting surprise performance to captivate your audience why not consider stunt performers. The surprise element used in these performances can vary depending on your requirements. However, a great method is to have pre-selected members of the audience, for example, VIP guests, participate in the stunt show alongside the professional performers. This will work really well for performances involving escapology as the guests can take part in the exciting tricks.


Unexpected BMX stunt riders can perform a thrilling and exhilarating show which begins with the riders zooming into the venue and weaving through the audience, and escalates into a full stage show with jumps, flips and spins performed in a daring extravaganza of action.


Surprise parkour performers or wheel of death performers are another great way to astound guests with an engaging and unanticipated show. As props are required for this type of surprise entertainment it would be recommended that a screen be used to hide the props or staging from the audience. When the surprise performance begins the screen can be quickly whipped away to amaze guests both with the performance as well as the daring visual display on stage!


Stunt shows work particularly well for outdoor or public events as well as festivals, as a significant performance space is required. However, they are also great for corporate dinners and award ceremonies to energise guests.


Surprise Circus Performances


How to Cause a Stir at Events with Surprise Entertainment

Circus entertainment is perfect for a wide range of events themes and can be used in many different ways to cause at stir at your event, whether with fire dancers, aerialists, acrobats or jugglers. For a high impact surprise performance different circus skills can be combined together in a dramatic and multi-talented display!


Aerialists can be used in a unique way to create a breathtaking surprise show where the performers drop from rigging points in the ceiling – something your audience definitely won’t be expecting! Aerial silks work particularly well as they just look like part of the decor until the surprise performance begins!


For networking events or drinks receptions what works perfectly for a surprise performance is having different circus skilled performers around the venue on small stages or podiums. This can include fire breathers, contortionists, acrobatic duos or jugglers, which will leave guests not knowing where to look! This surprise entertainment can be made even more dramatic with spotlights focused on all of the podiums to create eye-catching focal points that will make guests stare in amazement at the surrounding entertainment!


Surprise circus-themed entertainment works well at a variety of events with bespoke shows created including circus skills tailored to your specific event theme.




There are many different ways that surprise entertainment can be used at events to excite and captivate the audience with an unexpected WOW factor performance! If you would like more information about which surprise performance would be perfect for your event get in contact and one our entertainment specialist will be happy to help.


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