How to Bring an Authentic Japanese Flavour to Your Spring Event

How to Bring an Authentic Japanese Flavour to Your Spring Event

Spring in Japan is a sacred time of year. The Hanami is a traditional celebration of cherry blossoms festival and is one of the world’s most beautiful and carefree annual events. For interesting seasonal party ideas, why not go off the beaten track and create a Japanese themed event to celebrate this beautiful occasion?

While it doesn’t have the clout of Chinese New Year or St. Patrick’s Day, the Japanese Spring Festival is a wonderful cultural event and worth celebrating all the same. Whether you’ve got Japanese relatives or you simply want an excuse for a Japanese themed event, it’s a great chance to put up the chochin (Japanese paper lanterns), crack open a few bottles of sakē (Japanese rice wine), hire sushi caterers and practice your shamisen (perhaps not that last one). 

Traditionally, the festival is held under a sakura/cherry tree, but there’s a reasonable chance you don’t have one of those kicking about. Nonetheless, it’s a great excuse to decorate and celebrate, and we’re going to show you exactly how. 

Something a Little Bit Different

How to Bring an Authentic Japanese Flavour to Your Spring Event

Japan has a long history of performing arts, and they’re unlike those of any other culture. To get a flavour of these unique practices, why not book our Japanese Entertainment act?


Including elements of traditional Nō theatre, dance and ancient Japanese music, this show will transport you to the land of the rising sun in a powerful way. Complete with drums, flutes, glorious costumes and amazing aesthetics, the show will leave you breathless.

Get Cultural

How to Bring an Authentic Japanese Flavour to Your Spring Event

Many Japanese arts focus on discipline and skill instead of gregarious showmanship. This is perhaps most true of their fabled calligraphy artists, who can take a lifetime to reach ‘master’ status.


Having a Japanese calligrapher at your party provides a powerful sense of sophistication and class. Our Japanese Calligrapher will wear elaborate, traditional Japanese dress and paint beautiful symbols on pages of varying sizes. With an ability to customise her work completely, she’s able to create designs for any theme or aesthetic that you like.


She will also be able to translate things like people’s names into Japanese and provide guests with simple but remarkable mementos of your event. And her presence at any Japanese themed event will add to its authenticity!


Much of her appeal is in the performance as well as the product, and your guests will be enraptured by her smooth, flowing motions as she writes her kanji. 

Food And Drink

How to Bring an Authentic Japanese Flavour to Your Spring Event

For many people, the most Japanese thing ever is sushi. And it’s a pretty good start. We don’t know one person that doesn’t like the healthy Japanese cuisine, though for something that looks so simple, it’s notoriously difficult to make.


But rather than ordering the little rolls in from a local takeaway, why not make your own? You don’t know how, you say?


That’s where we come in. We’ve plenty of sushi making workshops that not only provide you with delectable nigiri and maki but teach you the skills you need to make it every night of the week. It’s great fun, interactive and will involve all of your guests


Something that the Japanese enjoy almost as much as the British is tea. Why not complement your sushi workshop by attempting a Japanese tea ceremony, or have a traditional English one to go alongside? Our Vintage Tea Party London provide all the necessaries, and teach you how to do things properly.


And don’t forget to get a few bottles of sake and warm them up ready for the real party…

Time For Taiko

How to Bring an Authentic Japanese Flavour to Your Spring Event

Now’s when your guests can prepare to be amazed. Book a Taiko drumming act and watch your audience’s jaws drop simultaneously. 


Taiko drumming is a Japanese drum performance comprising choreographed moves by dance-drummers where they strike drums of varying sizes in martial arts style. The spectacle is astonishing, and the drums themselves can get to pretty impressive sizes. In concentrically bigger semi-circles, the drums are arranged with a massive beast at the centre.


The show is as energetic as it gets, with some amazing moves performed by the drummers. Many acts tour around parties and events, meaning there’s sure to be something suited to your event size and budget. Take a look at the acts we’ve got - and many will also offer workshops so you and your guests can get involved. 


What Now?


So your lanterns are glowing while swinging in the breeze through the cherry blossoms. Your guests have each got a beaker of warm sakē, and you're all well-sated with sushi and sashimi. What’s left to do? 


The Hanami is about impermanence, with the short but beautiful lifespan of the cherry blossom symbolising it. So there’s nothing better to do than simply enjoy the moment. 


Contact our dedicated team of entertainment providers to help coordinate your own Hanami today.

__By Jonathan Cripps

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