Hot Event Industry Trends: The Power of Personalisation

Hot Event Industry Trends: The Power of Personalisation

Personalised Gifts and Favours: The Desire to See Something Different and New 

If you’re an avid follower of event industry trends, you might already be familiar with personalised gifts and favours and their popularity amongst event professionals. An ongoing trend that seems to have solidified in the last few years, branded giveaway items and customised event experiences’ growing popularity also entail challenges. 

According to a study run by Eventsforce, 9 in 10 event planners are using personalisation around events. With consumers and event attendees expecting the whole event experience to be tailored to them in some way, as Entertainment Specialists we have tirelessly worked on finding and producing personalised gifts and favours that stand out from the rest and ways to effectively measure their ROI. 


Measuring the ROI of Personalisation Efforts

First things first. Make sure you run away from agencies guaranteeing ROI. One of the points many event experts agree on is the fact that measuring the return a business is getting from personalisation is not easy. 

“It’s difficult to see what kind of return you’re getting from doing personalisation” claims Carla Jones, Head of Event Operations and Client Services at Haymarket Events. Even though experts agree basic personalisation is a given nowadays, the challenges of measuring its success are big. 

However, with consumers demanding to live the whole brand experience, providing them with something unique and different seems to be a must. A great example of this is Nike, whose stores offer visitors and Plus members to experience the brand first hand through visual and sonic installations and the possibility to personalise their products with the help of an expert, among other services. 

Hot Event Industry Trends: The Power of Personalisation

Measuring the ROI of personalisation at events is a big and exciting challenge event professionals are facing today


At Scarlett Entertainment we understand the challenges brands and business face when finding the right take-home gift or creating the perfect customised event experience, not to mention how challenging measuring the ROI of personalisation could be. 


That’s why we’re more than happy to advise on unique solutions and ideas for people to be happy to give you the information you need to measure ROI. With registration systems regarded by 84% of event planners as the most effective data collection tool, we can recommend various methods that have proven effective in the past to encourage people to complete a registration form. 



Before getting into more detail below, remember three important things:

  1. Encourage attendees to fill in registration forms, answer questions or complete surveys, but don’t force them to or let them feel obligated to do it
  2. When collecting personal data, make sure you comply with the current GDPR legislation. If you need help with this, make sure you seek legal advice or speak to us
  3. Avoid being intrusive by making forms and surveys simple and request few but quality data. For example, don’t ask for people’s date of birth if you only need to know if they’re over 18. 


Key Ingredients of Personalisation: Fun, Interaction and Uniqueness


As tricky as it might seem, finding unique gift ideas for event attendees can also be an entertaining challenge! That’s definitely how we always approach this. Once contacted by a brand, business or event planner, we will discuss in great detail what the goal of your event is and what ideas you already have in mind. 


After listening carefully to your initial idea, our Entertainment Specialists will make use of their knowledge and expertise to recommend a few entertainment options that might be as engaging as effective for your particular case. With your thoughts and ours on the table, we will apply the winning formula: fun+interaction+uniqueness. 


The below is a list of some of the personalised gifts and favours that have proven effective in the past, both as unique gift ideas and as ways to incentivise people to complete registration forms. 


1. Product Customisation


If you’re considering personalising items such as a bottle of wine, phone cases or clothing without the need of engraving them or printing on them, then this is the artist you’re looking for. Able to work on any smooth surface, this creative soul can personalise any item with markers or paint. 


Guests at your event will be able to witness how a daily object transforms into a piece of art and how our artist fully customises each item with their names, a date or drawings of their choice. Happy to agree what technique to use and what items to personalise prior to the event, our drawer can come up with truly unique gift ideas for your special occasion.   


Hot Event Industry Trends: The Power of Personalisation


2. Custom Wire Names


Creating beautifully made wire names within 45 seconds, this is one of the most cost-effective marketing tools you can book for your event. Working at great speed, our artist can produce a considerable amount of wire names within a limited period of time, which could attract tons of visitors to your stand who will be happy to answer a few questions or complete a form in return of their 3D script name!


Hot Event Industry Trends: The Power of Personalisation


3. Perfume Workshop


Recently booked for the CPhi Worldwide, perfume workshops allow groups of up to 100 people to dive into the world of fragrances. Our experts can create customised event experiences by teaching participants how to create their own perfume by using 21 different blends. 


One the event comes to an end, attendees can take their perfumes home in different bottles, previously personalised by engravers with their name, their chosen name for their fragrance or any message of their choice. A two-in-one gift idea, perfume workshops are a truly engaging marketing tool and the perfect way to encourage people to provide valuable data for your ROI analysis. 


Hot Event Industry Trends: The Power of Personalisation


4. Fashion Illustrator 


Sketch artists, digital caricaturists, fashion illustrators...all of them offer fantastic personalised pieces of art. Not two illustrations are ever the same, and the idea of owning something that unique and personal will surely attract people eager to see themselves transformed into a fashion illustration. 


Our fashion illustrator pays close attention to detail: from hair colour to head accessories and clothing, she won’t disappoint with their very detailed drawings and her unquestionable artistic skills.


Hot Event Industry Trends: The Power of Personalisation


5. Nail Print Artist


Nail art has experienced a considerable rise in popularity in the last few years. Celebs have contributed to consolidating a trend that has broken down barriers and that can now be seen at events. 


Run by nail professionals, our nail printing service creates unique and quirky printed nails for those looking for a truly extraordinary experience. Making use of a printer that can transform images, logos or prints into a funky manicure, this interactive experience will surely catch the attention of nail art lovers who won’t hesitate to respond to surveys or fill in a registration form in exchange of unique and distinctive nail design. 


Hot Event Industry Trends: The Power of Personalisation


6. Drinks Printer

Don’t underestimate the power of a nice cup of coffee at your event! Guaranteed to get attendees queuing to have a delicious cafe latte, flat white or cappuccino, this drinks printer is a magnet for those craving coffee at your trade show, exhibition, product launch or any other special occasion. 

They will be pleasantly surprised to find their coffees can be personalised with an image, logo or message of their choice! Using coffee to form the image, rest assure the great taste of the drinks stays the same. Ask those interested in a free cup of coffee to respond to a quick survey or answer a few questions before they send their chosen image to the printer over Wifi. 

Not a big fan of coffee? Hot chocolate is also available!


Hot Event Industry Trends: The Power of Personalisation


7. Eye Art Photography


A big favourite among our clients and readers, this sensational photography service is like anything you’ve seen before. This group of experts immortalise the essence and beauty of the human eye in a photo. A stunning piece of art that people can treasure forever, if you’re looking for truly unique gift ideas, there’s nothing more unique and personal than our own eyes. 


Proven to be an exceptional marketing tool for events, our photographers’ stand normally buzzes with people queuing up to be photographed. If your goal is to get quality data from attendees, this is the perfect service for your event as our photographers can request a registration form to be completed so they can later email eye photos to their owners. 


Hot Event Industry Trends: The Power of Personalisation


8. Lifelike Inflatable Mini You


If any of the personalised gifts and favours listed here is fun, interactive and unique, this is definitely it! These Inflatable and deflatable figurines can look exactly like a person thanks to high-resolution photos. 


An innovative approach to a personalised, fun take-away for events, the inflatable 3D selfie is a quirky service that guarantees to get a great reaction from everyone and is an item that gets everyone talking, taking photos and sharing them on social media, not to mention you can guarantee it will make its way into a prime position in someone’s home or office. 


The condition to get it? Completing a survey, form or any other data collection system of your choice. 


Hot Event Industry Trends: The Power of Personalisation


9. Mini You 3D Sculptures


Very similar to the above service, mini you 3D sculptures are a unique and completely personalised souvenir. Our experts can create an incredibly detailed version of your attendees using the latest technology. 


They can transport their studio to your event and scan one person or a group of people, who will see how they’re transformed into small figurines in astonishment. Make Me a Bobble Head is a service with a similar concept, but they create bobblehead figurines, which could appeal more to those looking for a more caricaturesque version of themselves. 


Hot Event Industry Trends: The Power of Personalisation


10. Social Media Vending Machine

If this is the first time you’re reading the term social media vending machine, let us not waste any more time and learn all about it now. This innovative concept is the perfect way to increase social engagement at events, and not only that: they can help brands and businesses collect useful data for subsequent analysis. 

An innovative way to treat guests at your event, this is how they work: first, you have to take a picture or send a tweet; secondly, you have to share the photo or share the tweet with a specific hashtag; lastly, the machine will release the free giveaway. How could you collect the data you need? Request it before inviting people to use the machine!


Hot Event Industry Trends: The Power of Personalisation


Something extra...

Our list of unique gift ideas keeps growing every year, and we’re looking forward to seeing what the new year brings with it when it comes to personalised gifts and favours. 

We wouldn’t like to finish this post without mentioning two exceptional giveaway ideas that immediately captured our attention when we saw them. We’re talking about the below personalised Spanish fans and Russian dolls.

These exceptionally unique souvenirs bring a genuine Spanish and Russian touch to your special occasion. Extremely attentive to detail, our artists have transformed an element of their culture into a customised piece of art and that adds extra value to any object. Make sure you visit both our artists’ profiles and learn more about what they offer. 


Hot Event Industry Trends: The Power of Personalisation


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If you would like to enquire about any of the above unique gift ideas or you need advice on how to measure ROI with the help of entertainment, contact us today and ask to speak to one of our Entertainment Specialists. 

__By Juliana Rodriguez

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