How To Add Meaningful Entertainment To Your Sporting Event

How To Add Meaningful Entertainment To Your Sporting Event

Adding meaningful entertainment to an event is the key that can unlock the phones of guests. When event entertainment is well thought through it will get attendees sharing your event on social media with friends around the world, with your branding taking centre stage. 

If you are using an upcoming sporting event or sporting theme to attract people to your venue, brand, or conference then you need to read this. The information in this blog provides insight into how you can get the most out of your sporting event this year.

Try something different, do the unheard of and get noticed, you don’t just have to use typical sporting entertainment for a sports themed event.

Bring The Wow Factor | Sporting Event Entertainment

Wow factor entertainment uses pioneering acts to create the ultimate spectacle enabling your event experience to be remembered for years to come. Although, we do offer wow factor acts such as our Human Cannonball and LED Aerial Balloon Show, often, it’s a combination of acts that create wow factor moments for your guests to cherish for years to come. 


Our multilingual team of insightful entertainment experts understand how to combine acts on our roster to give a unique experience for your corporate event. Before you pick up the phone to speak to our team here are a few more ideas of what you can do.


National Themed Entertainment

From music, dancers to sports stars we can provide whatever you need to support your national team at a conference or at a sporting event. These types of themed cultural events create a sense of togetherness and inclusivity, whilst bringing together business professionals from all over the world.


Circus Spectacle

Add a football freestyler, LED Basketball Show or an extreme sports team to one of our circus shows and give your audience a different entertainment experience. Watch the video below for a sneak peak of what your show could look like. 


A different experience with your brand | Meaningful Entertainment

At Scarlett Entertainment we can brand almost any of our experiences and having your brand attached to something different enables your customers to associate a positive experience with your organisation. 


Our robot waiter makes for the perfect branded showcase for pop up sports-themed events. This cute chap can wear your team shirt and create cocktails and mocktails inside his branded team bar. Drinks can be served in branded cups and cocktails can be created to showcase your team's colours. This form of experiential marketing is being used everywhere and ‘companies such as Birchbox and even Amazon are investing in a physical presence’ (source: Exposure Analytics). 


How To Add Meaningful Entertainment To Your Sporting Event

Robot Waiter


Kate Fowler, one of our Scarlett Entertainment specialists recently created this type of shared experience at a conference exhibition stand for Microgaming.


Attract Media Attention | Sporting Event Entertainment

Our extensive and high quality pool of artists are available to give press and media a different entertainment experience. Instead of using generic sporting entertainment for your brand activation why not look our related entertainment options that create a shared experience for guests and the press to interact with. 


How To Add Meaningful Entertainment To Your Sporting Event

Live event artists and speed painters capture the essence of your brand values and colours on a canvas to be auctioned off or kept at your head office after the event.


Our Live Event Artist featured above is a superb addition to corporate functions and product launches. Her artwork has been shortlisted for the SWA and Ashurst Emerging Artist Prize and she chats to guests as she produces branded masterpieces.


Insightful Experts

Whether it’s a celebrity talking about a past experience or an interactive workshop teaching potential customers about how your product can be used in different ways; the fact of the matter is aspirational people love gaining new knowledge. Educational entertainment is at the forefront of the minds of many #EventProfs and if it’s not at the front of yours just yet, then it should be. 


Two-time gold Paralympic medalist Ellie Simmonds delivers inspirational speeches at conference events around the globe. Her achievements in and out of the swimming pool make for an inspirational sporting personality to add value and inspire anyone with an ambition for success at your next event.


How To Add Meaningful Entertainment To Your Sporting Event

Ellie Simmonds


Football tricksters and other sports experts provide interactive sports workshops for people at your event to try out and learn how to beat the pros. These entertainers not only provide a fun engaging arena which can be branded but they attract large crowds of people who are eager to find out more about your brand or product. 


How To Add Meaningful Entertainment To Your Sporting Event


Football Trickster Team UK


Adding Meaningful Entertainment To Your Sporting Event assures that you will get the most out of your money. Meaningful sporting event entertainment will help you forge links, reinforce your brand values and grab the attention of your target market. 


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If you are looking for inspiration inside of your office why not take a look at this; Spontaneous Sporting Activities to surprise your employees.

__By Elliot Pettifer

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