How to Bring the Chinese Circus to your Event

How to Bring the Chinese Circus to your Event

The circus has a long history in China with traditional Chinese acrobatics dating back more than 2,000 years. Very different from the Western circus, which impressed crowds with clowns and exotic animals, the Chinese circus enchanted audiences with performances from Shaolin Monks, Peking Opera and of course the prevalent figure of the Monkey King.

Today the Chinese circus still incorporates many of these traditional elements as well as Kung Fu, Lion Dance, Plate Spinners, Diabolo and Aerial Silks. Offering an exciting cultural experience that can’t be found anywhere else in the world.

Chinese circus acts are an exciting and unique way to entertain guests at all kinds of events. From full stage shows to individual performers as walkabout or gala entertainment, Chinese circus acts will impress guests and leave a lasting impression! So without further ado here’s Scarlett Entertainment’s best Chinese circus acts so that you can bring the Chinese Circus to your event…

Full Shows

How to Bring the Chinese Circus to your Event

Offering an array of exciting traditional Chinese circus acts including contortion, diabolo, plate spinning, acrobatics, as well as many more, our Chinese performance group will bring the entire Chinese circus to your event!


Dazzling and beautiful costumes, high quality lighting, set design and choreography make this performance one of the most enchanting Chinese circus shows on offer. Enacted by talented and professional acrobats and performers this show captures the hearts of its audience.


Each act seamlessly comes together to create a truly exhilarating show that recreates all the thrill and excitement of visiting the Chinese state circus!


How to Bring the Chinese Circus to your Event

Alternatively, if you want to bring a taste of the Chinese circus to a winter event, this unique act transplants the traditional Chinese circus show onto ice!


Breathing fresh air into traditional Chinese circus performance this group create a new dynamic that combines both the traditional and the contemporary. Audiences will watch on with bated breath as world-class professional ice skaters glide across the stage at high speed, demonstrating daring jumps and somersaults. Reinvigorating the traditional Chinese circus show on ice, this performance group will transport your guests to ‘The Big Top’ in winter.




How to Bring the Chinese Circus to your Event

Combining traditional Chinese circus acrobatics with aqua-aerobics this show brings the Chinese circus to your event but with a contemporary edge. In this show four stunning professional acrobats give a jaw-dropping performance atop (and in) a giant transparent water bowl, creating a unique and exciting visual effect.


Dressed in beautiful, traditional Chinese circus costumes, these acrobats showcase elegance, agility, flexibility, strength and balance. Technically impressive they will bring a unique taste of the Chinese circus to gala dinners, ceremonies and corporate events.




How to Bring the Chinese Circus to your Event

One of the most long-standing traditional Chinese circus acts, pole acrobatics is a truly impressive visual spectacle that will simultaneously impress guests and transport them to the heart of the Chinese circus.


Edge-of-your-seat entertainment at its best, audiences will watch in amazement as colourfully dressed professional aerialists slide, dance and free run up and down a number of vertical aluminium poles. An exhilarating performance it is perfect for gala events after dinner shows and large-scale public events.


A contemporary variation on the Chinese circus’ traditional aerial silks is performed by this talented group of skilled aerialists from Zhenghou China performing on giant suspended cube like structures. They gracefully perform a series of intricate aerial acrobatics that will leave guests feeling utterly amazed. Dressed in traditional Chinese circus costumes they showcase a remarkable combination of strength, extreme flexibility and creativity.


How to Bring the Chinese Circus to your Event

One of the circus’ most popular aerial acrobatic acts, the flying trapeze recreates all the fun and excitement of the circus at your event. Flying through mid air before being caught just in time by their partner, the trapeze has long been one of the circus’ most daring and exciting acts. Also seen at Western circuses no circus would be complete without one!


Lion Dance


How to Bring the Chinese Circus to your Event

No Chinese circus show would be complete without a Lion Dance! A dance traditionally performed at Chinese New Year, this is a colourful show designed to bring good luck and prosperity. With red, gold and white costumes up to 8 lions take to the stage. Performed by experienced Shaolin Kung Fu Masters this is a high-quality show that will add a touch of the Chinese circus to your event.


Kung Fu


How to Bring the Chinese Circus to your Event

Mixing traditional Chinese martial arts with lively modern theatre, Kung Fu Shaolin is a carefully staged show that showcases unrivalled Kung Fu skills, exquisite ballet and elegant acrobatics. Set to a backdrop of carefully designed sets, lighting and enchanting music, this is an exhilarating performance that pours new vitality into high-level Chinese performance art.


If you’re looking for something a little more traditional to bring a taste of the Chinese circus to your event, our Shaolin Kung Fu Show recreates the legend of the Shaolin Warrior Monks told through a carefully choreographed Wushu performance. Performed by real Shaolin Kung Fu masters; each performer is dressed in traditional costume with ropes, spears, samurai swords and flags as props.


Something a little different…


Although not a traditional Chinese circus act, this professional motorcycle stunt group give a high-octane performance that will add an undeniable wow-factor to your event. 


One of the most dangerous and spectacular motorcycle stunt performances in Asia, the unparalleled skill and bravery of the shows’ performers sees four, five, then six motorcyclists race inside of a giant spherical metal cage at incredible speeds. Created and enacted by one of Asia’s best performing circus groups, this gravity defying show is completed by atmospheric lighting and dramatic music.


Perfect for opening ceremonies, after dinner shows and festivals, this thrilling performance brings a taste of the new Chinese circus to your event.


For more Chinese Circus inspired entertainment in Asia or around the world email the Scarlett Entertainment team for more ideas and inspiration! -


__By Alanna Bestwick

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