Got Talent The Champions: Our Favourite Talent Show Acts Across The World

Got Talent The Champions: Our Favourite Talent Show Acts Across The World

The Best of the Best: Our Favourite Talent Show Acts

With so much talent being added to our roster on a daily basis, the idea of making a list with some of our favourite talent show acts across the world came naturally. Many of the entertainers you can find in our catalogue have wowed audiences in their respective countries and become truly popular after their participation in the most famous talent TV shows. Here’s a list of some of the best ones. 

The Best Talent Show Entertainers on Scarlett Entertainment Roster 


America’s Got Talent Acts

The one you can’t miss: A former winner of America's Got Talent, this Japanese Fusion Dancer is skilled in an assortment of different dance styles and use his stage performance to incorporate a variety of dance storylines. He has gone on to perform at private parties for Madonna, Simon Cowell, royals as well as solo works and main cast to Cirque du Soleil, Cruise Ship of Disney and F1 Monaco.

Special mention: Ventriloquist Paul Zerdin is another America’s Got Talent winner we can’t have enough of. His auditions for the talent show captured the heart of the nation and have racked up millions of views on YouTube. Currently developing TV projects in both the UK and the US, this comedian’s winning combination of technical skill, hilarious ventriloquism, charm and impeccable comedic timing is what makes us love him so much!

Got Talent The Champions: Our Favourite Talent Show Acts Across The World


Britain’s Got Talent Acts

The one you can’t miss: 2018 Britain’s Got Talent Winner Lee Ridley AKA Lost Voice Guy has recently been named among the 100 most influential disabled people. He may not be able to talk, but he definitely has something to say! He was the first comic ever to win the show, and when he took to the stage, he delivered one of the most hilarious stand-up routines the show has ever seen. While disability and living with cerebral palsy are central themes to his act, his stand-up covers a breadth of topics from roasting the political establishment to the country’s welfare system. A show you can’t afford to miss!


Special mention: Lance Corporal Richard Jones is the only Magician to ever win Britain’s Got Talent. As well as being a leading TV Magician, he is also the UK’s most in-demand corporate entertainer and an ambassador of The British Army. Richard has spent time lifting morale entertaining British troops in Kabul and he has been awarded the status of ‘Member of The Inner Magic Circle’ with Gold Star, the most prestigious honour among magicians.


Got Talent The Champions: Our Favourite Talent Show Acts Across The World


Australia’s Got Talent Acts

The one you can’t miss: This Australian Female Speed Painter is a former Australia's Got Talent contestant and an award-winning artist who amazes and inspires audiences with her incredibly energetic and dramatic fast-paced contemporary live painting. She was a top 100 contestant on the Australian talent show and previously gained notability and achieved success at many events including receiving a People’s Choice award!


Special mention: This out-of-this-world Australian Freak Show Performer is an utterly unique entertainer who delivers a combination of freak show acts, bizarre circus skills and incredible adrenaline-pumping stunts. Australia’s most prolific Guinness world record holder, this quirky entertainer has 46 world records. His abilities range from multiple sword swallowing, chainsaw juggling, 3-metre tall unicycle, blindfolded arrow catching, weight lifting with his piercings and other simple things like that!


Got Talent The Champions: Our Favourite Talent Show Acts Across The World


Asia’s Got Talent Acts

The one you can’t miss: The Sacred Riana is a terrifying stage show that is centred around the mystical and supernatural. An exceptional grand illusionist whose videos of her magic performances onstage have garnered over 70 million views on Facebook and YouTube, this fascinating and equally hair-raising show made Riana the winner of Asia’s Got Talent and America’s Got Talent semi-finalist. Quite an achievement!


Special mention: This Themed Robot Dance Act is performed by an innovative collective of young dancers with visionary ideas which they transpose into incredible choreographies. Combining a range of incredible body discipline with some jaw-dropping contortions, their performance stunned audiences and judges of Asia’s Got Talent loved their innovative take on dance shows and robot dancing. 


Got Talent The Champions: Our Favourite Talent Show Acts Across The World


Spain’s Got Talent Acts

The one you can’t miss: Cristina Ramos won Spain’s Got Talent audiences over with her incredible talent, powerful voice and explosive fusion of opera and rock. Spain's Got Talent Winner, Mexico's La Voz winner and the only singer on America's Got Talent's final five acts, Cristina has not gone unnoticed by Youtube users: her videos have gone viral with hundreds of thousands of views in just a few days. A real superstar!


Special mention: Aged between two and five, these pint sized performers provide a big stage presence. This Little Flamenco Show is performed by these tiny Spain’s Got Talent contestants who skyrocketed to the semi-finals after receiving Risto Mejide’s (considered the Spanish Simon Cowell) golden buzzer! Cuteness and pure talent: you can’t miss them!


Got Talent The Champions: Our Favourite Talent Show Acts Across The World


China’s Got Talent Acts

The one you can’t miss: Liu Wei is a China’s Got Talent winner who wowed the nation with his skills as foot pianist. After a standing ovation at his first performance on the show, the inspirational musician went on to win the competition. Having lost his both his arms aged 10 years old in a freak accident, this astonishing performer is not only an extremely talented foot pianist: the winner of two gold and one silver medals at the National Swimming Championship for the Disabled, he is also a Guinness World Record holder for typing the most letters alphabetically in 1 minute using the feet. Real talent! 


Special mention: Combining ballet, modern dance and acrobatic choreography to create stunning routines, this Acro Ballet Duo’s slick timing, precise movements and feats of strength, poise and grace captivated China’s Got Talent viewers, which allow these exceptional dancers to also participate in Asia and Britain’s Got Talent and share their unique skills with people from different countries. 


Got Talent The Champions: Our Favourite Talent Show Acts Across The World


India’s Got Talent Acts

The one you can’t miss: These LED Bhangra Tron Dancers perfectly combine tradition with technology, which made Indian audiences instantly fell in love with their performance. Awarded the Best Top Dance Group in India 2013, the incredible LED dancers have appeared on numerous high-profile talent shows including India’s Got Talent and Dance India Dance. 

Special mention: Indian Acrobalance Performers are highly accomplished acrobats specialising in Mallakhamba, a traditional Indian sport that combines gymnastics, yoga postures and wrestling grips on a vertical object or wooden poles. Such extraordinary fusion captivated us from minute one and never ceases to impress us. No doubt why they were finalists on both Georgia and India’s Got Talent. 


Got Talent The Champions: Our Favourite Talent Show Acts Across The World


France’s Got Talent Acts

The one you can’t miss: A show like any other, this Themed Airplane Drone Show was discovered on France’s Got Talent where they were awarded 7th place. Performed by two brothers who also wowed on Arab’s Got Talent, their extraordinary show features two drones and special effects. Perfectly coordinated, these siblings control their aeroplanes using drone technology, delivering a one-of-a-kind drone show with visually exciting tricks. 


Special mention: Digital Illusionist is a spectacular showman that combines a range of video mapping, digital illusions, virtual reality, sleight of hand, innovative magic and technology. Having appeared on both France and Arab’s Got Talent as well a many other TV shows, his exceptional fusion of magic and the latest technology has made him one of France’s most popular magicians with brands such as Microsoft, Adidas, Dell, Audi, HP and Pepsi demanding him at their events. Recently, he was seen at the Saudi Arabia Joy Forum


Got Talent The Champions: Our Favourite Talent Show Acts Across The World


Arab’s Got Talent Acts

The one you can’t miss: A former semi-finalist on Arab’s Got Talent, this Beatboxing Musician blows us away every time we watch him perform. Beatboxing alone is quite a skill and this exceptional musician manages to play the recorder at the same time creating something totally unique and awe-inspiring. He didn’t win Arab’s Got talent, but he came first in the Nokia ASHA Freestyle competition in Egypt!


Special mention: Female Sand Artist is ranked as the number one sand artist in the Middle East. A finalist on Arab's Got Talent, this talented performer is known as the 'Queen of Sand' by fans. Among her numerous achievements, she can pride herself on having created the first ever sand animation for a television advert and also producing the only ever music video from sand for Danish band Outlandish. 


Got Talent The Champions: Our Favourite Talent Show Acts Across The World


Italy’s Got Talent Acts

The one you can’t miss: This Father and Son Acro Duo astounded Italy’s Got Talent audience and judges as the young acrobat appeared to be causing mischief running away onto the stage before completely astounding the audience with his remarkable talent for the Chinese Pole. Performing together in total synchrony, mimicking what each other is doing and creating a feel good show that is fun for the whole family, they have sparked interest all throughout the industry as they were even contacted by the one and only Cirque du Soleil!


Special mention: This Dancing Candy Floss Artist not only has the moves, but he blasts out the grooves and creates fun foods! Empowered by the sounds of Micael Jackson blasting from underneath his candy floss cart, he makes a fun spectacle out of creating the sugary sweet treat that both audiences on German and Italy’s Got Talent absolutely loved. Unique and certainly delicious! 


Got Talent The Champions: Our Favourite Talent Show Acts Across The World


Eastern Europe’s Got Talent Acts

The one you can’t miss: This Female Acrobatic Bike Show is one not to be missed! Carried out by a group of incredibly talented performers, this fascinating and unique synchronised cycling show blends elements of acrobatics and sport by four very accomplished female riders. Winners of Czechoslovakia’s Got Talent, these skilled ladies are also winners and high-rankers of multiple national and international competitions. 


Special mention: Having participated in both Must be the Music and Poland’s Got Talent, where they reached the semi-finals, these highly engaging Bucket Drummers use plastic buckets for instruments. Ever since their participation in the famous talent TV show, they have travelled with their buckets to Ireland, Spain, Serbia, Croatia, Germany and performed across various cities and notable events. 


Got Talent The Champions: Our Favourite Talent Show Acts Across The World


Explore Further Talent Show Entertainers 


The above is only a small selection of the hundreds of incredible talent show entertainers you can find on our website. Make sure you explore our TV show talent acts and discover artists who have wowed audiences and judges on different talent TV programmes all across the world.


If you would like us to help you find the perfect TV show talent act for your event, then don’t hesitate to get in touch and let us know what you have in mind.

__By Juliana Rodriguez

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