Festive Magic and Corporate Entertainment; One to One With Our Digital and iPad Magician

Festive Magic and Corporate Entertainment; One to One With Our Digital and iPad Magician

Up close and personal with our Branded Digital Magician. Scarlett Entertainment finds out why he became a magician, advice for new performers and why he likes corporate clients

Up Close and Personal

Hi! How have you been since we last saw you at Scarlett Entertainment HQ? 

Hi! Very well thank you, I’ve just finished a run of shows that went really well, so that was really nice.

Any standout ones? 

Well, last week I was at the Alexandra Palace in London performing alongside some other acts. There was a James Bond and Oddjob lookalike there as well, which was fun. It was for a big organisation who have conferences all over the world, and this year it was based in London and themed around classic English entertainment so that’s probably the one that stands out the most. 

Sounds exciting! For our clients who haven’t heard of you before, could you run through some of your key acts?

Yeah, sure. So I’m well-known for my digital magic using iPads and iPhones. This is great because it’s a hybrid of traditional magic and new tech, and people love it because you can incorporate branding into it.

Of course, I do traditional close up magic as well, using cards and sleight of hand. One of the ones that always gets a reaction is my mindreading act, which I can perform as a roaming act or as part of my mind-reading stage show.
Clients and guests tend to love this one because it has a really contemporary interactive element to it and it can also be branded accordingly if clients require. A lot of the time I actually get booked for full stage shows, which I absolutely love because they’re so varied and people enjoy getting involved. 

What made you want to become a professional Magician?

In the early 2000s, magic became less about the performer, like Paul Daniels for example, and magicians like David Blain made it more about the audience and the guests, and focused on how special their experience was. This was in-keeping with how I am; I’m not an ‘in your face’ magician and this newer style resonated with me. David made it quite a cool artform again rather than some of the cheesier magicians of yesteryear. 
At the same time, the internet started exploding and it made magic more accessible, and the desire of wanting more from life was a huge drive for me and I decided I didn’t want to work in an office when I could pursue my passion for magic and get to do it every day. 

It’s seems like magic has experienced a renaissance, with acts like Dynamo. It’s always amazing watching a professional perform stuff that we can’t understand!  We recently had you in the office performing some of these amazing tricks, which is your favourite to perform and why?

I get this question quite a lot actually, and the answer is always very varied. There are probably two answers to the question in all honesty. I love working on new tricks I’m developing, but the ones that get a good reaction always feel the best. Even though sometimes the trick isn’t as complex as some of my others, if it goes down well then it feels absolutely great. It’s not always the ones with the hardest mechanics or elaborate performances that get the best reaction, so whichever elicits the best reaction are always the best.


Festive Magic and Corporate Entertainment; One to One With Our Digital and iPad Magician

Christmas is around the corner and we’ve started receiving a lot of enquiries for corporate entertainment. We know you’re a bit of an expert in this sector, do you have any tips for new performers on how you approach corporate clients?


The best advice for working with corporate clients is remaining humble with your performance and giving 100% of your focus to the client, and do whatever is possible to meet the client's needs without compromising your own credibility. It’s important to keep in mind that through an agency, you’re working for two clients; the agency and the end client, and it’s important to be flexible for both parties. 


When you came to Scarlett Entertainment HQ, we saw you perform a lot of branded magic; is this something you tend to offer to your corporate clients?


I offer it as an add-on package because it’s important to be flexible on what you offer and tailor this to your client’s needs. It can be quite time consuming to incorporate this into the digital magic, but with mindreading or closeup magic I can usually easily incorporate branded elements into a routine. As with anything branded though, I would always discuss this ahead of the event to see what can and can’t be done and try my best to make sure expectations can be met.


Are you able to incorporate branded magic with Christmas themes? 


Yes, I can! I can always change focus from normal branding to a Christmas theme. It kind of goes back to the last question really. With all branded acts, it all boils down to how much branding a client wants. If it’s something super specific, it’s worth speaking to me first to see if it’s possible, but I always try and be flexible. You want the finished product to be as polished as possible. 


Have you got any examples of any Christmas clients you’ve done in the last few years?


I don’t have any specific examples to hand, mainly because I’m usually so busy over Christmas I can’t remember them all! It’s a time when corporate clients want to show their staff that they’re appreciated, so I tend to get booked up for a lot of companies who want to be able to offer something a bit different to their staff. It’s one of the nicest times of year to be doing it as it’s very intimate and engaging, and it’s a great time for colleagues to come together and get involved in the festive spirit. Everyone is there to have a good time, and guests tend to get really into the mindreading and traditional stage tricks, I guess due to the focus on tradition around this time of year! 


Well that wraps us up! This has been a pleasure! Thank you so much for speaking with us


No worries, thank you! Take care! 



Festive Magic and Corporate Entertainment; One to One With Our Digital and iPad Magician

Add a Touch of Magic

If you’re interested in seeing more from our talented Digital Magician, why not click through to one of his act pages here or here? Alternatively, if you want to speak to one of our entertainment specialists, simply click this link and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.

__By Matt Parker

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