Fun Entertainment Ideas for an Epic Fantasy Themed Party

Fun Entertainment Ideas for an Epic Fantasy Themed Party

Mermaids, unicorns and rainbows have been an indisputable trend in the last couple of years. You don’t need to attend a children’s party anymore to be surrounded by pink and purple pastel colours, tons of glitter and mermaid tails: millennials have chosen these mythical creatures as some of the symbols that represent them as a generation. 

The meaning behind these popular fantasy themes appears to be closely related to the concept of positivity. The idea of the rainbow after the storm is connected to the need to always see the bright side of things and find the proverbial silver lining. Gorgeous white unicorns, captivating mermaids and other fantasy creatures are now also fun alternative themes that more and more brands and people are choosing for their parties. 

If you’re ready to get immersed in a universe where unicorns fly and pots of gold are found at the end of the rainbow, then the below fun entertainment ideas will let your imagination wander!


Mermaids, Glitter and Unicorn Party Ideas and Other Fun Alternative Themes 


Making unicorns the focus of your party will instantly make it fun, playful and shareable. Candy floss carts, delicious unicorn cakes and lots of white, pink, baby blue and purple decor elements will transform your event into the perfect fairytale. Other stunning unicorn party ideas include tasty cupcakes, beautiful flower walls - that you can customise with colours of your choice - or original balloon designs. Don’t forget to add a golden horn to any piece of decor!

Mermaids parties are made extra special with glimmering sequins all over the place! Decorative seashells, balloon designs and props with different tones of blue, purple and white are predominant in a fantasy theme party inspired by mermaids. 

Pastel colours and mythical creatures are not the only elements fun alternative themes have in common, they also share the inclination for sparkly and multi-colour flakes: glitter! To ensure that your event (literally) shines, decorate your venue with not only props but glitter covered food and your guests' bodies and faces can be given a sparkly makeover.

Immerse Guests in a Dreamy Fantasy world with Fun Entertainment Ideas 


Whether you’re planning a fantasy themed party or you would just like to bring a little magic to your event, the following fun entertainment ideas will sure add a dreamy magical glow to your special occasion.


Sparkles and glimmering lights for the perfect glitter themed party


Glossy catsuits, luminescent props and pastel coloured wigs: this Glow Dance Troupe are 100% inspired by the mermaids, unicorns and the glitter trend. Having collaborated with big names such as Britney Spears, Kylie Minogue or Rita Ora, these glow girls can add sass and magic in equal proportion! Your guests can feel part of the troupe and your fantasy theme party’s magical atmosphere by having their faces painted with glitter, adhesive face gems and mirrored pieces. A Glitter Artist can create bespoke designs for your event and improvise new ones as per request.


Immortalising your special occasion can be fun and very exciting with this Immersive Photobooth Experience, a photo service that can add glitter or sequin backgrounds to your photos. Full of shiny sparkly glitter, the booth is a great interactive feature for your event and leave guests with unforgettable memories in the form of fun pictures or GIFs. 


Our Glitter Stilt Walkers add a spectacular mirror ball effect that can give off a stunning glow perfect for any fantasy theme party! Wearing elaborate gold or silver avant-grade costumes, these shinny hostesses will complete an entertainment lineup filled with their glow and multi-colour magic.


Fun Entertainment Ideas for an Epic Fantasy Themed Party
Fun Entertainment Ideas for an Epic Fantasy Themed Party

Glow ladies, glitter stilt walkers, gorgeous jewel gems and glitter photo booths can make a glitter themed party shine brighter


Fun alternative themes can’t lack rainbows, stars and winged creatures 

In a fantasy themed party with unicorns and mermaids as the focus, one of these creatures should make a special appearance at your party. Real mermaids can become your special guests and captivate everyone with their sequin tails and magical aura. Other fantasy beings such as LED Butterflies can help build a universe in which forest creatures dance around and illuminate the path of those following them. 


Also glowing in the dark, this Constellation Hoop Act can transform your venue ceiling into an awe-inspiring galaxy whilst multi-colour LED Stilt Walking Stars do the same on land. These Rainbow Bugs on Stilts are also among our favourite fantasy and unicorn party ideas: fully dressed in glittering tulle and brightly coloured sequins, these friendly beings interact and engage with guests. Transport your guests to a world where unicorns fly and insect-like creatures can be adorable and loving!



Fun Entertainment Ideas for an Epic Fantasy Themed Party
Fun Entertainment Ideas for an Epic Fantasy Themed Party
Fun Entertainment Ideas for an Epic Fantasy Themed Party

LED acts, real life mermaids and fantastical creatures are fun entertainment ideas that can help build a magical universe both up in the air and back on earth


Fairies, luminous musicians and living nature: a fantasy theme party essentials


Gorgeous ballerinas wearing pink tutus and enchanting fairies couldn’t be left out of this unicorn party ideas compilation. These Rose Ballerinas bring an ethereal feeling to your celebration and provide it with a touch of sweetness and femininity. Accompanied by this Luminous Electric Violinist, our ballet dancers and violin player can add an extra glint of light with their sparkly pink tutus and stunning luminous dress respectively. 


A golden glitter themed party inspired by unicorns, mermaids and other fun trends can be the perfect choice for gala dinners, parties and themed club nights. Gold brings a sophisticated and glamorous touch to any occasion without losing the magical essence of fairy tales, fables and other fantasy stories. These Golden Tree Stilt Walkers are not only a formidable addition to the event decor but they also provide an interactive element that can make your party environment dynamic and entertaining. Sweet and very sociable, this Golden Fairy will literally make your guests feel as part of a fairytale and will share with them fun moments to remember.


Fun Entertainment Ideas for an Epic Fantasy Themed Party
Fun Entertainment Ideas for an Epic Fantasy Themed Party

Sweet rose ballerinas accompanied by a luminous violinist add sweetness and femininity, very characteristing signs of the trends mentioned. Golden living trees and fairies, on their part, add sophistication and magic


Immersing your guests in a universe where mermaids and unicorns are real is no longer an utopy: you can make it happen by selecting the right entertainment options! A trend that is here to stay, the fantastic world painted with rainbows and inhabited by enchanted creatures promises to go down in history as the symbol of a generation. As with all iconic symbols, we predict it will be a popular theme for parties for years to come.


Need help planning your next glitter themed party?


The above list of mermaid, glitter and unicorn party ideas is only a small sample of what our global roster holds. Committed to be up to date with the latest trends in order to offer you informed and innovative ideas, our Entertainment Specialists can provide expert advice for fun alternative themes and fun entertainment ideas.


Would you like to discover further mermaid and unicorn party ideas and acts for your fantasy theme party? We would love to hear your ideas and share ours with you, contact us today and let’s magic happen!

__By Juliana Rodriguez

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