Halftime Entertainment Guaranteed to Raise the Bar this Season

Halftime Entertainment Guaranteed to Raise the Bar this Season

The Super Bowl has made halftime entertainment famous worldwide. The popular American football grand finale has elevated the sports event experience to a new level and set the bar high for other great sporting events. 

Various sports such as Basketball, Baseball and Hockey have gone beyond the scope of their disciplines to delight event-goers with truly exceptional halftime shows, especially on American soil. If you think you’ve seen it all, check out the below!


Halftime Entertainment That Goes One Stage Further


Stunt Shows Facing New Challenges 

If you thought stunt shows were impressive on their own, try adding a unicycle to the action! Our extremely skilled basketball troupe execute slam-dunks, dribbling, passing, jumping rope, and acrobatics, all while balanced on one wheel!

Why we like it:

It’s innovative, it’s fun, it’s brandable! Perfect for basketball halftime shows, these stuntmen can wear any team uniform or any branded jersey, trainers or sports wear to help you promote your brand amongst basketball supporters. What else could you ask for?

Halftime Entertainment Guaranteed to Raise the Bar this Season

Unicycle Basketball Troupe 


Female Entertainers Take Sports Entertainment by Storm

A major study carried out by Nielsen Sports revealed that the overwhelming majority of sports fans - specifically 84% of them - are interested in women’s sports. Bearing this figure in mind, it’s no surprise they also long for female entertainers to take over halftime shows. 


Female performers such as freestylers and edgy musicians, including our contemporary electric harpist and Femmes of Rock, are on our list of favourite sports entertainment ideas. They add a feminine touch to events normally governed by men and demonstrate the increasingly important role of women in sport.

Why we like it:

Unique and revolutionary in their own way, they add something fresh to baseball, hockey and NBA halftime entertainment, which traditionally are male-dominated sports. Plus, musicians can perform national anthems and rearrange their melodies with their own personal sound.


Halftime Entertainment Guaranteed to Raise the Bar this Season

Female Basketball Entertainer, Contemporary Electric Harpist and Femmes of Rock


Halftime Entertainment Reaches New Heights 

Taking halftime entertainment to new heights - quite literally - our human cannonball shows and pogo stick displays test the boundaries of the human body. The perfect way to keep demanding crowds mesmerised, these type of shows cause jaws to drop and heads to turn.

Why we like it:

They are the type of halftime entertainment that people of all ages love and enjoy. Extreme disciplines arise curiosity and cause a rush of adrenaline, just what an event needs to be a memorable one. On top of that, performers can wear team and country colours, incorporating branding, etc.


Halftime Entertainment Guaranteed to Raise the Bar this Season

Human Cannonball Show and Pogo Stick Display Team 


Percussion as You’ve Never Seen It Before 

High-energy percussion seems to never go out of style. The most classic type of halftime entertainment, marching bands and percussionists are what we all expect to see if we attend a game. 


Taking this classic form of entertainment as a reference, the below percussion troupe and tap dancers add a distinctive touch to their shows: the first by creating fully tailored performances with personalised elements such as costuming, light effects or DJs; the second by creating percussion sounds with their own feet. 

Why we like it:

Well-known for creating innovative shows based on a theme or any other idea, these percussion groups take their performances to the next level by adding water, fire or projections into their routines. 


Halftime Entertainment Guaranteed to Raise the Bar this Season


Custom Percussion Show and Percussive Dance Group


Comedy and Circus 

Physical comedy and magic is a winning formula, especially with audiences of all ages. The below comedy magic trio perform a wide array of tricks infused with high doses of humour, not to mention the use of LED lights and other types of technology for performances under dim lighting conditions or full darkness. 

Why we like it:

Extremely funny and engaging, this comedy trio brings together their expertise and innovative magic tricks to entertain crowds of all ages and nationalities.Their show involves tons of audience participation, which makes sports fans become part of the action! Best of all? They donate a percentage of their performance fee to a charity organisation as part of their social enterprise mission. 



Comedy Juggling Act


The Latest Technology To Impress and Advertise 

There is no event type nowadays immune to the power of technology: audiences demand it and more and more performers incorporate it into their routines. Tron and LED poi dancers are an in-demand NBA halftime entertainment option, also popular and suitable for other sports disciplines. 


Back in 2011, the Black Eyed Peas’ Super Bowl halftime show put the spotlight on this form of technology and ever since, LED lights have taken hold of halftime entertainment. An extraordinary advertising platform, baseball, football and basketball halftime shows are a great opportunity for brands to showcase their new products or raise brand awareness. 

Why we like it:

It’s a two for one deal as it’s entertaining and it’s also a great advertising tool. Visually stunning, tron dancers and LED poi technology are unparalleled attention-grabbers and the perfect way to make an event stand out.


Halftime Entertainment Guaranteed to Raise the Bar this Season

Tron Dance Group and LED Poi Corporate Branding 


Quick, mind-blowing and Shiny Shows

The halftime break in most sports lasts an average of 15 minutes, meaning the acts that perform during this time need to be both simple and quick to setup and de-rig. With this in mind, speed painting is go-to halftime entertainment these days, and specifically our Mind Reading Speed Painter is a very popular option!

Why we like it:

This artist blow audiences away in three different ways: first, he reads their minds; second, he paints a portrait at great speed (3 to 5 seconds); and third, he reveals a glitter portrait painted merely by the thought of the members of your audience. The real WOW factor in one multi-genre performance!



Mind Reading Speed Painter



Discover More

Today’s sporting events look for the genuine WOW factor to entertain audiences who have seen it all. By bringing together different disciplines, incorporating diverse elements into their performances or simply offering original ways of interaction with the audience, performers manage to keep halftime shows fresh and innovative. 


At Scarlett Entertainment we pride ourselves on offering those unique and revolutionary ideas to elevate sporting events to extraordinary experiences. If you’re interested in further ideas for your sporting events, explore our blog by reading How to Engage Fans at your Sporting Event.


For further inspo, don’t hesitate to email us or give us a ring.


__By Juliana Rodriguez

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